interinsurance exchange of the automobile club santa ana, ca phone number
I switched to this company due to lower rates they touted, but now this company has been creeping their rates upwards and I don't even drive that much. I have been up all night working on a package to basically clear my allegations of being at fault or saving AAA from having a loss claim. I switched my auto and home insurance to AAA thinking that they were a ethical and professional company. u Denotes Box 25448Santa Ana, CA 92799-5448December 29, 2014Policy Expiration - CAA 032406467Dear Ms. E,Thank you for notifying the California Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) that I no longer have auto insurance coverage with the Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club.The good news is I am maintaining my AAA membership, continuing my 36 plus years of good customer service experience.

Inspected the front wheel and saw rim had been gouged and the impact had misaligned the wheel.

Over a month now and after giving him my last $129, realizing the guy is not to going to be on my side and cancelling, still haven't received my refund. That's what I expected.This is not a normal business.After seeing all these negative reviews, a total of 1star overall, I see mine was no fluke.It's unanimous!They SUCK!Hard to put it any milder than that.Can't understand why they would set out to run a business like a 'C' moviIt is now  March 22 and I have received a refund of 52$ with an explanation that I've been cancelled because I did not bring my cars in to have them inspected. This company is absolutely crazy unorganized and does not know what the heck they are doing. Our homeowners insurance was inexplicably raised by $300 due to incorrect information they admit is their error yet they refuse to correct it! Administrative Office 3333 Fairview Road Mail Stop A357

I have been with AAA for almost 30 years. Every time I pay them...they cancel my insurance.Every 6 months I pay my auto premium on time via electronic check.

AAA would not authorize the necessary parts to do a complete repair. Here starts the runaround. Making me do the most work, provide all the information, attitude for me mentioning to wait after elections for this involvement with repairs or retails received with discuss from the people whom have never did a thing for me over the last ten years! They did not.Also, this form would have locked me into autopay .During this process, I sent in a $129 payment.After deciding not to buy the insurance from this guy, I asked him to refund my money. Can you believe that?Like I drive less than 100 miles a month.

Lately I helped an elderly person who has been with AAA for decades in relation to an auto claim. They said that my son was at fault despite having zero physical evidence, not even a photo of the damage to the truck. The cancellation was sent out the same date as the cancellation and I received it with an attached check THREE DAYS later meaning that I did have coverage for three days. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Never at fault, but claims making me feel worse. I've had AAA auto insurance for 20 years and more recently AAA homeowners insurance. A.M. Best Places the Rating of the Automobile Club of Missouri Group Under Review With Positive Implications. My Mom had State Farm for a very long time.


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