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Currently, Roberto Luongo is making headlines as the goaltender for the Florida Panthers. That tells you how really strong peer pressure can be.". But in a Facebook video he says something, in tears, a heart-wrenching outpouring of emotion. He was more adventurous. Beginning his long reigning career with the Montreal Canadiens and finishing with Colorado Avalanche, Patrick Roy has made an honorable career for himself in his 19 years of play. He didn't know what had happened, only that Becky had gotten in touch with a neighbor at the lake who told him there was an emergency at home. They liked to go tubing and wake surfing, anything to do with a boat.

Justin and Matthew love to see the impact their two older brothers are making, even though their deaths are still so painful. All the brothers liked to fish at the lake home, where the family spent summers. Later that night, Becky hugged her two oldest boys as they headed to another party. Players such as Dominik Hasek and Martin Brodeur have paved the path for iconic goalies for any NHL team. "I haven't asked," she said. "That was the unbelievable part of it, I guess," he said. The family was in Chicago every weekend for hockey and they would travel the Midwest for tournaments, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland. Not only is Patrick Roy a champion on the ice, but he is known to have a cool demeanor that people gravitate towards. Two of her boys not waking up? He has won awards such as the Conne Smythe Trophy, NHL All-Rookie Team, Vezina Trophy, and many more. Becky yelled as he rushed out of the room. Becky turned her light off and went to bed. Nick! He was a good friend, but more of the line follower. Plante is most popularly known for his time with the Montreal Canadiens where he popularized the use of the goalie mask, which is now mandatory in today’s National Hockey League. "To think that Nick and Jack's life would end the way it did on June 14 of 2015, that's not the way their story is going to end," Becky said. Because of his long-lasting success in the NHL, he was nicknamed “Mr.

Lundqvist, one of the best NHL draft steals, plays an aggressive butterfly style and is known for being quick and strong against his opponents. I know the ins and outs of how a bowling alley works, from how to work the computers to knowing exactly what goes on inside the pinsetter, in every bowling alley I have ever been to. The calls came in to dispatch, two different calls from the Savage house for two different young men. ", ‘Hole in my heart’: Two brothers, hockey players die. Becky speaks all over the country telling the story of that Sunday morning she found her two boys dead in her home. He was the oldest, the calm, collected one, even at 19. Just as the horror set in, her mind switched gears. Becky thought. Plante had a stand-up style that dominated the rink and is considered to be a pioneer in hockey in regard to how many goals he saved throughout his career. Besides that, Durnan will forever be remembered as one of the best hockey goalies in NHL history. Jack and his older brother, Nick, 19, had gone that morning to the job they shared moving furniture for a motor home manufacturer.

"I need your help! These were good boys, players who never had a bad word to say about anyone, who accepted everyone, no matter their ability. It is often said that if Hasek would have started his career earlier than he had, people would recognize him as an NHL legend. He complements everybody, all of them wrapped into one.

He had more mobility than most goalies and had a strong positioning to where it was difficult for any shooter to get past him. "Well, they're all so different," Becky said, when she's asked to describe each of her four boys. He was a good friend, just really got along with anybody he came into contact with. Dad has things he wants you to help with," she said to him.

The list of injuries that Sawchuk played through was unimaginable, and he made it look easy, making him one of the best hockey goalies. He was known to throw his arms in the air hoping the puck would hit anywhere on his body, which was proven to be a successful technique for him. There is no doubt that Luongo will go down in history as one of the best goalies of all time. "And he gave me a hug before they left to go to the graduation party.". This position is known to be filled by the most interesting and talented players in the National Hockey League. "What?" As his career unfolds, he continues to break records and surpassing hall of fame records. And so, a year after Nick and Jack's deaths, a year of focusing on family and Justin and Matthew, Mike and Becky made a decision. "Little did I know what the prophecy of that thought would hold for me that day.". Just like clock work, Nick and Jack sauntered in that night on time as they always did, a little after midnight. "How would those two guys end up in that position?

Becky Savage found her sons Nick and Jack dead in her home on the same morning after they experimented with oxycodone. 25.

Nick was born Nov. 28, 1995: "Nick, I would describe as, he always seemed to follow the rules, was very studious and quiet but still liked to go have fun with his friends. Becky headed to her son Jack's room to gather what she could and to start rousting him awake. The best years of hockey for Mike and Becky came when their two oldest were on the Penn High Kingsmen club hockey team.Their birthdays had never fallen where they could be on the same team until then. "It was so awesome to see them on the ice together," Becky said. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Jerrick Ventures LLC.

Reach her via e-mail: [email protected] These accomplishments, among many others, won him a spot in the National Hockey League Hall of Fame. He was out working in his yard that fateful Sunday. Did you know that goalies used to come face to face with hockey pucks without any face masks or helmets? Parents tell her their teens are coming home to tell Nick and Jack's story and starting crucial conversations. Nick and Jack Savage were pronounced dead inside their home on June 14, 2015. The man, the myth, the legend.

Oxycodone. She doesn't remember much about that morning, so much of it is a blur, but she recalls this clearly. Parents were terrified. the best teams to ever win the Stanley Cup, Why AEW's Chris Jericho Truly Deserves a Thank You, Five Week 2 Running Backs to Draft in DraftKings.

"I just couldn’t believe it," he said. All Rights Reserved. One of the players on the Penn hockey team called Geist. "Jack, it's time to get up.

In the three years since she began speaking publicly, she's been blessed to hear so many stories of making a difference. The Montreal Canadiens were lucky to have Bill Durnan as a goalie. As an integral player on the New Jersey Devils, Martin Brodeur made NHL history and was one of the best hockey goalies. Becky saw a photo of her four boys, Jack and Nick side by side making the number 525, and decided to name the foundation after that. Considering his long time in the NHL, and his extensive list of NHL records, Brodeur collected just under 700 wins (691 to be exact) by the time he finished in his career in 2015. Mike and Becky had talked to their boys about everything, all the stuff that they thought they were supposed to talk to their kids about — drinking, drinking and driving, illicit drugs, sex. She couldn't stop screaming. This was Nick and Jack's story, after all. "I often think what I would give up to just have 10 seconds," he said. GRANGER — There were chores to do that Sunday morning and Becky Savage had started them. Videogame golf is fun but what if you wanted to start getting into the world of golf.

He always, always had a smile on his face, like every picture I have it's just this big cheerful smile.

This was the man who popularized the butterfly technique and opened the door for goalies in Quebec. Conversations save lives. It was their choice. When Geist heard what had happened, he wanted to know the circumstances.


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