how often do cory catfish lay eggs

Before releasing them, cover your filter intake with a filter sponge. Thank you for writting such an informative blog. I find sterbai eggs about every 7-10 days. First time Cory owner here. Ive never had fish make me laugh so much. Please note that uneaten food is difficult to remove from the breeder net unless you very carefully remove it using a turkey baster, being careful you don’t siphon up any of the babies! But after loosing first 2 batches of babies cause they refused the fry powder I had to try something different. I moved them to a grow up tank with my tiny guppy fry. How often do i clean a 10 gallon fish tank with a filter? I have 7 Corydora Trilineatus and approximately every two weeks the females lay eggs, 10-20 pcs. I had 5 large tanks going at one time, but I am now down to one 120 gallon with only two fish, a female cichlid and my 18 year old Pleco. I’m assuming if you’re using a plastic leaf, it will tend to float - so you want the eggs in the water, not on top of the leaf. Jul 12, 2017 #2 TexasDomer Fishlore Legend. That’s what I do with my platy fry so 2-3x/day is what I will do. Not always from the same female though. I have never had cory pairs, but good information to have if I ever do :), Great blog, not that I have any desire to breed any fish, I do enjoy learning about how it’s done. Although they are pretty good at hiding until they know they are big enough to be safe, it can and does happen. Nope. Could be Nerite eggs, which are near impossible to remove and are not balls either. ( I think ). Methylene blue is a common fungicide. The 3 females are very large, the others are half that size. Good luck if you decide to raise them!

She will lay 2 to 10 eggs each time, but this can and does vary. There were six batches of 20+ eggs eggs following the magical cool water change. Thanks again will advice on how it goes. One question: just fed them Hakari first bites. ( I still try the powder every batch, i have all different ages in my nursery tank.) I had some of mine lay eggs under fake plant leaves also. I now have about 100 Cory babies. cory’s are by far my favorite fish. Here’s my question. Congratulations! Once the eggs are laid, the cory pair swim away and will go through the chasing and the T-formation again and again until the female has laid all of her eggs.

10 gallon grow up only half full.

(I’ll now go back and add this tid bit of info to the blog :), this was a very informative read, tyvm. Awesome blog momtoangel!Very thorough but informative!Can we get some more insight on what triggers them to spawn? i dont have any snails, just rainbows, pearl gourami, kissing gourami, columbian tetras, musk turtle, bolivian rams, geophagus (growing out). How many Eggs do Cory Catfish lay ! I have many young ones and the only ones that lay eggs are my adult pairs, bronze and peppered. I just fed them and her and two other cories are acting crazy active and just like they were before she laid her eggs earlier this week.


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