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Frank and Denise married young, having met while he was stationed at Fort Bliss and she a nursing student at the nearby hospital. Jennifer Connor (portrayed by Mayte Garcia) is the wife of LTC Evan Connor. Pamela and Chase ask Roxy and Trevor to go away with them. The last of six months allotted to evacuate Fort Marshall, everyone is about ready; about Roxie, whose friends fear she's in denial. External Sites. He befriends a dog who had saved him and his best friend PFC Mark Rison from an IED and calls him Lucky. TV Shows Of Which I've Seen Every Episode.

At the end of Season 1 Jeremy decided not to go home and instead enlists out of guilt. When the show first started he was seventeen and about to graduate from high school. It came to a head at the end of Season 2 when she attempted to elope with PFC Logan Atwater (Paul Wesley), a young soldier in her father's division, in defiance of her father's move to Brussels, Belgium when he was assigned to NATO headquarters. Frank had hoped he would take up the offer at West Point but Jeremy refused and it created tension between father and son.

There are multiple events prior to the vote as the foundation members evaluate the candidates. Denise and Claudia Joy try to help her. With the help of a friend Lucky is smuggled back to Fort Marshall, much to LTC Joan Burton's bemusement, who has him sent to the pound; Lucky is later adopted by the LeBlancs. At the time of her death, she was due to begin college at the University of Virginia, majoring in political science. He was attracted to SPC Tanya Gabriel and Tanya reciprocated interest but they resisted pursuing a relationship due to strict rules forbidding fraternization between officers and enlisted personnel. Gloria Cruz (portrayed by Alyssa Diaz) is the wife of Corporal Hector Cruz.

Dr. Hanson moved to Fort Lee in Virginia for the sake of their careers while Tanya remained at Fort Marshall as she had a few months left on her enlistment contract. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. [12][13] He and Finn quickly adjust to life on post and befriended Pamela's children Katie and Lucas.

And Jackie's daughter comes for a visit and Jackie's hope they can spend some time together but she doesn't want to. After her fainting, it takes Trevor to get her home and next day to a doctor, who diagnoses a pregnancy.

He was transferred to Mercer and befriends Denise, who was his attending nurse.

It's a part that was expanded to include a storyline about the soldier's young and rocky marriage to a woman he wed quickly. Family friend Dr. Roland Burton took his case as a favor and helped him through his depression. Back home, TJ steps up while Roxie and Gloria, already friends, unite with grumpy Gisela Wisniewski to rein in auxiliary rebels after divorce-facing Mai-Li's suicide, which Roxie nearly prevented. In Africa, Trevor's platoon has a hard time repatriating the beleaguered doctor as the backward tribe believes he maliciously failed to cure their kids as opposed to those of their neighbors. The hurricane has damaged the new base so much worse that the move is canceled, Charleston's Fort marshal will instead receive the corps HQ as well. He is now happily married to Gisela, a German woman whom he met while stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany.[1].

(15 Jul 2012).

Jesse refused to sign the adoption papers and came to The Hump Bar to see Roxy, futilely pleading with her for a second chance. Before leaving for California she hands the deed to Roxy and makes her the next owner. They were initially based at Fort Hope but due to massive damage from Hurricane Nina and minimal damage to Fort Marshall, her husband's division is relocated to Fort Marshall in the first few episodes of Season 6.

Her death was especially hard on Michael and Denise.

In Season 2 Trevor tries to mend the relationship between her and Roxy. This FAQ is empty. They first met by chance in the episode "About Face" when Roxy stops a thief who had stolen and run off with Viola's purse.

Hello, Stranger |

Colonel Joan Burton (portrayed by Wendy Davis) is the wife of Dr. Roland Burton. After completing his basic training, Jeremy is assigned to the 23rd Airborne Division. Viola stood in for the in-house band's soloist who had to back out for an emergency and was popular with customers.

Denise Sherwood (portrayed by Catherine Bell) is the wife of Colonel Frank Sherwood. Their teenage daughter Sophie, who is a boarder at Phillips Exeter, is first introduced in the Season 6 episode "Hello, Stranger" and it becomes apparent that mother and daughter are estranged.

He was initially attracted to her but she rejected him when she realized that she was still in love with Chase despite being divorced.

Victor and Gloria attend marriage counseling. His wife Jackie impresses the ladies auxiliary too 'luckily' with benefit plans not to seem fishy to Claudia Joy, who suspects a dirty campaign for the third star, yet can't ... Trevor is now lieutenant and leads his own platoon, but platoon sergeant 'Ski' Wisniewski warns he still doesn't think like an officer. Just a little bit of interaction between the original cast and the new cast.

She graduated from Georgetown University magna cum laude and speaks several languages.[1].

He was subsequently tested and found to be an "exceptionally gifted" child.

She was the FRG group leader for Bravo Company but was ostracized by several of the wives or generally ignored as she was a foreigner and unfamiliar with American culture or social norms. Jeremy was cleared for duty and re-enlisted upon his promotion to Specialist. She returns again, in the first episode of Season 7, to attend Claudia Joy's funeral.

She used Marilyn Polarski to spread rumors about how Claudia Joy "killed someone" and got "kicked out of Harvard" (Claudia Joy had fallen asleep behind the wheel and knocked over a pedestrian but voluntarily withdrew from Harvard) and that Amanda was born out of wedlock and not Michael's legitimate child.

When her sister Amanda died in season 1, Emmalin struggled to deal with her grief but hid it away from her parents.

Towards the end of the season the couple reconcile and drop divorce proceedings. They nearly file for divorce but drop it once she announces that she is pregnant. When the show premiered he was a private first class and is promoted through the ranks to sergeant before attending OCS.

Joint Base Marshall Bring with his second wife, Maggie, a former soldier

Add the first question. He and Jackie have two children: son Patrick, a recent West Point graduate, and daughter Sophie, who is a boarder at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy. After much persuasion from Nicole, Mrs. Galassini agrees to attend the ceremony and she is seen at Nicole's Bronze Star presentation ceremony. In the episode "Hello, Stranger" she announces to the wives that her contract will be up in a week and she will be joining Dr. Hanson in Virginia once discharged.

It is revealed that Nicole's mother had difficulty accepting that her daughter was lesbian, hence Nicole's initial reluctance to make the relationship legal.

Denise's kidney ... Michael can soon relax, Claudia Joy pulls trough, so he and Frank treat their recovering spouses to a beach-house. IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. [email protected] Master Sergeant Chase Roderick Moran (portrayed by Jeremy Davidson) is the husband of Pamela Moran.

General Bryce Whitaker's wife warns the Holdens that new acting division commander general Clark's ruthlessly efficient, ambitious wife Jackie is rapidly gaining advantage for Kevin over Michael. Roxy mentioned that she slipped to Pamela and Marilyn confronted Pamela about it, which Pamela also vehemently denied. Hector tries to reconcile with Gloria. Her husband was recently "PCS-ed" to Fort Marshall from Fort Riley several months ago and she works at the commissary to pass time. Second Lieutenant Trevor LeBlanc (portrayed by Drew Fuller) is a former platoon leader in Bravo Company, 1st Brigade. Latasha Montclair (portrayed by Ashanti) is the wife of Corporal Quincy Montclair.

She is acquainted with the wives as she made the cake for Sara Elizabeth Burton's birthday and made a last-minute replacement when Roland accidentally dropped it on the floor. They have a daughter Sara Elizabeth and an adopted son David. In Season 1 Lenore continuously spread rumors about the Holdens in hopes that her husband would be considered over Michael for a promotion. In Season 7 it is revealed that she died of heart failure after a long battle with various health problems. She was often jokingly known as "Cranky Betty" to the other wives due to her self-deprecating and dry sense of humor. She is affectionately known as "Emma" or "Kiddo" to her parents and within their circle of friends. They secretly dated for a while before Denise Sherwood, through Roxy, discovers the relationship. [25] Since then she has married twice and it is implied that both marriages ended in divorce. She was well known amongst the Army wives as the "Gossip Queen". An NGO woman pigheadedly objects to being evacuated without the kids in her more sensible husband's orphanage.

She is manipulative and has her own agenda, frequently doing things behind Claudia Joy Holden's back during FRG activities and doing things to sabotage Claudia Joy's credibility. Jackie and Kevin have been married for over twenty years. The 32nd was previously based at the fictional Fort Hope in North Carolina but a hurricane damaged much of the infrastructure and the division moved south to Fort Marshall, which suffered less damage. She comes from a less privileged background and is extremely independent, having had to contend with an alcoholic mother and an unstable home life for much of her childhood and teen years.

If you've ever found yourself wishing Bravo's Real Housewives did something funnier than sip Pinot Grigio to the point of insanity, you're in luck.

Amanda Joy Holden (portrayed by Kim Allen) was the older daughter of Michael and Claudia Joy Holden. She left Jesse when he became an abusive alcoholic and "punched [her] in the gut" when she was six months pregnant. When a doctor nearly kills a patient, he tries ... View production, box office, & company info.

A teacher discovered that Finn was not concentrating in school. They frequently babysit each other's children. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Although he dotes on Lucas and Katie and still loves Pamela, he began to grow emotionally distant from them due to his frequent absence.

Then Chase gives Trevor a job opportunity that Roxy thinks is too good to pass up. Their son Patrick graduated from West Point in Season 7. Dr. Blake Hanson publicly puts cheeky nurse Gabriel in her place, yet they can't resist an illegal 'fraternisation' in bed. Initially she and Claudia Joy Holden had a tense and awkward relationship as their husbands were competing for a third star, even though Michael and Kevin are on friendly terms and generally oblivious to their wives' rivalry; they later discover that Kevin was passed up for a third star due to political manipulation by Audrey Whitaker, wife of Michael's former CO Major General Bryce Whitaker.


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