hungarian proof marks

K = Kriegsschule X [crossed cannons, underscored unit #] = Feldhaubitsregiment GeR = Genie Regiment FHR = Feldhaubitzenregiment ZLm = ZLb = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Lemberg This causes many contradictions. 'PAB' = Punitra Voina Societate Anonima Brasov, Romania BH = Bosnich-Herzegowinisches Infanterie Regiment 'S.W.' 'MO' = Lőszer és Gyújtógyár, Magyaróvár, Hungary 'MD' 1 through 5 = Monturdepot (Uniform Depot) - on ammo pouch, uniforms (Depot 2 was in Budapest) 'BGB' = Bruder Gottlieg und Brauehbar, Brunn (Brno), helmets GSchR = Gebirgsschutzenregiment SAR = Selbständiges ArtillerieRegiment FHD = Feldhaubitzdivision 'DVF' = (Cyrillic A,B,Phi) Darzhavna Voenna Fabrika (State Military Factory, Bulgaria), repaired guns mark

IB = Infanteriekadettenschule Budapest AK = Artillerie Kadettenschule

Tula proof mark prior to 1971. Proof marks are stamps applied to various parts of a weapon during and after manufacture to show that the weapon is safe for use with the ammunition for which it was designed. 'M' in arc = Ceskoslovenske Municne a Kovorobne Zavody, Povazska Bystrica, 1931-34

RTTKSCH = Reitende Tiroler Kaiserschützen LGKNO = Landes Gendarmerie Kommando NiederOsterreich

'LWMD' = Landwehrmonturdepot (Wien) 'Hv [eagle] 32' = Heeresverwaltung (Army Administration), Austrian Army acceptance proof mark 1929-38 Picture J = Feldjaeger Bataillon JR = KaiserJager Regiment, also Tirolerkaiserjaeger Regiment ABT = Abteilung The original Belgian markings (such as the 'ELG in the oval') are visible on the outside edges of the barrel flats. GBrSt = Militarabteilung der k.k. Found on Hungarian guns mfg'd 1930-53 'M' in circle = Ceskoslovenske Municne a Kovorobne Zavody, Povazska Bystrica, 1929-31

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'E' Lion date = Czech acceptance mark 1923-38 (replaced the earlier 'S' Lion District markings GMA = GebirgsMachinengewehrAbteilung In these cases, the proof mark could prove to be the only method of accurately dating a weapon. 'FP' = Franz Pfannl Waffen und Patronenfabrik, Krems FJBR = Feldjägerbataillon zu Rad X [crossed cannons, boxed unit #] = Reitends Artilleriedivision Final proof. Proof house impressed on all firearms, Voluntary superior smokeless powder proof, Supplementary mark for arms delivery condition, Toyo Kogyo on rifles Tokyo Juki Kogyo on rifles Tokyo Juki Kogyo on rifles Howa Jyuko on rifles, 1870-1935 1935-1945 1923-1945 1923-1945 1931-1945, Kure arsenal on handguns 1940-1945 Maisuru arsenal on handguns 1940-45. H-1081 Budapest, Privacy Policy

If there is another number in front of the Weapon Number, it is a Kompanie Number = Landstrum (Ready Reserve) Bataillon, on M95 rifle ZKs = ZKsch = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Kassa (Kosice)


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