japanese betta fish names
My Betta is named James T. Betta! Luna: Roman goddess associated with the moon.

. -Gylfie We have a fiery array of vibrant red Betta names for any fish in your tank.

Hopefully we reeled you in with this list. Have you been surfing the web all day trying to find a perfect fish name? AlfalfaAshAspenAsterAutumnBarleyBeanBerryBirchBlossomBreezeBreezyBriarBrookButtercupButternutCedarCherryChiliCinnamonClementineCliffCloverCopperCricketCypressDaffodilDahliaDaisyDahliaDandelionDawnDiamandaDustyEbonyEchoEdenFernFigFjordFlashFlintFreesiaForestFoxyGaiaGarnetGemGemmaGenesisGingerGojiGoldGypsyHarmonyHeatherHerbHollyHoneyHoneysuckleHuckleberryHyancinthIndigoIrisIvoryIvyJacintoJadeJasmineJemimaJewelJewelsJordanJupiterKaiKiwiKyleKyleeLarkLaurelLilacLilyLilybethLunaMagnoliaMagpieMangoMapleMarigoldMarinaMercuryMidnightMistMistyNaiaNorthNutmegOakleyOliveOpalOrchidOrionPeaPeanutPearlPeonyPepperPetuniaPhoenixPlutoPoppyPumpkinRainReedRidgeRioRockRockyRoseRosemaryRubySageSandySavannahSiennaSierraSkySkylarSmokeSmokeySproutStarStoneStormStormySummerSunnySweetpeaTansyThunderTopazTulipVenusVioletWasabiWestWillowWindWoodyZevaZoeyZofie, AmberAmethystBerylCitrineCoralCrystalDiamondEmeraldGarnetGemJadeJasperJetJewelLapisOnyxOpalPearlQuartzRubySapphireTopaz. PiggyPepperPopcornPrincessQueen BStarbuckTay SwiftTomatoYuffieZelda.

Let us know, in the comments area, which of these Betta Fish Names was your favorite and even tell us any more you may have thought of. Mine is named Charlie because of dory’s dad from finding dory, i have an Elephant Ear Betta i named Heffalump (like in winnie the pooh) a Crowntail named Spunky a Veil Tail named Kermit a Halfmoon named Finn and a Delta Tail i cannot think of a name for i have had Spunky since Sept 13 2010 i got Finn and Kermit on Aug 19 2011 and got the Delta Tail on Feb 10 2013 and Heffalump on Feb 17 2013 my first Betta was Veil Tail i got on Oct 31 2008 i named him Goober and he sadly passed away Feb 7 2013 i got the delta because of goobers death and heffalump for valentines day. I now have a Paradise male Betta that is unique looking and I am having trouble coming up with a name for him.

Now the joke is that I can't get any more bettas because I'm running out of natural disasters/storms we dealt with to name them after. i got a betta fish about a week ago i named him handsome and he is gold and really small today i found these bubbles on the top of his tank turns out it was just a bubble nest .

How about Beast for the new betta fish? We haven’t really named the new one, but by habit I’ve started to call it Flip! Naming your new fish means that he or she is officially “part of the family” (yes, that makes us weird fish people).

I call my Betta Cami, short for chameleon. From the bright orange hair of both Ariel and Ed Sheeran, to various, beautiful shades of red, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Camoa Sushi belongs to both of us and we’re setting up and decorating his tank together, learning about Bettas together and giving him the most natural home possible, as I do with all my pets. Chumlee on Pawn Stars always makes me laugh and I think he has a great, fishy name. i named my betta Lantern because me and my friend were getting him and found a super tiny and really cute lantern and it just felt like it would’ve been the perfect name!i even ended up putting the lantern in the tank. I’m thinking about naming him Blue, Splash, or Pedal. so why not. When you pick out a name, please stop by and post a comment to share your Betta’s name and the story behind it. I also thought of Gilligan, because he’s my little buddy, and he has gills. Eeyore – a character from the Winnie the Pooh books, who is a shade of blue-gray and is often quite sad and gloomy, River – the name River is perfect for any fish because of its association with water.

My first Betta was a large red one. I saw your comments helping another reader out . No 3rd parties. Thanks for saving a betta fish! amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";
But I can’t think of the perfect name for him. You can even buy a full Betta fish training kit! Algae Alpha Angel Atlantic Atlantis Bait BigFish Bubbles Bubbly Calypso Fin Finley Fish Fish N’ Chips Fishy Flash Flip Flotsam General Finn Goldie Hydra Jaques Cousteau Jetsam Jonah Kraken Mahi Mahi M&M Mr. Scruffy Tail Betta , I named my fish bubbles from the movie nemo. It is a name that rhymes and directly embodies your little fish’s key feature. We see them all of these unique names as very fitting names for any pet fish not just a Betta! . There is a strong association with Thailand. i got 3 of that type. Kaskuh: In Hittite mythology, a moon deity. great name! Find Out If It’s Safe To Feed Celery To Your Pet, Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries? Ed – the famous ‘Shape of You’ singer is also a red-head! But actually he is a very stunning betta with a pinky/purple body and deep red fins with a red and bluey/ white tail. It’s appreciated. for He lived 3 years. Dolphin – they are apparently the best friends of mermaids, and whilst mermaids aren’t real (as far as we know) dolphins certainly are! (But don’t tell him what it means ), I have 3 females and a male betta. As the International Betta Congress (IBC) tells it, these fish didn’t even have a formal scientific name until 1909 and didn’t make their way to the United States until 1927.

He has red on fins and head but blueish purple in room lighting. I am getting a fighting fish and I hope to call it I named my Yuki (Halfmoon Tail Male Betta) and Yuri (Butterfly Male) both of which have died from “ick” and I was very sad. My First Betta is Clockwork (The Half Moon), then I got Beiju (The Elephant Ear Placket), then Ciel (The CrownTail), and now Wisp (The Elephant Ear Half Moon). Regardless, these unique fish names are beautiful and will never become tired or forgettable, even for a fish with a three-second memory. His body and head has light lavender flakes through out. The male Betta fish bears a lot of responsibility for making the nest and caring for the eggs until the babies hatch. Smurf – a fictional community of little blue people that live in the forest, Da Ba Dee – a song by Eiffel 65 “about a little guy that lives in a blue world!”, Sully – our favorite blue furry monster from Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc, Cerulean – another shade of blue, perfect for any blue Betta fish, Turquoise – turquoise is a shade of blue with a tinge of green, and could possibly be described as the color of the ocean. I had a betta named freckles because of the funky little dots on the top of his head….NOT ICH!! SaveMyBetta is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Take a look below at this list of Betta fish names: We can often make ourselves laugh by imitating the way they open and close their mouths – it’s even funnier if a human does it! Female Bettas have shorter tails and less vivid coloration. Just jot down fun name ideas as they come to you and then try each one out on your new fish until one ‘fits.’. You could even use the name ‘Peri’ for short! Here are some ideas of how to choose suitable betta names.

Oh yeah and no don’t ever put them together or they will kill and/or hurt each other .

. When he goes into combat mode he is purple. You need to find them names that will suit their personality and maybe even add to it!

One day I said to my husband that I was admittedly a little sad that we didn't have to deal with typhoons any more. If you want to learn more about betta fish in general, check out my article on betta fish care, and if you want your betta to live in a planted tank, check out my articles on the best plants for betta fish and planted nano tanks. I was looking at behindthename.com and found the name Makoto and liked it. Seeing as he is white blue and red my mum wanted me to name him 4th of July but his colors made me think of Confetti. Nike is really colorful like Nike shoes and Spotify is black with green at the base of his fins, colors of the Spotify logo. A very pretty, flamboyant kind of fish.


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