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If you have a few handy arrows and a bow, hit the Bokoblin on the tower with a few shots. You’ll want to wait till the ramp is retracted and roll a bomb into the funnel. The Ja Baij Shrine is one of four Shrines in the Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On the left side there is another set of blocks, so blow those up as well. Once you reach it, to the same thing you did at the Oman Au shrine, by putting your Sheikah Slate up to the pedestal. In this wide open area, you can use the launcher on the far left to launch to the treasure chest that contains an Amber. In Ja Baij Shrine you’ll find what may be the most useful rune in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Bomb Rune. Open the two chests, revealing 5 ice arrows, and 5 fire arrows.

You’ll also see a chest on the left side.

Return to the right side of the room and you’ll see another catapult. Here’s the solution to the Ja Baij challenge and how to get the chest in the Bomb Trial. There are two large stone blocks. Move up to the pedestal, and hold up your Sheikah Slate (a) to open the shrine.

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Keh Namut - "Cryonis Trial" - This one is found on Mount Hylia. Attack it with a few hits.

Head to the Pedestal on your left, and get the Rune. View all posts by Rishab Jain.

He’ll tell you to mark pins from the Great Plateau Tower. There’s also two more on the mountains. Multiple guardians will start if you get too close, and unlike Guardian Scouts, these have very powerful lasers. Learn how your comment data is processed. Run over to the pedestal and insert your Shekiah Slate to get equipped with both remote bombs. Then, in the last room of the Shrine, go to the left and jump on the “catapult” platform (picture3). At the nearby pedestal, acquire the Remote Bomb Rune. It is guarded by a Decayed Guardian and behind a large wall. But beware, it can shoot a laser that takes a few hearts. Look for two large cracked stones on the left and detonate a bomb next to them to reveal a ladder going back up. Ja Baij Shrine Chest In the room with the launch ramps, head to the leftmost launch ramp from where you entered the room. New to Shacknews? Keep doing this. Climb the ladder and head to the altar to find Ja Baij. Blow them up and you'll find a Traveler's Claymore in the treasure chest. This is the second installment in the Great Plateau Guide series for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Keep going towards the Monk in the glass cube, and she’ll give you a spirit orb, also refilling your hearts. Now, go to the cannons on the Right. Now, go to you left and towards the pedstal. Information: once all the chests of a Shrine are open, a chest icon appears near its name on the map, indicating that you have 100% completed it.

The area is guarded by several stationary Guardians with the entrance in front of the shrine blocked off by some boulders. Head up onto the platform on the right next to the first funnel, and place a Sphere Bomb into the funnel, which will place it on a ramp that gets shotput over to the other side - on top of a cracked stone blocking a ladder you can reveal by detonation. Make sure to get to the left one.

Place a round bomb in the tube, and watch it roll. When the cannon lowers, head inside, and be skyrocketed to the other side. Location: This can be found in the East Abbey Ruins to the east of the Great Plateau Tower. Behind it, you’ll find the first chest (picture2).

Go inside. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If there wouldn't be any blue chest icon next to a Shrine with zero chests, people … Also, you can lift the Metallic Plank inside and head towards the murky waters. He will reward Link with a Spirit Orb.

Finding Ja Baij Shrine is a bit harder than finding Oman Au was. If you need any help, comment down here. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Bomb Rune gives you access to both Square Bombs and Round Bombs and can be used not only to solve puzzles but as a weapon too. Thank you! Note: From the hallway, take a right first to find another small sealed and cracked wall. You may also want to check out how to keep Link warm for one of the shrines ahead. Search Guides News Content Social Community Search. Climb down the steps and drop a remote bomb next to the large boulders. For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The ball in Ja Baij Shirne". A Treasure Chest icon will appear next to the Shrine 's name on the Map once all Treasure has been collected.

No chest icon next to the name shows that there is at least one chest you haven’t collected from. Guides. Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. However, there are a lot of decayed guardians around. When we finish the four shrines across the Great Plateau, pray to the statue, and get either a heart container or a stamina wheel chunk. It won’t take much if you have the right weapons. The Great Plateau Guide: Zelda Breath of the Wild – #02: The Oman Au and Ja Baij Shrines.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Now, go towards the two slabs in the middle. The small chest icon next to the name shows that you have collected from all chests in the shrine. If your other shrines don't have it, it means you missed some of the bonus chests. Place one at the end of the ramp to break the wall leading to a hallway. Use the Magnesis Rune (L) and carefully lift up the left slab. Please follow my blog if you want more like this. After entering the Ja Baij Shrine, go to the Guidance Stone on the left and place your Sheikah Slate in it. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.

Run up the steps and speak with the monk, Ja Baij. The Old Man tells Link that in order to leave the Great Plateau, Link must first acquire the Paraglider. My name is Rishab Jain, and I love posting blogs, articles, and much more! Also, I want to give a big thanks to my cousin Ryka, because she really helped me with this blog. Now, head down and climb up the ladder to your right. Early on in Link's quest, he will raise the Great Plateau Tower and shortly after that, the Old Man will seek Link out.

You’ll see a chest, and open it, revealing a Traveler’s Claymore. Go forward, blow up the wall on the right, then open the chest holding a Traveler's Claymore. Now you can jump into the pit and climb the ladder on the far side to reach the monk Ja Baij to get the next Spirit Orb. You’ll see two treasure chests on a raised platform, so use the plank to create a ramp up. Ja Baij Shrine Guide. The monk inside will give you a spirit orb, and teleport you out.

If you have 4 spirit orbs (Meaning you have completed 4 shrines), you can pray to them, and get an extra heart container or more stamina. Wait until the ramp is retracted and then stand in front of it. You can then turn to the right to find some more blocks that have a treasure chest behind it. As you enter the Shrine, you'll find a large sealed wall in front of you at the end of a slope. Use magnesis to move the chest to the platform, and open it.

Information: once all the chests of a Shrine are open, a chest icon appears near its name on the map, indicating that you have 100% completed it. It is usually better to get hearts earlier on. Magnesis basically can move magnetic objects from one place to another, regardless of how heavy they are. Do so and the bomb will be launched across. This actually consists of two runes, a spherical bomb and a cubical bomb. Please follow Rishab’s World to help support me! Then go to the left and explode the blocks there–you’ll find a room with a moving platform. Also, I want to give a big thanks to my cousin Ryka, because she really helped me with this blog. Now run to the other side of the room and blow up some more blocks. Ja Baij Shrine - Bomb Trial. You’ll receive the Round Bomb and Square Bomb runes, two of the most used and useful runes in the game. Wait until the bomb is right next to the blocks, and then explode it, opening up a path to the next room.

Ja Baij’s bomb trial will take you through the fundamentals of using bombs, and which type of bomb is right for each job. Location: Ja Baij Shrine is located in the Eastern area of the Great Plateau, just to the South of the Resurrection Tower in the Eastern Abbey ruins. At the last moment, Link can move out of the way and the guardian will shoot the boulders with his laser. This shrines serves as an introduction to the two types of bombs that you get. There will be 12 blocks, only one of them magnetic. Run, or else you’ll get killed. Anyway, now that you’re outside, you’ll see the Old Man paraglide over to you. Shacknews Mercury subscription service relaunches, All mushroom season DIY recipes - Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This one has a small circular hole that is just big enough where you can slip a spherical bomb into it. On the right side there is another launcher, with a small hole where you can drop a spherical bomb. Then, in the last room of the Shrine, go to the left and jump on the “catapult” platform (picture3). Kill him with a few hits, and you can collect some fire arrows from the treasure chest. Note: Over on the opposite side are two more giant blocks that extend and retract. Look for the pedestal on the left and place the Shiekah Slate to gain the ability to use Remote Bombs. Blow up the boulders here to reveal a treasure chest that contains a sword. https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/index.php?title=Ja_Baij_Shrine&oldid=249057. To avoid the guardian in front of you, stay close to the wall, and try to avoid the lasers. There’s one to the left of you which is the Bomb Trial, and the one to the right of you is the Magnesis Trial, which you’ve just completed. This part will cover how to get to and solve the Oman Au shrines and Ja Baij shrines, and anything else to get along the way. There’ll be two cannons. ( Log Out /  Jump from Pedestal to Pedestal down the Tower, and follow the pin for the next closes shrine: The Ja Baij Shrine (The Bomb Trial). Now go back and head towards your left.

Remember the goddess statue in the Temple of Time? If you go to the right and blast the block there, you’ll find a hidden treasure chest. ( Log Out /  The Great Plateau Shrines Ja Baij Shrine. When the pedestal comes back, use it to ride to the other side. The next area is large and may look a little confusing. He’ll also tell you that there’s 3 more shrines across the Great Plateau, and that in order to get the Paraglider, you’ll need to complete them all.

In front of you, there will be a Guardian Scout. Link will need to collect a Spirit Orbfrom each of the four Shrines in the Great Plateau, and can complete the first four shrines in any desired order. Welcome to Rishab’s World! But first, go on your right and destroy the cracked wall with a bomb (picture1). The Shrine is located in the ruins of the Eastern Abbey on the Great Plateau. Anyway, after destroying the first wall in the first room you will have to follow the left hallway to go further.

Past that wall will be a second wall on your left. Run to the left side of the room and you’ll see a treasure chest. Use Magnesis to open the Metal Doors, and go forward towards the blue cube. Ja Baij Shrine is unique in that it is not only one of four shrines required to complete to leave the Great Plateau, but also provides you with two of the new Remote Bomb Runes: The Sphere Bomb Rune and Cube Bomb Rune. Once you’re there, use your scope (Click the Right Joycon) and try to find the 3 remaining shrines. Located just south of the Great Plateau Tower in the ruins at the edge of of the plateau. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.


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