how to fix a digital clock that runs slow

. How do I adjust the time keeping? If it really is that old and has a battery, it probably has a balance wheel like a wind up watch. Thank you. If you didn't know the power had gone out, you wouldn't know that your clock was inaccurate! It's interesting that sliding the bob on a cuckoo clock actually speeds up and slows the time. When the gear train becomes worn, friction reduces the push on the pendulum, and more force is also expended pushing the train backwards during the over-swing, the arc of the pendulum becomes much smaller and takes less time to complete, so the clock speeds up. Take out your clock and carefully take away the lid of the battery chamber. belonged to my gradfather, but net time. Both of these issues are best adressed by a competent repair person. MY seth THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK HAS A BALANCE WHEEL AND IS RUNNING FAST IT PICKS UP ABOUT 30 MINUTES OVER NIGHT. Thanks in advance for any help given! Sometimes, there aren’t any external signs of damage. Thanks for your page, I have learned a lot! It was really hard to go through the times but I have tried again and again. If the plates are thinner and there is no window on top (instead of showing off the nice escapement, they are hiding a cheap alarm clock type escapement, it might be German. I’ve stripped down and cleaned the movement and re-oiled all the pivot holes. If you are near Mount Vernon, WA, please feel free to stop by my store. Adding weight to the pendulum will likely make the problem worse. tock). I have the nut adjusted to the very lowest position w/o falling off & it still gains about 30 minutes per 24 hours. Have you noticed one of your clocks shows the time creeping forward each day compared to other timepieces? Some escapements are “dead beat” escapements – even some cheap bent strap escapements that could be in a cuckoo clock. It doesn't turn very far which doesn't take as long so the clock speeds up. Fixing a clock that runs too fast can be as easy as turning a screw. If you can set the number of beats per minute, and if you know how many beats per minute your clock does, you are set. Be careful however, many do not. Best regards, It has very small wheel positioned below the 12. But then it'd probably be easier to build a clock that's slow from the start. That is a sign that the clock needs professional attention. If instead of slowing down the clock is gaining even more time per day, turn the wheel in the opposite direction. If so, grab a nail file and gently take away the rust from them. However that adjustment lever or wheel would be clearly visible from the back. . English carriage clocks are high quality, but very big. If your clock has major issues like internal damaging of the circuit than it is better to contact a professional for help. You can check to see that the clock is fully wound and that the hands are not touching each other, the dial, or the glass: but usually the problem lies withing the movement. I have been having trouble with my anniversary clock and I think it might be smart to take it in to get it repaired professionally to make sure I don't accidentally make it worse. It’s really irritating when you, again and again, change your clock because of having the wrong time and some of the clocks also irritate with its ticking sound. what to do if the clock runs fast when wind and then slows as it runs throughout the week? This is probably your problem. Some mechanical clocks (usually cuckoos) don't have an adjustment nut: the bob slides up and down the pendulum rod and is held in place by friction. Like now it is about 10 min on the hour off. Where do I find a small key to be able to do this. I've tried setting it to the extreme + and - and it still runs fast. I have a ship's clock (chronometer) by Wempe. But, how will you identify that? have another clock i'd like to get running. My mantle clock (family heirloom) seems to lose 15 minutes but then keeps (the wrong time) any idea why it would do that? However, from your discription I am going to guess that your clock was made by Ingraham. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Check the clock against a reliable timepiece several times during the day and adjust as needed. Hey Mike, I have a father chime clock my wonderful lady got for me. Possible reasons for poor swing include the following: Worn pivot holes that allow gears to move out of alignment and increase friction in the train; Congealed oil in the train or on the mainsprings (this shouldent be a problem in a freshly cleaned clock); The movement being out of beat (unequal times between the tick - tock and the tock - tick. Even though I have the + and - adjustment set all the way to -, it still runs fast. I'm now out of adjustment and out of ideas! If you feel it move a little bit, that may correct the problem. If you have any problems, it might be a good idea to find a clock repair services that have experience with the kind you have, such as the pendulum or balance wheel ones. Simply hold the bushing still with a wrench and turn the hand the distance needed so that when you put the hand back on the clock, the hand is pointing straight up at the 12. My clock is running fast/slow. How to Fix a Clock That Runs Slow Solve Quickly. Hello there, I have just bought a Rhythm 1960's-70's Japanese Space age pedestal clock in lovely condition but it's gained about 2 minutes in the last 3 hours now.

The F or S is too small for me to see.

Thanks. Sorry for the late reply. help? Something like a 4/5 divider would slow the clock down. I recomend the book "The 400-Day Repair Guide" by Charles Terwilliger. It is better to change batteries or cables every month.

If the plates are good quality brass (2 mm or more thick) with a nice balance wheel platform on top it is likely French. Your clock probably needs some professional care. However, if you see only dust, nail files are not required. Or does my clock need to be serviced? A thiner spring will allow the pendulum to turn more and run slower. Good luck! Sometimes this bushing is too lose and allows the minute hand to move without moving the hour hand. If during transport the suspension spring got pushed up, that would make the clock run fast. Look at the American Watchmaker's - Clockmaker's Institute website for their "Find a Professional" page. What can I do to get the time right? Simply, wipe off the dust with a piece of cloth or you can also try blowing them out. Welcome to my wordpress site. (I wound it two days ago and it is fast by about 40 minutes now, for example.) Be aware that the stated sizes of the keys and the size you measure on the arbor may be slightly different, so you may need to order more than one key to get one that fits.

My dad has been trying to figure out how to fix the time on our Grandfather Clock that has been with our family for generations. Pendulum is too short: It is entirely possible that you have the wrong pendulum.. Pendulums are easily switched when someone has several clocks in storage. You can try replacing the battery or also get it checked by a professional. Look for a small screw at the bottom tip of the pendulum. Set the time on your non-mechanical electric or battery-powered clock to match an accurate timepiece. If it sounds like the bird has laryngitis there might be a hole in the bellows that needs repair. Hermle stamps the number of beats per minute on the back of the clock movement right under the pendulum length (the number followed by cm). . Why does a clock run fast when it isn't getting enough power? What type of clock do you have?

Any way to identify this clock? My wife loves old wall clocks, and has a few that need to be repaired. The most likely problem is that there is dirt and/or wear in the time train. Want to bring a special ambient in your room? Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received. Worked ok prior but not it won't work. There are several ways clocks can count the hours, but a common strike system is called the “rack and snail”. Is there any sign of rust on the battery?


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