illyrian language words
Old Irish "damnaid" "he binds, breaks a horse", "dam" "ox", Eng "tame", dialectal Germ "Zamer" "ox not under the yoke", Alb "dem" "young bull", Lat "domāre" "to tame", "domitor" "tamer", Gk "dámnēmi" "to break in", "dámalos" "calf", Skt "dāmyáti "he is tame; he tames"*"Loúgeon". ..."]. Alb "mëz, mâz" "poney", Thrac "Mezēnai" "divine horseman", Mess Iuppiter "Menzanas" (divinity)*"mantía" "bramblebush"; cf. Some additional words have been extracted by linguists from toponyms, hydronyms, anthroponyms, etc. : *"Agruvium" "along the coast between Risinum and Butua": IE *aĝr; cf.

Persian "zôpîn", Arm "səvīn" "a spit". ...including altars dedicated by chiefs of the Japodes at the shrine of Bindus Neptunus at a spring near Bihaé (see figure 30).17 The first reported contact between Japodes and Romans occurred in 171...] [Wilkes. Rather than constituting evidence for the ..."] [;layout=;query=toc;loc=cu%2Flon Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott] [Wilkes, J. J. Alb "lag" "to wet, soak, bathe, wash" (< PA *"lauga"), "lëgatë" "pool" (< PA *"leugatâ"), "lakshte" "dew" (< PA *"laugista"); further akin to Lith "liűgas" "marsh", OSl "luža" "pool", Thracian "Lýginos" "river name" [Strabo 7.43, "élos loúgeon kaloúmenon"] *stagnus "Morsianus" "marshlands in Pannonia": IE *merĝ; cf. *Thana ("Θανατός", death). Anzotica was the Liburnian Venus and appears in the traditional image of the classical goddess.] "višāpa" "having poisonous juices", Arm "ham", Greek "apalós" "tender, delicate", Old Church Slavonic "sveptǔ" "bee's honey"*"sibina" (Lat. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 79,"... Four names are accepted as definitely Celtic: Nantia, Nonntio, Poia and Sicu. Invading Celts who settled on lands occupied by Illyrians brought the Illyrians into contact with the Celtic languages. ..."], *Agirrus *Ballaios *Bardyllis*Bato*Bircenna *Blodus, Bledis *Boria,Bora *Daors*Dazas*Ditus *Genthena *Gentius*Glavus*Grabos *Laiscus*Messor *Monunius *Mytilus *Pladomenus (from an inscription at Dyrrhacium)*Plare(n)s*Posantio*Pravaius *Scenobardos*Scerdis*Skerdilaidas*Tatta *Temus *Teuda*Teuta,Teutana means "Queen" in Illyrian*Titus,name of the river Krka*Vendes*Verzo*Zanatis *Ziraeus, The following Illyrian names, most of which occur in inscriptions from the upper Neretva river valley near Konjic in Bosnia, are considered to derive from Celtic [Wilkes, J. J. *Glaukias ("Γλαυκός", gleaming, gleaming man). The last category has proven particularly contentious. [Wilkes, J. J. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. The Illyrian or Greco Illyrian type helmet is an archaeological term that describes a style of bronze helmet, which in its later variations covered the entire head and neck,… …   Wikipedia, Languages of Vojvodina — Languages spoken in the Serbian province of Vojvodina include South Slavic languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bunjevac, Šokac, Macedonian, Slovenian, Bulgarian), West Slavic languages (Slovak, Rusyn, Czech), East Slavic languages (Ukrainian, Russian) …   Wikipedia, Illyrian — [i lir′ē ən] adj. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 84,"... Apart from some names of Thracian origin, Bessus and Teres, and some Celtic names, Arvus, Belzeius, Cambrius, laritus, Lautus, Madussa and Argurianus (either Thracian or Celtic), the only name of south Illyrian origin is Plares.

"The Cambridge Ancient History", vol. Latin "anguis", Old High Germ "unc", Lith "angìs", Gk "óchis" "snake", "echis" "viper", Toch "auk" "snake", Arm "auj", Russ "už", Skt "áhis", Av "aži"*"bagaron", "warm"; cf. A subset of these languages are notable for forming a well studied… …   Wikipedia, Illyrian — noun Date: 1549 1. a native or inhabitant of ancient Illyria 2. the poorly attested Indo European languages of the Illyrians see Indo European languages table • Illyrian adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary, Illyrian — 1. adjective of or pertaining to Illyria, Illyrians or the Illyrian language 2. noun a) an inhabitant of ancient Illyria b) extinct Indo European language or languages spoken at the North West Balkans …   Wiktionary, Illyrian — noun 1》 a native or inhabitant of Illyria, an ancient region on the east coast of the Adriatic. *Ceraunii, tribal exonym ("Κεραυνιοί", Thunderbolt-men). The Illyrian town Rhizon (Risinium) on the Gulf of Kotor had its protective deity Medaurus...] [Wilkes. Mellito has a Greek and Celtic element, while the Celtic associations of Ammida, Matera and Seneca remain questionable. Old Alb "ren", mod. Because of the uncertainty [Wilkes, J. J. Thracians and Paionians also occupied lands populated by Illyrians, bringing Illyrians into contact with the Thracian language and Paionian language. *Plator ("Πλατών", wide man). ), "flute case", a word found in Aristophanes' "Thesmophoriazusai"; the word appears in the context of a barbarian speaking. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075, Page 217:"...Ceraunii whose name deriving from the Greek for `thunderbolt' links them with high mountains, ] [Wilkes, J. J. A votive inscription on a ring found near Shkodër which was initially interpreted as Illyrian was shown to actually be Byzantine Greek [] . *Wilkes, John, "The Illyrians". ...dominant Illyrian deity and some were evidently worshipped only in particular regions. *Mellito (Greek & Celtic) ("Μελλιτόεις", like honey). Lith "tauta" "people", German "Deutsch" "German", Old English "theod" "people", Old Irish "tuath" "clan", Umbrian "tota" "people", Oscan "touto" "city", Hittite "tuzzi" "army"*"Tómaros", Tomorr mountain; cf. ): "a hunting spear", generally, "a spear", "pike"; an Illyrian word according to Festius, citing Ennius; is compared to "συβηνη" (Gk. The Illyrian languages are part of the Indo-European language family. Cf. A number of scholars believe the modern Albanian language to be descended from Illyrian. Eng "tree", Albanian "dru" "wood", Old Church Slavonic "drĕvo" "tree", Welsh "derw" "oak", Gk "dóry" "wood, spear", "drýs" "oak, tree", Lith "derva" "pine wood", Hittite "taru" "tree, wood', Thracian "taru" "spear", Skt "dru" "tree, wood", "daru" "wood, log"*"Dizēros", An"dízētes": IE *digh; cf. "sapere" "to taste", Skt "sabar" "sap, juice, nektar", Avest. Skt "nadas" "roarer"*"Oseriates", "lakes"; akin to Old Church Slavonic "ozero" (Serb-Croat "jezero"), Latvian "ezers", OPruss "assaran", Gk "Akérōn" "river in the underworld"*"Pelso" (Latin authors referred to modern Lake Balaton as "lacus Pelso", "Pelso" being a hydronym from the local inhabitants), "Pelso" apparently meant "deep": IE *pels; cf. The Illyrian languages are a group of Indo-European languages that were spoken in the western part of the Balkans [If the Messapian language was close enough to the Illyrian languages to be considered an Illyrian language, then Illyrian would also have been spoken in southern Italy.] The Illyrian languages are a group of Indo-European languages that were spoken in the western part of the Balkans [If the Messapian language was close enough to the Illyrian languages to be considered an Illyrian language, then Illyrian would also have been spoken in southern Italy.] "Linguistic problems of the Balkan area in the late prehistoric and early classical periods". *Crossland, R. A. ...Armatus at Delminium (Duvno) who was evidently a war god of the Delmatae, and the Latin Liber who appears with the...], *Eia*Malesocus*Boria*Iria*Anzotica*Latra*Sentona *Ica*Bindus*Vidasus*Thana*Thetis*Medaurus*Armatus. 3, 2nd ed. Boardman, Edwards, Hammond and Sollberger. ); "σιβυνη" (Gk. Strabo in his Geography mentions "a marsh called Lougeon" (which has been identified as Lake Cerknica in Slovenia) by the locals ( Illyrian and Celtic tribes), "Lougeon" being Strabo's rendition of the local toponym into Greek. ), "sybina" (Lat. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,Page 67,"Illyrians Illyrian language' Though almost nothing of it survives, except for names, the Illyrian language has figured prominently ...""] , most sources provisionally place Illyrian on its own branch of Indo-European, though its relation to other languages, ancient and modern, continues to be studied. The names occur in sources that range over more than a millennium, including numismatic evidence, as well as posited original forms of placenames (Krahe 1955). ), "sibyna" (Lat. languagename=Illyrian familycolor=Indo-Europeanstates=Once Illyria and some lands adjacentregion=Western Balkansextinct=It is disputed whether the Illyrian languages can be considered extinct. The Illyrian languages are often considered to be Centum dialects [A Grammar of Modern Indo-European by Carlos Quiles,ISBN 8461176391,2007,page 77,"The Illyrian languages are generally but not unanimously reckoned as centum dialects"] . It is an Indo-European language. Old Irish "folc" "heavy rain, wet weather", Welsh "golchi" "to wash", obsolete Eng "welkin" "cloud", Old High Germ "welk" "moist", Old Church Slavonic "vlaga" "moisture, plant juice", "vǔlgǔkǔ" "wet", The following names derive from Illyrian or are not yet connected with another language. OSl "bĕžati" "to flee, run", Lith "bé(.

Alb "re, rê" "cloud"* "sabaia", "sabaium", "sabaius", "a type of beer"; akin to Eng "sap", Lat. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. in former times by groups identified as Illyrians: Delmatae, Pannoni, Illyrians, Autariates, Taulanti (see List of Illyrian tribes). The Romans conquered all the lands in which Illyrian was spoken, and it is quite possible that Illyrian faded early in the Common era, perhaps even before the Slavic invasion of the Balkans. ), "ζιβυνη" (Gk. Long before she was ever an esteemed member of the Night Court's Inner Circle, she was a young daughter of an Illyrian commander. A grouping of Illyrian with the Messapian language has been proposed for about a century, but remains an unproven hypothesis. Those who favor the extinction scenario estimate that the Illyrian languages went extinct about the 6th century ADiso2=ine|iso3=xil. *Enchelei, tribal exonym ("Εγχελείς", Eel-men). When the French victory in 1809 compelled Austria to cede part of its southern Slav lands to France, Napoleon combined Carniola, West Carinthia, Görz, Istria, and parts of Croatia, Dalmatia, and Ragusa …   Universalium, Languages of the Balkans — This is a list of languages spoken in the Balkans. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 79,"... Four names are accepted as definitely Celtic: Nantia, Nonntio, Poia and Sicu. ..."], *Arvus*Belzeius*Cambrius*laritus*Lautus*Argurianus(Thracian or Celtic)*Ammida(questionable associations)*Matera(questionable associations)*Seneca(questionable associations)*Mellito(Greek & Celtic)*Nantia*Nonntio*Laca *Madusa*Matisa*Nindia*Poia*Sicu*Aioia*Andetia*Baeta*Bidna*Catta*Dussona*Boio*Bricussa*Iacus*Mallaius *Mascelio*Kabaletus*Litus*Nantanius*Sarnus*Sinus*Sisimbrius*Vepus, The following names derive from Thracian [Wilkes, J. J. Life and Death among Illyrians 247 identities of Silvanus and Diana, a familiar combination on many dedications in the territory of the Delmatae.] *"brisa", "husk of grapes"; cf. A further important matter for Illyrian linguistic studies is the question wether the language of the Messapian inscriptions, or that of the Venetic, should be regarded as an Illyrian dialect or language, and whether either of them should be used in reconstructing Common Illyrian. The number of Illyrian names in that area, Genthena, Tatta, Dasius and Thana is small compared with the Celtic: Aioia, Andetia, Baeta, Bidna, Catta, Dussona, ..."] [Wilkes, J. J.


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