is stripe legit
Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Stripe made merchant processing stupidly easy, not to mention relatively cheap, for anyone starting up a business of any size.

Check if is detected by services like Google SafeBrowsing. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community and our consumers throughout this crisis. Allocations are a nightmare and disputes are never resolved in the Seller's favour. We can certainly look into your account and these specific disputes, if you'd like, if you send us a message at And worse still, holding on to my urgently needed funds for more than 2 weeks and still absolutely no sign of when Stripe will fix THEIR problem. If you want to see the full individual guide on how to legit check these Yeezys, click here. Absolute shame upon you. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Stripe fake vs real. I immediately issued a refund for the second payment. Just "thanks, bye-bye". It's a scammer's safe haven.

The only thing that bothers me is that we get a lot of error duplicate payments by customers since Stripe changed the refund policy for their processing fees, which when we refund Stripe keeps the fees. ( I contacted Netflix and text not from them. Is Stripe Safe For Customers?

I pity the folks who have hired them; this won't end well.

The website is using a valid HTTPS connection. I have been using Stripe for 4-5 years and never had any real issues.

SQUARE & PAYPAL will take care of you. Mobile wallet, bank account, and other information is kept safe through similar means. I would really like to think that this is a coincidence. Payouts used to be slow in the beginning, but now they transfer into the bank in a couple of days.

Go elsewhere. In addition, since disputes are a forced refund by the cardholder’s bank and not a voluntary one on your part, you remain responsible for the processing fees for the initial transaction. When I signed up it didn't mention anything at all about risk assessments and that I needed a social media account or that they hold on to 25% of your payment for 2 months because of a risk assessment because of what type of business.

This company is likely owned by a conservative / religious group. I use both Stripe and Paypal. Also, many businesses are closed, suspended, or not operating as usual, and are unable to respond to complaints and other requests. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. We use multiple trusted sources to know if the website is classified as malicious/scam. He blocks them so much that they forget their main activity! They keep saying it is to mitigate any disputes with customers who may want charge back. we received one dispute > provided evidence of shipment delivery >> stripe email us "you have lost this case". My account has just been closed today with a reason: "It seems like your business model doesn't comply with our terms of service" - when I have asked to be more specific got the exact same reply from someone else citing some paragraph about contact lenses, fake drugs where I am fully registered medical business in London, with a business bank account, VAT registered not to mention have nothing to do with contact lenses... Just in the middle of another business day, with no working of what's coming. Totally ineffective. Fine when it's working, but if it develops a fault, I don't think I have come across worse customer service - ever! Totally awful customer service. I've been waiting since more than 5 days now for a migration, pinging 3 times a days and have sent more than 15 requests, to no avail they do not care about their customers, stay away at all cost. Videostripe came up-not Netflix. Stripes fee was about $85.00. Use Stripe? In case Alexa has not enough data for a website, the rank will be 0. If the website has a poor WOT trust rating it means someone had a bad experience. Ive never had a client request money back and my reviews are excellent and ive been in business licensed since 2014.

Used Stripe through Freshbooks recently. Use some other provider. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Because it is expensive for us to return those fees in instances were the dispute is resolved in the business's favor, we aren't able to return the fees at other times. They will not process our medical center payments because we prescribe medical marijuana to chronic pain patients and cancer patients. It really breaks your trust that they are reliable and can deal successfully with any problems in a timely way. Personally I would recommend Stripe. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. Allocations are a nightmare. Which is what we usually use other than Pay Pal. This is a scam. Paypal have the funds cleared within 1/2-1 day typically. Instead of helping with an issue, they routinely suggest that you contact and expert'. BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. I do the admin for a small charity which uses Stripe for some of our membership payments. Our company is in New York State.

Finally - it happens at least a few times a month that Stripe rejects the transaction as suspicious and prevents prospects from buying our products. I opened a Stripe account to get paid for the articles I write on Medium. If a domain name is too "young" we may have not enough details to judge it. It often happens that clients contact us outside of the Stripe's workflow and finalise payment manually because Stripe is rejecting their cards and by extension is not allowing us to close the sale. My business is a combination of digital and physical life coaching, intuitive reading and healing services. [2] Its software allows individuals and businesses to make and receive payments over the Internet.

Personally I would NEVER buy something from a site that doesn't use HTTPS. The rank is not 100% correct, take this in mind. I have been using Stripe to support my business for over two years and I am more than happy to recommend Stripe to anyone. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. BBB is here to help. It can be tricky for even experienced businesses to understand how to handle a dispute, so we've spent time documenting the various circumstances under which a payment can be disputed, and how best to handle each -- I'd recommend taking a look at to learn more. I hope this helps shed some light on our approach here. They hold money for weeks and won't payout any balances. We return that fee because we feel strongly that businesses shouldn't be penalized for disputes that are resolved in their favor. BBB information and Business Profiles reflect the most current information available to us. © 2018-2020 ScamRate | All rights reservedPrivacy Policy | Terms of Service, Check the complete WHOIS records to find domain information. I think the policy is discriminatory against my business....but even with that, the invoices that have been paid to me are for courses that I run as well as physical products that I make, and there is no reason to withhold the funds. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile.

Overnight left me with dozens of client payments subscriptions to deal with and switch to something else. we received another dispute > provided evidence of shipment delivery >> stripe email us "you have lost this case". we have used paypal for 5 years, not a single dime lost in disputed charges etc. I want to know why do you accept customers payments all this time and then when i withdraw $ you say there is a problem with the items i sell? A shopping website created less than 4 months ago is too new and potentially suspicious. Stripe has a reputation for taking security very seriously, and it appears to be well-earned. Stripe is not flexible, he blocks all the accounts for no reason! The response from Stripe is never in the seller's favour. They're working hard to differentiate with great customer service. When the ID is uploaded and verified, Stripe says they'll payout in normal timeframes - but they do not. Avoid Stripe. The website has a traffic rank of #3,281 among millions of other sites according to Alexa data. review, check if is a scam or legit website, check if is safe, read comments and reviews from other users.

We’re in this together!

Stripe also recently introduced 24/7 live chat and phone support, which should further improve the customer service experience. Avoid Stripe. I implemented it in one hour and it collects money on my website. when stripe email us about a "dispute" - we respond with tracking details, at which point they take back all of the money + $25 dispute fee, and they keep all of the fees also? Choose another provider.

We’re in this together! 1 week payout schedule, Paypal is a few hours.

Don't try customer service either they're beyond unprofessional and unhelpful.

Only they are far worse than most who act this way while they are supposed to be working.

Recently, they asked me to verify my business and put a hold on my funds paid by customers ($995.07). Account in good standing and no affiliation with vidoestripe.) excuse me if i'm wrong here, but surely the cardholder's bank is always going to favour their own customer which means you'll lose out of pocket even when you've shipped the item with evidence provided etc. I have savings to repay a client for any issues that may arise. Are you going to give me back my money ,? Bang!. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which means it meets the most stringent security standards in the industry. Been with Stripe for about 3 years. Stripe actively dedicates resources to making this problem better and, over time, go away entirely. Anonymous PissedConsumer900841 Nov 15, 2014 Go to the competition instead. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. I don't recommend it, it's only $#*!!

Please also take a look at to learn more about preventing disputes. Support has always responded within 24 hours. However, right after I entered all my information as an individual, I instantly received an email saying that my account activation has been denied "due to high risk." I'm a small business. Totally ineffective. Avoid Stripe.

Payouts used to be slow in the beginning, but now they transfer into the bank in a couple of days. Stripe Atlas is far less revolutionary for corporate setups than Stripe itself is for merchant accounts. Never really had any issues or complaints. No questions, emails nothing. I sent an email asking for the reason, but the customer service rep replied that my account poses high financial risk according to their Terms and Conditions (?)

Choose another provider. I think the agents are trained to handle questions this way or they are techies who do not know how to communicate with their customers. Choose another provider. I have contacted a lawyer about how they advertise the use of their service and fees and then suddenly they are emailing about risk crap. tl;dr they are the same in terms of security, Stripe just takes a smaller cut and has APIs for you to integrate payments on your sites form.

Will my funds be available tomorrow after the 90 day hold in a reserve fund?

Scam my card got hacked, good my credit card stopped the transaction by the Fraud protection Services this transaction happened on Nov. 10,2014 at 3:40 am it was declined $49.99 were being charged .


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