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“Look I’m sorry I don’t know why last night happened but it won’t happen again this is the first and last time something like this will happen so there’s nothing you can really do or say except never repeat this day again.”. You had tried your best to get out from under the mans grip as quietly as you can but failed as it instead tightened the grip on you. You sat back on your bed and took a long-ass breath while trying to remember the last time you have ever saw Jay, and how much you missed being with him. Though you did see Turned out even though he talked a lot, he was a pretty good listener. away to leave an overly dramatic Jay clutching his heart. you said as you got in the car, taking th bags in your hands in order to not smash your food with your butt, he closed the door and quickly went to the drivers seat, starting the engine and taking off. She raised her face showing her eyes covered with water, the tears fell without her noticing “Just I am something drunk and amazed by the situation, don’t worry” She kissed his cheek “Enjoy the party, it has cost me a lot of money” She released a fake smile and hurried to get out of there. Moments later he presented a monstrosity of ice cream in-front of you. “You should not,” He murmured in a sleepy voice. It could be scary for health reasons, but mostly annoying for aesthetic reasons. That song was setting the vibe for the current drive to the surprise destination that Jay had planned. Life was more simple when you kept people out of your carefully constructed peace.

You usually stayed to eat your ice cream but you couldn’t look at him any longer you you left eh shop leaving the chime on the door ringing in your wake.

was it worth the risk? A/N: I hope you enjoy the drabble, I would say more but I don’t know what to say.~Zero.

Ele em poucos dias te contatou e perguntou se gostaria

Maybe an arranged marriage won’t be so bad after all, I think to myself with a small smile.

He gained a large internet following for his cover the Bobby Ray Simmons song "Nothin' On You. Your apartment was just down the road from a 24 hour ice cream shop.

He briefly informed the others while walking out the door.

I’ve been coming here for weeks, you’ve seen me yourself! Mermaids are created from Poseidon blessing women who are thrown from their ships.

You removed your black scrunchie, letting your long, wavy hair flow with the wind. Are you…?” He looked at you with so much concern as he began to rub circles around your back “Was that… was that your first time?” He actually looked like he felt bad and in a way that kind of made you feel worse. “Then lets get started” he answered grabbing two spoons from the cutlery drawer beside him.

You slapped his upper hand and desided to turn the tables on him, “Cause I feel bad for you and I want you to feel like you have friends”, He put you on a headlock, getting a wild reaction from not just you but from everyone, some of them even laughed at the silly view, “Jay let her go, her managment will sue us”. —Oh babe, please don’t cry.I hate seeing you like this.I am so so sorry.-He said—I have been a jerk to you.I miss you, and I am sorry for making you cry.I am so sorry, God….Listen to me…I miss hanging out with you and the boys.I miss seeing you and Hoody laughing at my jokes.I miss seeing you and Loco pranking each other.I miss you and Gray, and our studio meetings…I was so busy and stressed, that I end up forgetting the most important thing to me:My family.So I decided to came back to Korea as fast as I could, and asked the boys to help me doing all of this for you, Hoody even bought me this dope-ass roses.So please, could you forgive me?

“Sure.How can I help you, boss?”-You said, already changing your hoodie pajamas into a jeans, and preparing yourself for another studio night with Jay after such a long time.

And usually they’re dealt with a lot more severely than a chuckle and This feeling makes you chill. you had.

He caught a glimpse of people hovering over him before a chorus of shrieks filled his ears. Big changes are being made to all three of my blogs, and I would love to hear some feedback from all my beautiful followers.

The owner of the club was in her private box with some of her friends, smoking and drinking as if their life depended on it.

A hand rested on your arm and you looked up to JAy. There were times that he was so tired and busy that he used to spent months without any word. “He’s still handsome.” The first voice giggled.

He walked in with a smile and approached you and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Just an ordinary girl trying to live a normal life with the love of your life. - pedido/requested:  Not only you were mad at him, he also had a ton of stuff to handle, show me the money, asia got talent, approve budgets, take care of his artists, it was getting to him and the stress was pilling up. “Stop trying to escape, if you keep this up, I’m just going to kill you and eat you.” He growled, and she finally stopped moving, instead choosing to glare up at him. I know that Navy ships simply throw their stowaways in the brig, only pirates drown them, which means that whoever tried killing you, and maybe some of your girls out there, is going to be in Nassau.”. He pulled away from you as he turned to grab something from the back seat. Trigger warning: Mention of sex trafficking, drugs, assault. “Did you just insult a customer?“ Jay grabbed his chest in an exaggerated movement, pretending to be shocked by what you had just said. No, they just know how to ride a dick and you need nothing more.

He stood in front of you- even though you were taller because of the heels-“Who the hell are you?”“Someone that knows when a girl looks like she is about to cry, you leave her alone”“Jay, it’s okay.

“Let me go.”. There were times, that you could truly tell from the bottom of your heart, that Jay only forced himself to be around you.

“I’m taking that as a compliment.” He held up a bottle, waving it at her.

For these reasons, you refused to tattoo someone who had consumed alcohol before a session.

Recently the feelings that you usually brushed off were getting stronger and it was scaring you, you’ve seen how girls come and go and you did not want that to happen to you.

“With the people who tried killing you.” She realized. “What’s wrong?” She got rid of the older’s grip, drawing his attention and Gray’s.

“No wait babe come back!” He shouted.


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