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One girl in her twenties who has 'gone straight' cheerfully says it will only take her six more years to clear her debt and then she will be 'free'.

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Title: Of course it is also pure accident that Lehmann Brothers got nothing and was allowed to collapse. A recent law was passed that now forces credit card companies to show the effects of interest/paying the minimum payment has on your ability to actually pay off your debt. The theme is that debt, in the form of credit addiction, has now largely taken the place of God in America, and Debt is indeed a wrathful god! The film indirectly predicted the financial collapse of 2008 two years before it happened, so it is an extremely important historical document which lays bare what was happening, and hints at what was about to happen, and did. This is a sick, rotten, and wholly unsustainable situation, of course. But yes I agree, well done! I agree slightly, but also feel it’s an inability to adapt and a connection to a standard of living that isn’t realistic that’s causing many Americans to go into debt. The man describes the process: you take a house worth $400,000, give a loan against it of $800,000 which you know can never be repaid, then incorporate that bad loan in something complicated called 'securitisation' and sell it to a sucker.

Using Personal Financial Ratios To Measure Your Progress. haha, they’re all gone now and I ain’t getting any more. The film then goes on to explain how all the politicians in Washington depend upon the banks and financial institutions for their campaign money so refuse to do anything to stop this credit mania which is destroying the country. I finally paid all mine off and then had to pay off my partners! Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. As a nation we have lots of credit card debt, it’s causing lots of people to go bankrupt, and credit cards are evil, seem to be the overall notion of the film. There was almost no mention of personal responsibility from the consumer and acknowledgment of the fact that the credit card companies are not forcing you to use their product. Debt is a financial instrument and can be used to build wealth or to stay poor.

But will she?

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. I have gone through multiple nightmares with credit cards.

Was this review helpful to you? Just a few decades ago, owing more money than you had in … I would only recommend watching “In Debt We Trust” if you’re unfamiliar with the current credit card situation in America. Yeah, that $50 item you charged will cost you MUCH more if you make the minimum payments.

If your name is Goldman or it is Sachs? Danny interviews quite a few folks in the movie that are suffering from credit card debt. However, the one thing that’s repetitive through the film was that the credit cards are 100% the bad guys. Dave Ramsey had a quick cameo on it. I agree with all of the points you make here, usually I read blogs like this and feel the need to argue my own point!

She notes that decrease in real wage, increase in real costs, and lagging public policy are the issue for increasing debt. What does Schechter call the democratization of credit, Americans are kept alive by all the money we borrow, why was the American Revolution, in part, about breaking enslavement to financial debt, because the american colonists were in debt to European banks, What is Robert Manning's response to a question about whether or not students should have credit cards, that every student should get one, but if the parents won't co-sign and they don't have an independent income it should be capped at $500, What does Manning critique about Barbie dolls, with credit cards pitchmen outside his lecture, Manning knows he's fighting an uphill battle against, 158 million cardholders worldwide hold an average of how many credit cards per person, What gives credit card corporations their power over us, our negligence, indifference and ignorance, When the film says that credit card companies determine your credit score by using a "proprietary formula" what is meant by proprietary, According to Hofstra University Law Professor Robert Silverman, the complicated, multiple-page agreements that come in the mail with credit cards are an example of what, Former credit card executive Steve Barnett calls the MasterCard priceless campaign brilliant, because it says credit cards do what, its a way to support your values and deepest beliefs, What percentage of our economy is based on consumption, our high rates of consumption lead to what "petrifying paradox", if we cut back, then the US economy will collapse, what is each Americans share of the national debt, How much does our debt increase every day, Tamara Draut, of Demos Think Tank, says that debt us a symptom of what larger economic and structural issues, According to financial historian Michael Hudson, the new economic conflict in our society is not between classes, or employers and employees, but between whom, Credit and debt are transforming our industrial economy into an economy based on what, why is it dangerous that property has become to be seen as the only way to build wealth, because the gap between haves and have nots is deepening, What phenomenon explains why far fewer Americans now pay off their mortgages than in the past, Why does bankruptcy attorney Charles Juntikka call banks evil, Because banks are making 54% net profit off of the poor, What did the bankruptcy reform law signed by Bush do, Makes it harder to erase debt by declaring personal bankruptcy, How did the bankruptcy reform law signed by Bush just weeks before Hurricane Katrina affect victims of the disaster, it specifically ruled out floods as grounds for bankruptcy, Who are the two largest contributors to political campaigns in america, financial institutions and large real estate developers, What is the leading profit engine of the banking industry, What sort of financial institution are you more likely to find in poor neighborhoods than traditional banks, check cashing stores and tax rebate joints, what does the rent-to-own phenomenon involve, interests rates make it cost more to rent, Over the past 20 years, what have banks discovered about poor people when it comes to debt, "the poor are honest" the poorer you are the more likely you're going to repay your debt, What have the banks that issued homeowners their original mortgages been doing with these mortgages over the past few years, they're selling the mortgages into a secondary market, what did the New York Daily News report about the finances of troops coming back from Iraq, more than 100,000 US troops are saddled with long-term debt, why does the film say in the end, that we are now in "terra incognito", because we never before experienced this level of debt in our country. “Oh, you only make $20k a year? However, if you’re already fairly seasoned at personal finance you won’t find anything shocking about anything said in the film. • Answers will vary, especially since this is early in the film. Just a few decades ago, owing more money than you had in your bank account was the exception, not the rule. Hank Paulson must therefore be some kind of hero, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by Planting Dollars. View production, box office, & company info, [DVD Review] Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, EDUCATION - documantaries as argumentation, Little sleep makes you paranoid - the insomniacs guide to financial conspiracies, big business going bad and a few feel good stories. I see his point and believe that we should, as a nation decrease our spending substantially otherwise bear the burden of eroding our wealth.

They include college students and families alike. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. A man interviewed in the film describes and criticizes those strange inventions of financial fraudsters known as 'securitisations'. Probably no one seeing the film at the time knew what he was talking about, but we all know now. use your debit card Perhaps they don't know what those words mean. Another good one is Maxed Out. =-. The questions is how you use it to your advantage. We have a lot of credit card debt in America. The crash we have had so far is nothing compared to what must be coming. There were several issues that were brought up the documentary which still remain prevalent today such as…. That’s why I liked the advice of one of the speakers in the film who said this about students and credit cards. There were also some clever jingles, knocks on the credit card companies, and lines such as: “there’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s 29% interest.”. So the crooks won and will never be punished. The film was made on a very low budget by an investigative journalist called Danny Schechter, and its production values are not of the highest. He must work for a credit card company! Indeed, the intention to attach lifelong debt to every human being on the planet is well underway. The film criticises the national debt for being out of control, but it is now five years later and it is still rising insanely. However, the shrinking middle class and amount of people facing economic uncertainty pours more salt onto the wound. This would be difficult if you’re going to be purchasing anything online or if you want to book airline tickets.

Living in Honolulu for Less than $1000 a Month. I’ve wanted to see this. Now, they are just given away. (2006). Last night I watched a documentary about credit cards and debt that was produced in 2005 known as “In debt we trust.” The documentary was free to watch on hulu and spent about an hour and a half discussing what credit cards were, the corruption of the system, and the problems we face with debt as a nation. Is Building Shipping Container Homes a Cheaper Alternative.

Many horrifying examples and case histories are given. View Notes - In_Debt_We_Trust_Video_Questions from BUSINESS Economics at Shawnee High School, Medford. Ok, here’s $500,000 approval letter for the home of your dreams.” And people have no idea what credit cards are all about. Where would you even go to purchase airline tickets for cash?


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