how to grind deer antlers
A forum community dedicated to router and woodworking professionals and enthusiasts. After this you can press it to desired shape. As it turns out, there isn't a forum on the internet specifically for this request - so I found my way here doing searches on bench grinders in general. After cutting the antler section to size, cut it in half lengthwise to form slabs. Emotional factors can also play a part in the deer antler shedding process. (photo courtesy of Joe Szilaski), 1: I enjoyed reading and learned a lot from your story (page 52, July BLADE®) on using elk antler on hidden-tang knives.

A deer’s antlers grow from an attachment section on its skull known as a pedicle. When positioning the antler into the vise, I use 10-ounce leather to line the vise jaws. I no longer need to find a piece that has the exact correct form for a project. So, we’ve explored how the antlers grow, but why do deer shed them later on? Antler growth starts at the tip and initially forms as a cartilage, which is later replaced by a bone-like tissue that is similar to a honeycomb. I left the press on for 48 hours. Reindeer antlers our one source of antlers however much more commonly used is the smaller breed of Red Deer. Because of their rapid growth rate, antlers may be a disadvantage because there is an enormous need for good nutrition in order for a buck to regrow them every year. Each time I hold one of these magnificent specimens, my mind wanders off to great childhood memories. From there, I mark with masking tape where each cut will be. Their prime health allows them to have stronger tissue and maintain a better physical condition causing a higher than normal antler to head stability. You mentioned in your article that elk antler can be very porous in the center. Try to buy a “seasoned” rack; otherwise, you will need to store it for a few years before use. Soak longer. The muscle is no longer tough enough to support the weight of the rack, and as a result, the antlers simply fall off. Building knives is becoming a passion with me. That is not butter. | Dudley, GA 31022 | 1-888-575-6132 • Anderson, SC, N1 Outdoors® Bowhunt Oh Yeah™ Bowhunting Tee, Just Pass’N Through™ Bowhunting Tee (Heather Brown), N1 Outdoors is an outdoors company and outdoor apparel brand providing hunting and fishing tips via our blog and instructional videos. If the material is very porous it can deform as you press it. Otis' sanding suggestion might work if you used one of the carbide Dura-Grit discs. Just like humans, deer experience social anxiety which may have a negative impact on their health condition and lead to earlier shedding. This came up about six months to a year ago when someone wanted ground deer antler to use as leavening for some special bread recipe. Tell us what region you're need resides and maybe we can help! New racks can grow anywhere from ten to thirty inches bigger every year and this allows bucks to also keep up with their increasing girth and weight as they mature. I know this is a tricky question, horn rather than antler, could it work?

Now I know, I don't have to go thru a thousand pieces to get that right curve.

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But until I saw this jig I had never thought of going the other way!!! All sorts of ways it can be done inexpensively, just gotta think about it. You don't have to use vinegar.

Other research studies on captive deer discovered that bucks often shed both horns three days apart of each other. Some scientists believe that the shedding process is necessary in order for bucks to replace broken or damaged antlers.

Vinegar is not good for the longevity of antler since it breaks down some of the stuff it's made of, just like how you can make an unbreakable wishbone by a vinegar soak.

It's easy! I was tasked with a changing and disposal of the sanding belt; we also closed the shop early that day - THE SMELL WAS HORRIBLE! Before answering your question, I would like to tell BLADE readers what to look for when buying elk antlers for handles. Make sure the glue has completely dried before applying another coat. Find one close and make it just right!!! Since the bone was round & the sawed ivory flat, to use the ivory as is I  would have had to grind the edges quite thin which I didn't  want to do which  led me to wanting to bend the ivory to the curvature of  the bone. I'm not sure what it will do to the disc or the moulinex. Mark the centerline using masking tape along the antler’s top, bottom and ends. JavaScript is disabled. He's in Cape Town. (I guess that rhino horn is a good material for straightening!

MacCrea, That is testimony of some some skill in hunting and crafting . I have some Pronghorn (similar to springbok for you in Africa) I may eventually try this on. When working with a more solid antler, by the time you grind your scales to the desired thickness and size, there will not be much porous section left to worry about—and that you can saturate with extra-thin Super Glue® in order to make it solid. Someday maybe....... Hey, send me a ticket to Samoa and we'll talk! The method I'm referring to is a vinegar soak. The antler is put in water to soak for 12-24 hours and then put in a put of boiling water for an hour or so. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases.

I heard of one fella who used a metal tub of clean sand, he would heat it till it reached around 225, soak the horns in the sand till it was pliable and sandwich it between two boards clamped together. I use a small precision drill block to check the angle of the antler in the vise.

I have been in the food industry for many years and I can’t see any way antlers ground in any of the suggested ways would meet food safety standards. Using green antler is not a good idea because the shrinkage will be much greater. The goal is to have the centerline positioned perfectly vertical for cutting. But it was lost to the hunters as it drowned in a lake, its skeleton preserved to our times. After the soak clamp in a vice overnight and allow it to start drying before removing from the vice.

So, now you know how they grow, but why do deer antlers eventually fall off? Peter, I have straightened antler before with great success. This will keep the testosterone level of a deer higher for a longer period of time, which may lengthen the amount of time a buck will keep its antlers. - Granny Weatherwax. For example, a healthier buck loses its antlers at a much later period compared to a weaker deer.

(Johnny C., address n/a). My only reservation is, Oryx horn being such a great an abundant handle material, and SA having so many knife makers.........somebody would've done it by now I'm sure. Funny how some ideas are right there in front of you and you can't see it! A harsh winter with a tons of snow can also cause stressed deer to shed racks earlier. Changing deer populations in a specific location may play a large part in later shedding.

This method does remove a lot of the nice natural colors in the antler. One of his responsibilities was monitoring the elk herds, and I saw many majestic bull elks, especially during full rut season. "Hunting, Fishing, The Outdoors... All N1". I tried the boiling method on whole stock and it cracked on me. Making sawdust by the sea in Massachusetts,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.


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