is childfund australia legit
Cure our problems before chasing after others. I’m sure @rgm’s reference to a dark heart was directed at the person who suggested it would be cheaper to shoot all of these people, and then said “Screw all the poor countries, we do not need to help stupid people”. They didn’t take Christ out of their name, he left and was replaced by 20% fees and bogus contests to make sure people who put a lot of money in their pockets are rewarded.

Ya let them fool u a bit longer unless you are one of their hired spokesmen, in which case you are already a huge failiur at life and need to seriously reconsider your moral compass. What about the inner cities?

Why isn’t there an organization teach these people how to stop breeding like ferrel cats for starters. Just because you don’t preach doesn’t mean you can not be an example of Christ and what he taught. 30 years and still so many poor, uneducated people.

I made a donation directly to a child that I chose when the child I formerly sponsored ‘aged out.’ I went out to the site for ChildFund and chose the gift amount. ChildFund Australia (ABN 79 002 885 761) is a Public Benevolent Institution and has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office. Most of them will get into a bucket and float over to the US and just happen to touch ground under water before our INS agents can get their hands on them. Our Bank Detail :

Your links are broken.

I find it funny how you are sending money to a child in Africa and all that is wrong with them is Malaria and Sickle Cell.

Screw all the poor countries, we do not need to help stupid people.

When you purchase a Gift for Good, you can select to send a gift card with your order to personalise your gift.

When Jesus Christ said love your enemy, He also meant preach the Gospel to them.

Please guide me for the organization to support and fund the announcement of Jesus. Both “according to gen con officials” and “As its (sic) excess income…” both redirect to the same article, namely“bill-o’reilly-has-left-the-human-race”/, which appears to have no relation to either statement.

I’ve listened to this for 50 years. these rural orphan children and old-aged persons.

Back in 2008, Gen Con, a convention for pen-and-paper and tabletop RPG games, offered the then-Christian Children’s Fund a donation of $17,398. please don’t worry about where we give our money, thanks for the concern however.

Please watch ChildFund’s Facebook page at about that time for updates posted by ChildFund about his trip.

WOW!!! It certainly doesn’t sound like the author speaks from any first-hand knowledge.

i know for a fact that the child fund is an off shoot of catholic charities..they mostly operate in catholic countries…brazil is a big reciever of “help” and so is the philipines…i have seen these commercials for over 30 years and the message never changes…you can get a picture of a child that you are helping and they will send you letters,,,of course when you compare the pictures and letters with other people’s,,you find out that there is a letter mill going on… they are highly disreputable…and if the poor are that poor it sure doesn’t stop them from having more catholics so they can get on t.v. We have total respect for what they do, and how they do it. I am a proud donor to Childfund. Changing and growing is a part of life. Sub: Request for X’ Mas Gifs to rural orphan children and old-aged persons, GREETINGS from SUHAM and its staff team!

Also, you really shouldn’t insult someone you dont know just because they dont know something because it looks bad on you, especially when he’s right. Lo and behold I get a letter from Cambodia that said it went to ‘ChildFund’s developmental work’ in Cambodia. I told her how grateful I was that she told this because it is very hard in our country to know the truth of who we are helping and we begin to not trust and worry where the money goes. answer, this BUSINESS wants to maintain a full wallet. We HAVE clean food and relatively clean water here…which nourishes our brains. hope the money got there since I had use the Copaiba on my soaps from the Rain Forest

Child Fund, regardless of religion… is a wonderful organization… 100% of the money raised benefits the children in one way or another. Yes, I have friends who have traveled to see their children. Roman Catholicism has killed millions of innocent Christians down the centuries. Check out

I’ve also spent a lot of time living in Honduras and watching the government get their take too. So figure that the only ones left alive in their 3rd world country are barely making it?

However, if they’re not concerned with issues of religious dogma, then why have they refused donations on religious grounds? We have been throwing money at these countries for well over 50 years – not one thing has changed. Bet it’s more than 5 percent! The housekeeper said I want to Thank People like you who do this because my children were part of the program and she began to explain about the children and how they are grown up now and how it changed their lives for the better.

God loves all his children even if they don’t walk around praising JC 24/7 walking around full of guilt. I am a highly religious person, and nothing CF has done has offended me or my religion… In fact, the best thing they did was change their name… Now more people are inclined to sponsor a child because religion is not pounding down on them, making them feel obligated…. We have plenty of “less fortunate” right here! Heck, keep the clean water and sewage rolling and I’ll tell everyone YOU’RE Jesus!”.

My husband and I support 13 amazing children through Childfund, and I can’t say enough about the organization.

So my buddy decided to bring gifts and go unannounced to the village where their sponsored child was . Wake up stupid it’s not our problem. They play on the good hearts of the nation, collect ungodly amounts of money yet make no differences in the communities or states where they reside. I am a disabled widow. There is no evidence these children ever get out of their dire circumstances, get adopted, get educated or ever grow up to lead productive meaningful lives. I don’t think any of us truly know what goes on over there, so it’s wiser to think about what ignorant words might be falling out of your mouth, or your computer before saying them. When you give a Gift for Good, it's sent to a child, family or community who really needs it. yaa that was agood question people spend much money in other things,but to help others they dont care.

It’s putting two and two together.

ChildFund is a wonderful organization that does EXACTLY what they say they do. how about seeing that they plant seeds to furnish food.

It makes you wonder how much it would be to just send the money directly to the child disregarding the charity completely, but I have a feeling a tax write off for donating is more important to alot of contributors.

At.least people want to help which is more for u just talking and judging, what makes you think this shit is real Gods money???? Because unless you repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you will spend eternity in hell.

We are anxious to see the amazing work that we believe ChildFund is doing! It’s normal to want to shield your child from difficult topics like COVID-19, but the reality is they’ve probably already heard about it.

I would have NEVER given $100 to a Cambodia recreation center! Because of Christian in the name, they were not allowed to cross certain borders and some potential donors thought that it was an evangelical organization.

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what an asshole you are. They’re not stupid, their uneducated and no one has ever told them how babies are made…so how can they know? that maybe 5 percent. ChildFund is an honorable organization that does much, much good around the world. the group is feeding children and helping make the world a better place and then there are worthless assholes like you who.

It is a free gift from God; My buddy did this and sponsored a child for 2 years. SEO, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing. What We Think Obama Does Vs. What He Actually Does,“bill-o’reilly-has-left-the-human-race”/,, carpet cleaning and pest control Parklands, project management and green building Gauteng, recovery services and roadside assistance Boksburg, karoo cladding and slate tiles North West Province, how to lose weight healthy Cleveland and weight loss programs Teeside, Here is the info on how to lose weight fast, Three Charities That Don't Deserve Your Money - Prose Before Hos, dalyan villas, dalyan villa rental, dalyan holiday villas, Glenn Beck Called For Liberal Assassinations In June 2010, The Real Native Takes On Anti-Immigration Zealots, The 7 Most Ridiculously Stylish Dictators. We believe every child should be able to say. The children are still sitting in the middle of a path with sewage running down it. It is hard for us to trust anyone these days.

He was a pilot for a top clothes designer, who went on safari in Africa. how to lose weight healthy Cleveland and weight loss programs Teeside…, Here is the info on how to lose weight fast…, What a total asshole you are clements. Deliver joy to children this festive season! But if they don’t believe in the only begotten Son of God, they are damned to eternity in hell.

I proudly support Childfund, and will continue to do so for years to come.

), die tatsächlichen Maßnahmen jedoch spürbar kleiner werden. God will NOT put young innocent children in hell. All you need to know about Child Sponsorship, All you need to know about Community Sponsorship, Because every child needs someone like you.

From Our Sister Site: Is He The Love Of Your Life Or Just Trying To Harvest Your Organs?

You can keep writing fiction and I will keep donating! Such as “20% SEEMS excessive”.

La tua risposta verrà rimossa dalla recensione.

Saying that “the poor” have a right to not be mandatorily sterilized?

The author of this article is obviously uninformed on this matter, and has spoken without research or experience it seems. Isn’t there something wrong there.

So the child I support is a fake, sending me fake pictures and fake letters and fake little gifts and fake school reports for over 8 yrs. You think that they should be allowed to keep popping out babies for everyone else to support. good for the senseless and the greedy, BTW fix home first.

may the almighty God have mercy on your dark soul. @ForsythiaTheMariner ^^^^^^^

We believe that Childfund is responsible and accountable. I knew a family from many years ago that had 2 children they cared for. The catholic church won’t let them use condoms, or teach them about sex education…and none of them are educated…plus, they need more kids to help them gather water and food and work in fields.

They are one of the most fiscally responsible charities doing this type of work and have been for the last 72 years. All the stupid do gooders have done is contribute to the problem. Absolutely not.

Im sorry but just because a charity changes its name is not to say its a bad charity.

We need to get out of cf and send our money to the folks in Joppa USA who are living in sweltering tents right now.

a quarter of a billion dollars is raised to serve starving children and all thisfucking asshole mark clements can do is complain that they group is not jesus freaks.


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