how to make a paper sphere
Margin. If you desire to make it harder and perfect it a little bit the edges you could do this: Glue Flap Size. Hope you liked it!!! If you’d like to try my Mathematica code for this, you can import this text file into Mathematica. Did you make this project? Page Size. There you will find paper templates to make globes and you could even find a template to make a dodecahedral globe should you so wish. Draw an equilateral triangle with 5 cm (2 inch) sides on the construction paper with the compass. *: Hello, Today I will be showing you how to make a Paper Sphere!!! You can make a paper sphere from any type of stiff paper or cardboard, but construction paper works best as it is easy to cut and fold. Just make sure that the holes you punch are evenly placed from stack to stack. Here we want to go in the other direction. Output is always PDF and you must choose a paper-size.

mm cm inch. To keep track of your layers, it’s a good idea to use different types of paper for each layer. )First, you will grab a Index Card and make a circle not to big, not to small, just right!!! Go to a dollar store (discount type store), and buy yourself a beach ball that's 30"-40" in diameter. It would be difficult to make a paper Pokeball.

Here are the items you will need to make this Paper Sphere:1.Index Cards2.Scissors3.Crayons,colored pencils(optional)4.Pen or Pencil 5.Glue. Place the pointed tip of the compass in the exact centre of the triangle. This will prevent the balloon from rolling or slipping away. % of people told us that this article helped them. Use a protractor to ensure the angles are each 60 degrees. Expert. Now that we have the shape planned, we can take a panoramic image and project it down to the petaled surface. (sorry i don't know exactly how many, i was also working on another project simultaneously Spray Adhesive - Make sure it's compatible with foam. Varying sizes of paper spheres can also work well as part of a science project about the Platonic solids; this particular sphere is made up of twenty individual triangles and is sometimes called an icosahedron. Alternatively, you could just remove the end of the balloon.

I decided to alternate the directions of the petals to minimize paper waste (as well as cost).

The edges of the hexagons and pentagon must be side by side without any gap in between them. With the strips all in one stack, place a metal paper fastener into the lined-up holes at either end of the stack. The sides should not overlap. If you’re using decorative paper, remember to have the image face outward. Then, use a hole puncher to punch holes at both ends of each strip.

When assembled, together they create a sphere or a globe. Smaller strips will allow for a smoother surface. You’re probably familiar with the problem of turning a globe into a map of the world: you have to make a projection to translate the 3D globe into the 2D map. For best … Print out the template and trace onto chipboard so you have a sturdy pattern piece that can easily be traced over and over again. You will then grab the circle that you had just cut out & will take it and fold 2 sides in so that it makes a sharp point!After that you will take the bottom and fold it up!!! For example, one of my favorite projections is called the stereographic projection, which is employed here as in this “small world” effect reminiscent of Le Petit Prince, taken in my backyard. Use a protractor to ensure the angles are each 60 degrees. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Since it has been so successful now I’ll make possible to English speakers to learn the technique, one of many of course. If you want to hang your sphere, wrap the middle of a piece of thread around one of the metal fasteners.


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