how much can you make in a week with postmates

Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information. In order to choose the delivery gig that can best help you meet your financial goals, you need to learn how much money a potential side hustle can bring in.

I liked being able to set my schedule to whatever I felt like. Uber Eats vs Postmates – What is Better to Make Money?

The average driver’s earnings on Postmates are almost on par with earnings on other popular food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. What Is Caviar Delivery And How Does It Work?

As a 1099 employee I run my own business. While both apps offer very flexible hours with some slight differences between the two, understanding how these apps differ in this area can help you pick the one that best fits your schedule, ensuring more working hours. Working downtown is hard. According to Indeed, the average pay for a Doordash delivery driver is $18.56 per hour, which isn’t bad at all. If your checking account doesn’t allow direct deposits (or if you simply want faster payment), you can make instant deposits for a fee of 50 cents. Doordash does not enjoy the reach that Postmates does at this time.

Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. There are two day-to-day challenges you can expect when delivering with this app. Oftentimes, especially in the evenings or on the weekends there are events that create a lot of traffic. Are there downsides to working for Postmates? The Postmates Fleet app is used by thousands of independent contractors across the United States. Weekly pays are processed on Sunday night for the week’s work and can take up to 3 business days to hit your account depending on your bank. After calculating gas and all the time that you spend waiting for rides, it ends up being a very small amount of money. It’s hard work and can definitely be exhausting at times, but I love it because I’m not forced into a job. Now that you know how much Postmates pays its couriers, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the platform is a good fit.

At this time, Postmates is available in more locations.

You can easily view the areas serviced by Doordash on their website. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in your area. Good for extra money. If you worked 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, this would add up to $37,120/year, or $3,093.33/month. The flexibility to work at your own pace makes Postmates a great money-making medium for anyone with free time (or the lack thereof, as they can work whenever time allows). After being approved by Postmates to work as a courier, you can begin accepting Postmate driver jobs right away using the Postmates Fleet App. Just like Postmates, Doordash also has a Guaranteed Minimum bonus in place. Can I turn Postmates delivery into a full-time job? Don’t get me wrong, I try to be nice and provide the best service possible, but if orders are proving difficult (which can happen quite frequently), I don’t stress about it. Payouts are available when needed another great perk. Once you open the app, orders will start coming through (subject to availability). Postmates is available nation-wide.

You have to figure out where to work, when to work, and how to work. Once you’ve accepted a request, tap on “Navigate” to determine the order location using your preferred navigation app, pick up the order, use your Postmates prepaid card to pay, then navigate to your drop off location. According to Indeed, delivery drivers for Postmates, on average, earn $50,371 per year (or $4,197 per month), making this a great source of substantial income. You can schedule future shifts to ensure a spot, Both services offer several bonus challenges to boost income, $50k/year on average, according to Indeed, $37k/year on average, according to Indeed, A per minute rate including any waiting time at the pickup location, A per-mile rate for distance driven between pick up and drop off locations, Have been working with Doordash for two weeks or more.

Simply head to the “Payout Information by Market” page on, select your state, and select your city. Luckily, the food delivery service is transparent regarding its pay structure. All Postmates couriers are independent contractors, which means that they’re responsible for paying their own expenses like car insurance and fuel, tax liabilities, and expenses associated with illness or injury. Some days are slow, some days are busy. Thinking about joining the Postmates Fleet?

We also recommend checking out our investigations into how much Uber and Lyft drivers make, so that you can decide if it would make sense for you to work for those services in addition to delivering for Postmates. In other low performing markets, it can be an option that you can mix with other providers. Postmates and DoorDash are both great delivery apps that offer drivers in the side gig economy a sustainable, flexible, and easy way to make money. 4. Ultimately, how much money you can make depends on what’s more popular in your area. You can also choose the Instant Deposit function to get paid right there and then. While other platforms base their fees on the size of the order, and not the distance, Postmates accounts for how far you travel to get the delivery done when determining your pay. 12 Best Delivery Apps and Jobs – What is Best to Work For? This comparison will help you decide which one of the two – Postmates or Doordash – is the best fit for you and your lifestyle, how much you’re looking to earn, and your other requirements. You’re not solving world hunger or landing airplanes — where people die if you make a mistake. If you live in a bigger city with a culture of tipping it might be better for you, but advertising that you can make 22$ an hour with postmates is so fradulent!!! Some orders will be prepaid while others you will have to pay for using the Doordash red card. Our Postmates driver review will not be complete without a comprehensive guide about how to use Postmate’s Fleet app. If you worked 40 hours per week, 50 weeks …

Once you accept a request through the Postmates Fleet app, you’ll receive instructions on what to do, where to go, and when you’ll pay the merchant using your very own Postmates prepaid card. The key is to figure out how to make these apps work in tandem to your advantage. I will have a Wednesday night that is unbelievably busy and then the next Wednesday is dead slow. It’s not that serious. Every time you log in, you’ll be matched with delivery requests from locals who are near you. You need to be 18 years or older and have a SSN (Social Security Number) that you’ll need to provide during the signup process.

As a Dasher, you will only be delivering meals from restaurants in your local area. This was 5 nights of working 5p-10p.

I still am in need of another income. I had perfected the art of living cheaply while I was in school, so while I had made 2x-3x that in my previous life, I wasn’t so snobbish as to scoff at $2500 a month given my situation. The problem is that I had used up the last of my financial aid finishing school. With more than half a million fleet members, Postmates has become one of the largest on-demand delivery companies in the United States. Just be patient, you will find something better out there. This can make your delivery side gig that much more profitable.


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