how to replace forward slash in java
"; var str_esc = escape(str); document.write(str_esc + "
") document.write(unescape(str_esc))​. You see, "\\/" (as I'm sure you know) means the  A regular expression is used to replace all the forward slashes. Press button, unescape slashes. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 1 month ago. For a global replacement, or if you prefer  First of all, that's a forward slash. As the character we want to remove is a special case you have to escape it using a backslash, otherwise the code will read the double forward slash as a comment and so stop.

The function should return a new string with all the backward slashes replaced with forward slashes. Forward slash in Java Regex, The problem is actually that you need to double-escape backslashes in the replacement string. To replace before first forward slash, use replace() along with regular expressions. Just paste your backslash-escaped text in the form below, press Strip Slashes button, and all backslashes get unescaped. I think the // is interpreted as the start of a comment in spite of the escape character. The important point you need to note is that a single \\ is substituted as single backslash i.e. What is the difference between String s1 = "Hello" and String s1= new String("Hello") in java? World's simplest online string and text slash remover tool. In the regex-part you can insert all of the special character you want to remove. The regular expression /\(. To escape them, put a backslash (\) in front of it. I think the second / terminates the regular expression in spite of the escape character. How to remove backslash escaping from a javascript var?, #replace function: var x = "
"; x = x. replace(/\\"/g, '"'); document. The other day I was working on some Java code and I needed to split a string by backslash. So in total you will have \\/ for the slash. Regex / Remove slash from string in ruby, string.gsub(/\/|\\/,"") will remove both slashes, but as Niklas B points out, you are better using string replace. In Java, how can I replace a forward slash in a string with a , First, you get your vocabulary wrong. How to replace before first forward slash - JavaScript? How to create a "card" with CSS? In the example I need to split a string containing a document path. I can't figure out why the following code doesn't behave as expected "Hello/You/There".replaceAll("/", "\\/"); How to handle missing categorical data in python, Copyright ©document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); All Rights Reserved. You see, "\\/" (as I'm sure you know) means the A regular expression is used to replace all the forward slashes. You can just replace like this, var someString = "23/03/2012"; someString. How do I remove backslashes from a JSON string?, As the character we want to remove is a special case you have to escape it using a backslash, otherwise the code will read the double forward slash as a comment and so stop processing the line. Sometimes logical solutions can be unintuitive. replace forward slash with double slash, at Removing backslashes from strings in javascript, Try: string. To remove backslashes use: JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES. How to create a "coupon" with CSS? Let’s say the following is our string with forward slash −. JavaScript regex - How to replace special characters?

How to remove forward and backward slashes from string in javascript, You can just replace \/ or ( | ) \\ to remove all occurrences: var str = "//hcandna\\" console.log( str.replace(/\\|\//g,'') );. How to match the forward slash using regex, You need to escape the special character / by using \ .

/\//ig; // Matches /. Let’s say the following is our string − const str = 'Th/s str/ng /conta/ns some/ forward slas/hes'; However, if there are multiple, I would use str = str.substring(0, str.indexOf("test_)" + str.substring(str.indexOf("test_") + 5, str.length); I know this is an old post but, if anyone comes across it, might help at least one person out there somewhere. JavaScript String substring() Method: This method gets the characters from a string, between two  In Javascript, there is no remove function for string, but there is substr function. How will you implement a logic which will enable the cursor to read data in both forward and backward direction? How to remove portion of a string after certain character in JavaScript, Return value: Returns a new array, having the splitted items. Finally, the g means apply the replacement globally to the string so that all instances of the substring are replaced. Much more can read here). How to extract string before slash from a vector in R? Matching a Forward Slash with a regex, I don't have much experience with JavaScript but i'm trying to create a tag system which, instead of using @ or # , would use / . When I try to remove it in ruby, it considers the quote after the backslash as an escape character. And no, you can't have any in regexes unless you escape them. You do so by escaping the escape symbol with \\ . Pending status started at 11/03/2019 11:32 User: XY_Z moj/f112 Reason: Linked to Major/P1 Ticket In the above scenario I want to remove the forward slash (/) in moj/f112 and Major/P1 but not in the date i.e 11/03/2019.


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