is part of your world a good audition song

Aaah! I'm aiming for Ariel. Here is a four-step guide to help you find the perfect song for your next audition: 1. Great song choices.

I have some recommendations for your list. also i’m a soprano 2, so anyone who is a mezzo soprano could sing these. Can you tell me about that process for memorizing?

When I first started doing community theater in the early '90s, I totally sang Part of Your World as my audition song by listening to the music in my Walkman (headphones on) to back me up.

Get one while they last on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and on Google Play while they’re still online. Is a million dreams a upbeat song?

Smoke and mirrors hits some highish notes at the end but it’s a really meaningful and strong song.

SO there you have it!

*i have no friends ^.^, Soon in July, I will be going to The Voice for Open Call Auditions.

Hope it helps. So it's in the range of many mezzos.

hi, it depends what you mean by light voice. The exception here is if you’re auditioning for children’s theatre where you’ll play adult roles. With many fun styles and performance types to choose from, here are some of the most perfect Broadway audition songs for altos to try today! Very nervous, OMG I AM 12 TOO. The Academy Award-Winning track “Let It Go” from Frozen. In an audition context, a song is an interview tool.

“Much More” and “My New Philosophy” might be uncommon enough to get you into a performing arts school but way too overdone for a Broadway audition. These songs sound beautiful when you accompany yourself on piano, simple chording is all you need to do to really make the song your own. Any ideas? New-ish Audition Song Ideas (2012+) One Call Away – Charlie Puth; These Four Walls – Little Mix

Press J to jump to the feed. i was in the same position last year. I am a soprano 2 & I need song rec that would help show off my voice but still work with no instrumentals or backing tracks.

I should add it to my list. Please read your audition details carefully, as they sometimes specify the type of song they’d like to hear (a ballad, a specific genre, etc.).

Don’t choose the showy section if it isn’t your best one, but you don’t want to risk picking a song you can’t complete if the audition panel asks you to continue. But please please please don't walk in and sing "Part of Your World".

I hope it went well. I’m auditioning for my high school show choir in like one month and a half and I don’t know what song to sing! there are basically two people i refer to people that have a light voice. It newer and everyone knows it. Yes! /r/musicals is all about the Musical life! I could be wrong—I haven’t actually heard either of those singers attempt the song I selected for them—but I think it’s very unlikely that a casting director who had never heard of them would be impressed.

I have sang most of these songs and feel like they are all great options to show off your voice. Don’t see something on the list that you like? I’m auditioning next year for the voice with the song”Gravity” by Sara Bareilles soo wish me luck!!! Has it ever been an issue to find piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers? What do you think of the song “This is Me,” from the Greatest Showman?

“Part of Your World,” for example, might be perfect for a junior high school audition but not a strong enough pick to get into a performing arts high school. I’m planning to sing older songs! This track would be highly recommended for aspiring leading ladies. Baritenors would need some masculine piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers.

It’s safest to sing something in a similar style to the show. Secret Love Song (part 2 for people who want to do it alone) by little mix, nobody like you by little mix, Towers by little mix, Tell me you love me by demi lovato, warrior by demi lovato, human by Christina Perri, and Smoke and Mirrors by demi lovato.

The last thing you want is to learn about an audition that would be perfect for you that’s taking place the next day and to have to start from scratch with your preparation. Do you enjoy musicals?

Horrible songs!!!

I am enthusiastically suggesting Van Morrison songs for the voice. A great song for auditioning if you can do it is Alone by Heart. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it all all because some people might enjoy these songs. (All but Whitney Houston). If you’re a powerhouse on the whole song, then by all means, pick the absolute showiest part of the song. kpop is the best. Ballad, Contemporary Musical Theater, Dramatic. I’ve seen it done, and it’s hard to get past the “Isn’t she around 45?” thing. What Are The Benefits Of Reading Sheet Music As A Guitar Player? And now, it’s time to pick out the perfect song for you.

Well geez come up with your own list then. I will be singing “Dancing on my own ” by calum Scott, I will be singing “Dancing on my own ” , “No matter what ” and ” Your the Reason ” by calum scott, This is great! Of course, the song that kids still sing more than a year after the hit musical broke box-office records. The next thing that you have to worry about would be finding a recording to use. Thanks, i’m 14 and I’m auditioning for my high school play, which is always super good. Piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers are now available for you to acquire only from The Accompanist.

Head to and access their unlimited music free for 30 days. Good luck guys!

This song requires wide-eyed wonder for everything that the mermaid Ariel would love to experience in the human world.

We found another song previously discussed here at Musicals Online as the ideal song for your next audition.

That is a great song choice! Does anybody have an idea? For those of you who are auditioning, I have a post all about how to prepare for The Voice Auditions too – you can read it here. Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this boring task,

It is a great way to find new music and choose an audition song. Thank you!

The heartbreaking role of Chris in Miss Saigon can make or break an actor shoved into the limelight.

If you’re auditioning for Elphaba in Wicked, don’t come in with “If I Loved You” from Carousel. Try ‘Brave’ By Sara Bareilles. And thank you for mentioning A Million Dreams. Innocence personified. gp, I am so glad to hear it! Giving it a more soulful style?

I have a higher range too and like to sing powerful songs and one of my FAVORITES to sing is ‘These Four Walls’ by Little Mix. It’s helpful to choose songs from different eras and different contemporary styles as well. Could tell me a good song to sing for friends and family?

Instead, you should create a repertoire of songs you’re good at that covers as many audition requirements as you think you’ll need. “Much More” and “My New Philosophy” might be uncommon enough to get you into a performing arts school but way too overdone for a Broadway audition.

So why not have this among your piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers? I don’t have a super high range but I don’t want to sing a song that switches between thre notes haha. My friends and I are really looking forward to auditioning in the talent show and your list really helped us with some ideas. You may be the singer with the best voice at an audition, but if you choose the wrong song, all that practice and talent may go to waste. I'm auditioning for The Little Mermaid at my local community theatre soon. Also I am scared of singing in front of my crush. Good thing this is included among the piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers. It’s a really good song and I plan to sing it for my audition.

Well have we got the subreddit for you!

For Altos song options can range from Mama Mia! I wanna get the crowd going soooo yeah, wish me luck!! Choosing the perfect song for your voice is as important as having great technique, because even great singers don’t sound great on every song. “Part of Your World,” for example, might be perfect for a junior high school audition but not a strong enough pick to get into a performing arts high school.

Checking out the list of songs to choose from among the piano audition backing tracks for musical theater performers.

(Click here to read about a few things you should definitely avoid when choosing your audition piece.).

I’m trying to pick a song to sing at my graduation in about a month. Sandra. Hi! What would be a song for me to sing as an audition? And follow us on Twitter @musicalsnews. Letting the brat in you come out would help a lot to get the mood started.

the notes are not too high and not too low, perfect for beginners. Audition Songs for Teenagers. to read expert guidance for Part of Your World and unlock other amazing theatre resources!

Mnet Official 4,600,498 views A song I recommend, this song is new from The Greatest Showman – A Million Dreams. My voice and piano teachers always told me that you have to sing/play something ten times to commit it to memory. If it’s a character role you’re auditioning for, you might want to try a character song that shows of your comedic ability. “Part of Your World” works best as one of your piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers when trying to present this image. They are mostly all popular, but still unique and most importantly these songs will help show off your voice to the judges. It is where I get all my new music inspiration from.

Vitis the web for more backtracks. If you’re auditioning to be in a metal band, show them you have some grit by not bringing in a Hilary Duff song.

I can’t stress this one enough.

If you’re a pop singer and know you’ll probably never audition for a classical music program, you don’t need to worry about having classical pieces on hand, but you probably will want to have an uptempo, a mid-tempo, and a ballad ready so that you can pull out contrasting pieces when asked.

I gave to sing a chorus and a verse for the audition, from ANY song I want. What did you sing for your audition?? Also you don’t always have a pianist for a friend. Join the StageAgent community As a general guideline, don’t include too much repetition in your selection. Often, audition notices will flat-out request what they want.

You get the idea. so how do i showcase my talent?

Also, homesick by dua lipa is a good song too. Doug Wright

level 1 … I was thinking of singing Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars.

This helped me out so much I do hope you audition again but congrats on the new baby.

You could sing “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Mixing it up a little. Good luck!!!

You get like only 30 seconds to blow them away.. No idea what to sing for 30 seconds lol, I agree… I am looking for a good duet song that a mother and daughter can do…. A List of Good Audition or Pageant Songs.

I am auditioning for the voice in my country & the first stage is acapella. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to learn a whole new song for every audition.

It can be helpful to have a classic Broadway song under your belt too, as these are sometimes acceptable for classical auditions. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, piano audition backing tracks for musical theatre performers.

It makes an ideal track to use for your next set of auditions. The role of Jack Kelly has inspired a new generation of aspiring theater actors.

Since judging panels or creative teams typically ask for 16 or 32-bar excerpts of music, we’ve taken the liberty of already arranging these shortened versions to give you Musicnotes Audition Cuts.


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