how to install autumn aurora 2
Q: The texture of the arms doesn't change when wearing different suits. Where to hide? A: This mod requires strong GPU and a lot of RAM (at least 3GB). AMK: Autumn Edition combines two separate mods, AMK and Autumn Aurora, to offer a visually pleasing, improved Shadow of Chernobyl experience. Important note: The modification can be installed in two ways for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. A: Just re-install the AA2 2.1 and choose different settings. Algunos datos geoespaciales de este sitio web se obtienen de, There are some revised weather effects, and new sounds -- again, nothing that's going to hit you over the head or radically change the feel of the game, but you'll definitely notice improvements over the original and changes from some of the other mod packages out there. The exoskeleton mask is much too distracting for me and I'd like to change it to another one. Q: The installer displays 'missing files' error, Q: The game crashes while using Steam version, Q: The game crashes while using GoG version. Disappearing weapons when changing suits, ungrouped grenades, troubles with the tasks to bring unique weapons to name just a few. Anyone have a solution to this minor problem? Add that to the fact that It's been ages since I've played any "vanilla" version of the Stalker games, and having used various mods over the years like Complete, LURK, the Zone Reclamation Project, Oblivion Lost, Misery, and others, I have completely lost track of what was included in the original games, which mods add which weapons, animations, sounds, textures, features, bug fixes, and so on.

Only solution is disabling SweetFX. Still the same problem. If it doesn't help, reinstall the mod with non-ENP option. ..and.. New York, Does this come with this mod? There are spots to sleep, giving you the option to crank the clock ahead, if you're looking to run some daytime excursions and avoid the pitch blackness of night (I think this was part of vanilla Call of Pripyat). A: Not likely, but you can try to merge it. When have you ever run and noticed a bobbing effect like that? You have to do it TWICE (there are two sections). I tried deleting the SweetFX folder to no avail. Remember when offering advice, actually detail what you're talking about so people understand. Q: The game crashes while using GoG versionA: Go to the main folder of SHOC and then run the game through settings.exe Thanks to the stranger for the tip.Q: The game crashes on Windows 10A: Windows 10 lacks the full support for DX9, hence problems with running additional ENB and SweetFX libraries.


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