how to act like ticci toby

Jane and Kate The Chaser would stalk their soulmate to make sure they’re okay, but won’t show themselves.

Today I only have three friends with me, Mr.Teddy, which is a camouflage bear. 7) Say "Hey it's that weird twitchy dude!" Thankfully he has quick reflexes and caught his S/o’s wrist before they could injure him. Is it really a good idea to say that just because you have one of his mental illnesses or disabilities, or just happened to have been bullied, that you "have so much in common and relate to him on a personal level" when that same guy is MURDERING PEOPLE?!? He’d want you to freeze time or just pause time itself. Many questions flood his head and he’ll whine if you tell him to get out of your room. How about a soulmate au where when one gets hurt the other will feel it. “Yea, I’m not eating that.” I looked down at the bloody meat in front of me. Obviously, the pastas would pick up soon enough that Toby has been disappearing lately for hours before coming back to them. Kastoway, the creator of Ticci Toby actually had to make an account to tell you all how ridiculous you're being. “And where are you going to put all of this?” I asked, pointing to the gallons of paint buckets. - If they don’t find Jeff, they won’t give up and will continue to look for him. “So, if you snap your fingers like Thanos… will that person just drop dead? “Gotta get it if you wanna watch your terrible show.”. “Aye, (Y/n)! You should not want to relate to him. It can either go with a bad ending or a good ending. “Why aren’t the dishes taken care of yet? I was sitting in the middle of my room with the door closed. “I-I’m sorry,” Rouge slowly walked to her lover, only for them to back away. He loved them dearly, finally feeling happy once, but of course, Jeff just had to take that away from him. A poof of black smoke clouded my room, letting me know the clown left. I just wanna have a tea party with my friends!” I screamed, tears beginning to form in my eyes. “I love it, Puppet. Do you like my puppet I made?” I looked at the puppet in our hands, seeing that it looks just like me. 1) Make fun of his twitch.

You should not want to relate to him. Jeff and Masky would be the ones who would hate it the most. Have you accidently killed someone that you actually wanted to keep alive?”. Crawling inside his S/o house, he raised his hatchet above his head, trying to kill his S/o but something stopped him again. Part of a human body!” I threw my hands in the air, making Jack shake our head. - If Dark wakes up first before her lover, she’ll smile and push their hair out of their face. “You’d think you’d be used to this by now.” Jack chuckles, making me roll eyes.

“Come on, (Y/n)! Jack didn’t really do anything besides placing a string with a bell on his S/o’s doorway, so now he’ll know if his S/o is up, walking around. See if I care!” His s/o pointed to the door with tears rolling down their face. She’ll even cook breakfast for her S/o if they don’t wake up before her. “What a jerk.” I growled, feeling Toby taking control of my right arm. 6) Replace his waffles with frisbees! “Why did you do that? “What was that? Would you like some candy?” Jack extended his hand, showing many different types of coloured candies with some kind of red-coloured liquids on them. There’s nothing wrong with it. REQUIRED READING: On the subject of Ticci Toby. He’s a big brown bear my mom got for my birthday, he’s taller than me! I’m Laughing Jack. “Are you okay? If he posted his story on tumblr, everyone would rant about how offended they feel. I've met many people who went through just as many hardships as (if not more than) Ticci Toby, and turned out just fine (in comparison to a murderous child, anyway). “Not my fault I fell!” Rouge growled, placing her hands on her lovers shoulders before digging her claws in. Of course, their S/o doesn’t remember anything, so they’re confused on what the boys are talking about. !” Jack noticed his lover flinch and regrets ever yelling at them in the first place. Shes also deleted all hate comments

- When he found out you had powers, he’d be all up on you. “Do you think I can make it?” Hoodie face-palms, shaking his head.

Catching them in the kitchen, he’ll drag them back to bed before his S/o pins him against the wall. Sometimes, he’ll sneak into your room just to watch you, wanting to know what souls look like. Liu would cry himself to sleep every night, knowing he failed to protect the only person that loved him. Bored?” Sully smirks, nudging me in the ribs inside my head. I expected you to remember me!” Pain pierced my arms as Jack clenched my forearms with his claws, blood slowly rolling down my soft skin. “(Y/N)! And Kastoway is 100% right, if you're sad that a murderous psychopath is not real, something is wrong with you. What would Liu and Sully do if Jeff killed their S/O? His S/o was the only person he knew that didn’t judge him and felt sorry.

If you act like that, you need mental help, and possibly a good slap to the face for being a jerk who would be cruel to your "friends" for not believing in  an obviously fictional character from a creepypasta on the internet.

Hoodie. Rubbing his eyes, he’d go look for you until he realizes you’re working out. Hoodie’s s/o looks around at the mess of chips laid all around the floor before wiping away one tear that slipped out. Rouge stop!” They flinch at the pain and push away from Rouge, looking at the blood now colouring their shirt. He would have stalked them for awhile before making a move but when he saw his S/o, something told him not to do it. Fine! “A little bit. No one is making you watch it.” I glared at him inside my head, resting my hands on my hips. I was almost done with that!”. Like, do they need something? Masky: He’d be pretty confused. 3) Take his hatchets. Toby would usually dance when he’s in a good mood, so even though he’s not a good dancing, people seeing him dance doesn’t even cross his mind until he turns around and makes eye conact with them. “What’s the matter? Whether it’s hot or cold out, she’s gonna do it, unless her S/o says so. You won’t ever have to see me again!” Toby’s s/o grabs their towel before marching back to their car, wiping away the tears that now came pouring down.

Whose is the idiot one saying that Ticci Toby is real? By the time they got in the driveway, they seemed to feel a little exhausted. That is until they’ve been far into the relationship and she can trust them. One more round!” BEN whines, trying to take over control. “Go on, leave!”. The fact you guys think he's real is RIDICULOUS!!! You see where that gets you if you’re going to be throwing that around!” All of a sudden, Hoodie gets a burst of anger and throws a bag of chips at his s/o. Ciel Phantomhive is a character in the anime and manga series Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. “Thank you!”. Ticci Toby.

^^ I’m glad you love my work :). “Um… I haven’t really thought about that.” Helen smiles nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. Something else: talking about how much you relate to him. He just thought you were a new insane killer that Slender found wandering around in the woods.

Want to act like Ciel? “Fine, I’ll just take my things and leave! honetly i have been wanting to wright a creepypasta and if someone clames that they are real than I will react the same way.

Your request is acceptable here, don’t worry ^^, - When Toby first saw you, he didn’t think much about you. The Smiling Cat by Psychopasta The full moon seemed to go in separate ways as Terrance and Hailey drove down the pitch black street. So, there's still hope. “Why did I even bother moving in with you? When they find out that their soulmate isn’t one of the Creeps, they feel bad for accidentally hurting their soulmate and would leave them an anonymous gift as an apology. You’re nothing but a lazy human being that doesn’t want to GET ANYTHING DONE AROUND HERE!” Masky shouted in his lover’s face, making them flinch at his works and how close they were in general. Something else: talking about how much you relate to him. We both need it.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. (I know this is a fake question, but I don't care) That's like being upset that you'll never end up trapped in Silent Hill running from thousands of things that want to kill you or otherwise torture you, or upset that Jason from Friday the 13th will never try to kill you because he's not real. “AYE! He was very confused and pretended like nothing is wrong, knowing that Slender wouldn’t be pleased with him along with Masky & Hoodie pressuring him to kill his S/o if they found out that Toby didn’t want to. “Now stay still, don’t move or make a sound!” Rouge places a finger on her mask where her mouth should be.

“Oh come on, (Y/n). I think they're lizard people and that's why they don't get sarcasm. “There, one less jerk in this world.” I smiled, patting Toby on the shoulder in our head. “What powers do you have? “Fine” Sully snarls, crossing his arms before losing control of my left arm. “Come on! “I don’t care?! “Jack, it’s a fucking kidney! You’re going to break our leg!” I ignored Hoodie’s concern and jumped, making Hoodie slap me upside the head in our head. He might wake up when he notices you’re not next to him. The branch came so close to hitting Kate’s s/o that they flinched, scared of what Kate did. “Sleep!” I warned, closing my eyes and tried to sleep. Oh my gosh! I sighed, looking down at the dead body in front of me.

His S/o was worried, knowing someone broke into their house and would stay over at a friends house at night and come back to their house in the morning. Now stop!” I grabbed ahold of the stair railing, trying to pull myself up into our room as BEN was fighting me. “I hate you, Sully.” Getting a headache, I felt Liu pushing Sully away from being in control so he can push play on our show. “Jack no.” I warned, watching Jack give a little kid a piece of candy. (EJ + Proxies please and thank youso much!!~❤️). “Not right now, I’m trying to keep the flames going.” Kate continues to blow on the fire before her lover gets an idea. It’s not that bad!” Jack states, making us smile. “Can you pause time so I can go prank the others? Jack just ignores me, killing off the kid and stuffing them with candy. Ginger, who is the big teddy bear, and I have Snickers, which is a blue bunny. - Many of the female Creeps would kinda believe in the soulmate thing. Thank you! Growling, I took control of my right hand, trying to reach the remote that was in my left hand, Sully somehow took control of. Make sure you get your tetanus shot, first. I just want a normal life.” I state, feeling Jeff glare at me from inside of my head.

- If someone told him that his S/o has been found murdered, Liu would feel his world fall apart as he wishes to go see them. Jack apparently heard that too, making him look at my closed door behind me.

REQUIRED READING Ticci-Toby (real name: Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers) is a fictional Proxy of the Slender Man from the creepypasta of the same name written by Kastoway.


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