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I just focus on the here and now and make sure I give that due level of respect. Because you’re half Irish? Hilfreich dürfte auch das Treffen mit Louis persönlich gewesen sein, um sich seiner Person, seiner Sprechweise, seines Charakters anzunähern…Im Prinzip war es das. He’s had obstacles in his path since day one – an underprivileged background, the early loss of a parent, breaking an industry with no connections – but he’s always had one thing: hope. Diese Praxis ist in Hollywood eine Art „Trend“: Schauspieler hungern für ihre Rolle und müssen dann extrem Muskel und Masse aufbauen. Let’s say you’re driving along and you see a fan of one of your rival teams, Nottingham Forest, broken down by the side of the road. His latest role, in Seberg, is one of his quietest ever, and it’s certainly not that of a boy. Die „größte Herausforderung“ – inwiefern? “We’re both really fitness freaks,” he says.

Denn wenn du jemanden porträtierst, darfst du dich gar nicht auf die Szene konzentrieren können. Und das versprach ich ihr. Say it was somewhere barren, where you wouldn’t expect to see a Forest fan. Und hinzukam, dass ja auch Louis wirklich hungrig war in den entsprechenden Situationen. on-trend esports and egaming market.

While O’Connell was filming Harry Brown, his father, Johnny, died from pancreatic cancer. After surging onto the scene in 'Skins', Jack O’Connell headed to Hollywood for jobs with George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. O’Connell’s attraction to the Ryder role neatly sums up everything his career has been about. Nur langweilige, einfache Figuren zu spielen, würde mich nicht zufriedenstellen.

I find a lot of interest within history on the whole, so I feel very fortunate that I may get to do that. “All the time. He was a working class boy from Yorkshire, with no obvious path to the cinema. He’s never been what you’d call a movie star, but with roles in brilliant films like Billy Liar, Doctor Zhivago and 45 Years, he’s part of the fabric of film history.

It made him famous overnight. And if it’s not a busy road? “I’m not much of an optimist when it comes to work-related stuff. But then I don’t think I’d have been a very nice person.” He has always taken his responsibility to look after his family “very, very seriously.”.

Und das Abmagern ist nicht alles. Is it a busy road? Any desire to put a producer hat on? What’s been the most surprising aspect of the business to you thus far? He understands the mindset of this boy. Einige sagen, das hätte ihre Sinne geschärft. Read our community guidelines in full, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, Jack O'Connell, the Sheffield United centre-back, will test himself against Marcus Rashford and Antony Martial when Manchester United visit Bramall Lane on Sunday, O'Connell keeps himself sharp and match-fit with sessions down the boxing gym, Alex Greenwood and Jack O'Connell support each other's football careers, Chris Wilder’s famous overlapping centre-backs, he will be preparing to face Marcus Rashford, Antony Martial and the rest, Most clearances in Premier League this season, Ryan Giggs denies he assaulted woman after police are called to his home, What sport can I still play? This publication features lifestyle stories around cannabis use and experiences, including emerging trends in wellness, travel, food and drink, pop culture, and cannabis-related brands. It’s a role that needs someone with O’Connell’s intensity because he spends an awful lot of time with only himself for company. “The coach never used to call me by his name, so it was ‘Guiri! One of the greatest actors of all time.” Courtenay has been working for over six decades. According to online reports, you’re starring in Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote. I try to watch her play, although it’s difficult now. His own pro career started in traditional style. In 2014’s Starred Up, he masterfully plays a violent teen locked up in an adult prison, and in ’71, he knocks it out of the park as a soldier abandoned by his unit during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Although he was barely born when Happy Mondays were at their height, O’Connell has been a Ryder fan for years. Oh, yeah.

Aber: Sobald das Wort „Action“ am Set fällt, ist genau das unglaublich hilfreich. In erster Linie hängt das mit Louis* zusammen. Now he is playing against Manchester United for one of the best defences in the Premier League – and a simple glance back at his career will tell you how much he has earned it. Interview — Der Name „Jack O’Connell” sagt Ihnen nichts? Intense actor's spirit remains unbroken in '71. He always loved fitness. That’s what got us there. In the 2010s, if you were casting a young man roiling with internal rage, you’d be a fool not to call O’Connell first. I think the impact has become apparent on screen in particular.” Asked to clarify, he says, “I think that is a statement enough in itself. Anyone who sees Unbroken (or … It’s being written and directed by Matt Greenhalgh, who has strong form in this arena, having scripted Control, the 2007 film about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. ECentralSports targets the emerging premium “We’d be in on the same day, but usually I’d be somewhere else on the set, creepily watching her through some sort of scope.” Nevertheless, he says Stewart was “very sound.”. She probably watches more football than me. At 25 he already has 270 senior career appearances under his belt. Und ich hoffe, dass sein Leben etwas ist, das viele Leute inspirieren wird. Ich hätte niemals nur so tun können, als würde ich leiden wie Louis, wenn ich nicht ebenso gelitten hätte. “[I’m] mostly surveying Jean Seberg from afar,” he says. close up: sweater: Salvatore Ferragamo “Shaun’s trajectory gives people hope,” he says. Für mich persönlich gibt es Wichtigeres: Ich möchte eines Tages in die Welt hinausgehen und helfen – ganz so, wie es Angelina tut. “Me and Bash [Chris Basham] are overlapping and we are quite expansive if anything. Crew I’m talking to O’Connell and his ’71 director, Yann Demange, during TIFF. That’s not an area I consider myself well enough versed in to be able to comment. Sie sagte zu mir, sie wolle das Beste von beiden sehen: von mir und Louis. Ich meine, wir dürfen hier das Leben eines Mannes porträtieren, der tatsächlich existierte. If so, are you worried? Im Interview: "Wild"-Autorin Cheryl Strayed, Noch was: Die wichtigsten "Game of Thrones"-Facts für Neueinstieger. *Anmerkung der Redaktion: Gemeint ist natürlich Hauptfigur Louis Zamperini, den Jack im Film verkörpert. The lack of opportunity for working class kids is something O’Connell is passionate about fixing.

Das vermittelte mir das Gefühl, dass ich der beabsichtigte Empfänger all dieser Informationen war. Currently scheduled to start production in February, the film has George Clooney and Julia Roberts attached to star, and Jodie Foster slated to direct.

Definitely, in the future. But O’Connell is no longer a kid. It was only Sunday league and the coach could go off his head. “He gives you that confidence.”. Wie sind Sie mit dem Druck umgegangen, diese real existierende Person treffend darstellen zu müssen?Man geht bei jeder Rolle ein hohes Risiko ein, eine Figur nicht treffend darzustellen. For a long time though, O’Connell did live quite a rock and roll lifestyle. O’Connell also reveres Courtenay because he achieved recognition through hard work alone. The following summer he had a choice of Fulham in the Championship or Sheffield United in League One and chose the latter. These films will help both optimists and pessimists pass the time, Disney+ Star Wars spin-off offers a lot more than fan service and introduces Timothy Olyphant as a space marshal, Including The Craft: Legacy, His House, Truth Seekers and Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, Your email address will not be published. Are you aware of the star-crossed history? He owes his career to arts funding, through both his school drama classes and The Television Workshop. That is what O’Connell wants. Wirklich: Das habe ich erst heute realisiert – und das ist ein ganz neues Level, das man in puncto Stolz erreichen kann. Wie würden Sie ihren Regie- und Arbeitsstil beschreiben?Sehr auffällig war: Sie war jeden Morgen die Erste am Set. Du musst dich von deinem Spiel leiten lassen. “I found it very frustrating that things were already decided before I was consulted,” O’Connell elaborates. He has played in all four top divisions and won promotion from three. But just as his career was exploding, his home life imploded. Besides, with so much work coming his way, he hasn’t got the time. While stranded, O’Connell’s Gary Hook becomes a target for both the IRA and back-dealing British operatives.


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