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ASIAS began in 2007 and now has access to 185 data sources including voluntary provided safety data. Reports can be filed by anyone directly or indirectly involved in aviation, who uses aviation services or who makes safety-related observations in this field. The information and insights provided by FOQA can improve safety by significantly enhancing training effectiveness, operational procedures, maintenance and engineering procedures, and air traffic control procedures. This data-sharing program provides the FAA a more complete picture of what is occurring in the NAS.

Use every other appropriate opportunity like meetings with smaller employee groups to showcase lessons learned derived from your VRS. The aviation community has moved away from the “forensic” approach of making safety improvements based solely on accident investigations to a proactive strategy that incorporates a mix of actual flight data, data from other government agencies, and voluntarily submitted information from airline employees. One of many reporting programs, ASAP can be an integral component for an effective Safety Management System (SMS). What kind of occurrences can be reported? Forty-six U.S. operators currently have FAA-approved FOQA programs.

A related Confidential Information Sharing Program (CISP) integrates voluntary safety information self-reported by pilots and air traffic controllers. Airport Voluntary Reporting System (AVRS)AVRS enables ARP employees to report hazards, safety-related issues, concerns, and incidents through a process in which they can provide recommended solutions and ideas for safety mitigation or improvement. An operational interruption, defect, fault or other irregular circumstance that has or may have influenced the safety of an aircraft, its occupants or any other person. Aircraft Certification Service Pilot ProgramIn June 2015, the FAA, in partnership with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), launched an 18-month pilot program called the Safety Review Process (SRP), which is open to all bargaining-unit employees. that the report has been received). The ASRS collects, analyzes, and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports in order to lessen the likelihood of aviation accidents. Our experts will dis…, Airports may apply for grants through the FAA's Military Airport Program (MAP) by Dec. 17. So much about “anonymity”! So encourage reporting and as easy as possible reporting that includes sufficient actionable technical and, if applicable, human factors-related details. Mere “venting” or “complaining” might be cathartic but usually generates only limited organizational mileage. Our exp…, Read all about the event and listen to the audio of their conversation over at the FAA Blog, Cleared for Takeoff. And do not forget the aforementioned “single failure trap”! Similarly, credibility of the VRS throughout the organization at large is contingent upon received reporting being utilized in the interest of maximizing safety and not being misused for internal turf-battles or worse. Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA)FOQA collects and analyzes digital flight data generated during normal operations. know the identity for the purposes of clarifying any details or for providing notification Voluntary reporting programs have significantly contributed to the nation’s impressive commercial aviation safety record, including improvements to training as well as enhanced operational and maintenance procedures. We look forward to th…, Commercial space community: Register now at for next week's three-day FAA workshop! Our exp…, Read all about the event and listen to the audio of their conversation over at the FAA Blog, Cleared for Takeoff. Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)Established in 1997, the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) encourages air carrier and repair station employees to voluntarily report safety information that may be critical to identifying potential precursors to accidents. Aviation vendors will not be able to submit Use Reports to AIRS during this time. 104-264). Make sure that your VRS allows submission of truly anonymous reporting via securely encrypted online forms from any computer with internet access, email to a dedicated company email address, or even traditional snail-mail to a dedicated company post box address. The five steps outlined above can be a good starting point for setting up, achieving credibility for, and maximizing the returns from an effective company-internal VRS. The certificate holder, qualified fractional ownership program, notifies the FAA of the apparent violation immediately after detecting it and before the agency learns of it by other means.

Put in place transparent standard operating procedures for handling reported issues. SAFER – Federal Contract Towers (SAFER-FCT)The Federal Contract Towers (SAFER-FCT) Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is an agreement between the FAA, NATCA, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO), the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Inc. (PATCO Inc.) and the federal contract tower companies that foster a voluntary, cooperative and non-punitive environment for FAA Contract Air Traffic Controllers to openly report safety events and concerns. Adverse consequences to be avoided can range from basis disciplinary measures like letters of reprimand to negative implications for the reporting person’s career development and also include legal issues such as loss of employment. Surprisingly, some aviation businesses manage to get this wrong. T-SAP first became available to technical operations employees on October 2011. For example, one particular company runs an otherwise world-class safety management system that features an internal VRS. 05/15/19 - The External Aviation Portal, AIRS, will be down for extended maintenance from 3:00 pm (MT) Thursday, 5/16/2019 through 8:00 am (MT) Wednesday, 5/22/2019.

1200 New Jersey Ave, SE Washington, DC 20590 United States. The program allows the FAA to oversee and participate in the root-case analysis of the events leading to the violations.

Today, 147 operators have 437 programs covering pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, dispatchers and other groups. The program allows the FAA to oversee and participate in the root-cause analysis of the events leading to the violations. In addition, whilst the ability to learn from an accident is crucial, purely reactive systems have been found to be of limited use in continuing to bring forward improvements. Keep in mind that the value-added of a VRS tends to be highest in case of reporting that includes specific details sufficient for putting in place corrective and preventive measures. Immediate action, satisfactory to the FAA, is taken upon discovery to terminate the conduct that resulted in the apparent violation. Transparent and timely feedback regarding reported issues and related lessons learned tends to encourage future participation in VRS and enhances an organization’s safety culture at large. Under ASAP, safety issues are resolved through corrective action rather than through punishment or discipline. Second, there can be skepticism regarding the protection of anonymity or confidentiality and the degree to which an aviation business is committed to learning and enacting change based on VRS submissions. These programs provide greater insight into the total flight operations environment. However, where ASAP reports are not automatically accepted, the safety benefit is delayed, sometimes by weeks or longer, waiting for an Event Review Committee (ERC) to meet and review the reports. Developing and implementing a security-focused enhancement to ASAP would provide TSA and FAA with near real-time data that could be used to identify security risks to our aviation system and enhancements to mitigate those risks. Immediate action, satisfactory to the FAA, is taken upon discovery to terminate the conduct that resulted in the apparent violation. This data-sharing programprovides the FAA a more complete picture of what is occurring in the NAS. Learn more about the…, “The three years of information gathered under the drone IPP will be applied to a new initiative called BEYOND, whi…, RT @CTATech: Congrats to @FAANews, industry, government and local partners for a successful pilot program for drones. During this period, Vendors will be unable to access or create non-fleet aviation use reports., Thanks @CNNTravel for writing about this chance encounter between Ashleigh Goldberg, an air traffic controller at B…, In a new blog post, Jay Merkle, the FAA's Executive Director of UAS Integration, outlines the successes of the UAS…, This page was originally published at:


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