how many potential insider threat indicators does a person who is married with two

PII, PHI, and financial information is classified as what type of information? You are reviewing your employees annual self evaluation. The most obvious are: Employees that exhibit such behavior need to be closely monitored. Using all of these tools, you will be able to get truly impressive results when it comes to insider threat detection. What should you do if someone asks to use your government issued mobile device (phone/laptop..etc)? -After work hours, storing sensitive information in unlocked containers, desks, or cabinets if security is not present. Should you always label your removable media? Insider Threat Awareness Student Guide July 2013 Center for Development of Security Excellence Page 5 Major Categories All of these things might point towards a possible insider threat. Alerting and responding to suspicious events – Ekran allows for creating a rules-based alerting system using monitoring data.

Ekran System records video and audio of anything happening on a workstation. What should be your response? When a rule is broken, a security officer receives an alert with a link to an online video of the suspicious session. If classified information were released, which classification level would result in "Exceptionally grave damage to national security"? The following practices help prevent viruses and the downloading of malicious code except. What can you do to protect yourself against phishing? For example, most insiders do … What information should you avoid posting on social networking sites? Your best bet is to improve the cyber awareness of your employees with regard to cybersecurity best practices and put policies in place that will limit the possibility of devastating human errors and help mitigate damage in case of a mistake. Human Rights Awareness Education N-US649-HB, Chapter 16: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy Economics Practice Test Q&As, DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge Knowledge Answers, Microbiology and Sanitation Theory Practice Test, Single Process Permanent Color (for virgin hair), Permanent Single-Process Retouch with a Glaze. -Looking for "https" in the URL. -When using a public device with a card reader, only use your DoD CAC to access unclassified information, Thumb drives, memory sticks, and flash drives are examples of.

Which is NOT a way to protect removable media? Which of the following should you do immediately? A medium secure password has at least 15 characters and one of the following. This may not only mean that they’re working with government agents or companies in other nations but that they are more likely to take an opportunity to steal or compromise data when it presents itself. Which of the following definitions is true about disclosure of confidential information? When leaving your work area, what is the first thing you should do? Introduction. A coworker has asked if you want to download a programmer's game to play at work. Insiders can target a variety of assets depending on their motivation. All https sites are legitimate and there is no risk to entering your personal info online. New interest in learning another language?

How can you guard yourself against Identity theft?

This article will provide you with all the questions and answers for Cyber Awareness Challenge. One way to detect such an attack is to pay attention to various indicators of suspicious behavior. An employee may work for a competing company – or even government agency – and transfer them your sensitive data. But money isn’t the only way to coerce employees – even loyal ones – into industrial espionage. -Assuming open storage is always authorized in a secure facility, -Telework is only authorized for unclassified and confidential information, -Taking classified documents from your workspace. Which of the following is NOT considered sensitive information? Which of the following is an example of malicious code? Which of the following should be done to keep your home computer secure? There is also a big threat of inadvertent mistakes, which are most often committed by employees and subcontractors. Stopping insider threats isn’t easy. How many potential insider threat indicators is Bob displaying?-3. What should you do if someone forgets their access badge (physical access)? We believe espionage to be merely a thing of James Bond movies, but statistics tell us it’s actually a real threat. Before long she has also purchased shoes from several other websites. Spotting and Reporting PRI . Which of the following is NOT a home security best practice? Ask for information about the website, including the URL.

The email states your account has been compromised and you are invited to click on the link in order to reset your password. It is permissible to release unclassified information to the public prior to being cleared. -Directing you to a website that looks real. How are Trojan horses, worms, and malicious scripts spread?

(Correct). the unintentional insider threat ). What information most likely presents a security risk on your personal social networking profile? There are potential insider threat indicators that signal users are gathering valuable data without authorization: Such behavior patterns should be considered red flags and should be taken seriously. Which of the following is NOT one? Media containing Privacy Act information, PII, and PHI is not required to be labeled. Which of the following is NOT Government computer misuse? You are leaving the building where you work. UNCLASSIFIED is a designation to mark information that does not have potential to damage national security. A colleague has visited several foreign countries recently, has adequate work quality, speaks openly of unhappiness with U.S. foreign policy, and recently had his car repossessed. 2. In the simplest way, an insider can be defined as a person belonging to a particular group or organization. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software can do the following except: -Allow attackers physical access to network assets. Sometimes, an employee will express unusual enthusiasm over additional work. Someone calls from an unknown number and says they are from IT and need some information about your computer. -is only allowed if the organization permits it. Reports of cyber attacks come from government organizations, educational and heal, In the modern world, almost every company is exposed to insider threats in the form of either deliberate attacks or accidental data leaks. Insider threat detection is tough. What type of security is "part of your responsibility" and "placed above all else?". The email provides a link to a personnel portal where you must enter your personal information as part of an effort to standardize recordkeeping. -Store it in a shielded sleeve to avoid chip cloning. It is getting late on Friday. Which of the following is true about telework? However, fully discounting behavioral indicators is also a mistake. Which of following is true of protecting classified data? A coworker wants to send you a sensitive document to review while you are at lunch and you only have your personal tablet. In this article, we cover four behavioral indicators of insider threats and touch on effective insider threat detection tools. You are working at your unclassified system and receive an email from a coworker containing a classified attachment. What action is recommended when somebody calls you to inquire about your work environment or specific account information? Espionage is especially dangerous for public administration (accounting for 42% of all breaches in 2018). What should be done if you find classified Government Data/Information Not Cleared for Public Release on the Internet? The CAC/PIV is a controlled item and contains certificates for: Classified Information can only be accessed by individuals with, -Assigned a classification level by a supervisor. However, not every insider has the same level of access, and thus not every insider presents the same level of threat. What level of damage to national security could reasonably be expected if unauthorized disclosure of Top Secret information occurred? -Connect to the Government Virtual Private Network (VPN).?? Which of the following is NOT Protected Health Information (PHI)? Of the following, which is NOT a method to protect sensitive information? Detecting a malicious insider attack can be extremely difficult, particularly when you’re dealing with a calculated attacker or a disgruntled former employee that knows all the ins and outs of your company. Which of the following is NOT a criterion used to grant an individual access to classified data? Neither confirm nor deny the information is classified. Malicious code can do the following except? Apart from that, employees that have received notice of termination also pose additional risks and should be monitored regardless of their behavior up until they leave the workplace, at which point their access to corporate infrastructure should be immediately revoked. Which of the following is a good practice to avoid email viruses? Which of the following is a proper way to secure your CAC/PIV? What should be done to sensitive data on laptops and other mobile computing devices? Detecting them allows you to prevent the attack or at least get an early warning. It’s no exaggeration: any company can fall victim to cyber crime. This is done using tools such as: User activity monitoring – Thorough monitoring and recording is the basis for threat detection. One way to limit this is to use background checks to make sure employees have no undisclosed history that could be used for blackmail.

What should you do to protect yourself while on social networks? However, there are certain common things you need to watch out for: As mentioned above, when employees are not satisfied with their jobs or perceive wrongdoing on the part of the company, they are much more likely to conduct an insider attack. How many indicators does this employee display? A timely conversation can mitigate this threat and improve the employee’s productivity. When it comes to malicious insiders, there are numerous things that can help you actually deter and detect them, not the least of which is user behavior monitoring. -Carrying his Social Security Card with him. How should you securely transport company information on a removable media? This may include: All of these actions can be considered an attempt on the part of the employee to expand their access to sensitive data. Which of the following best describes wireless technology? The Insider Threat and Its Indicators Page 1 The Insider Threat and Its Indicators What is an Insider Threat? ), Staying late at work without any specific requests, Trying to perform work outside the scope of their normal duties, Unauthorized downloading or copying of sensitive data, particularly when conducted by employees that have received a notice of termination, Taking and keeping sensitive information at home, Operating unauthorized equipment (such as cameras, recording or, Asking other employees for their credentials, Accessing data that has little to no relation to the employee’s present role at the company. Reliable insider threat detection also requires tools that allow you to gather full data on user activities. Another indication of a potential threat is when an employee expresses questionable national loyalty. Four types of employees who are potential insider threats Date: March 26, 2018 Source: Coventry University Summary: Academics have identified four types of employees who can become a threat … What should you do? T/F. Usually, they focus on data that can be either easily sold on the black market (like personal information of clients or employees) or that can be crucial to company operations (such as marketing data, financial information, or intellectual property). Apart from that, frequent travels can also indicate a change in financial circumstances, which is in and of itself a good indicator of a potential insider threat. Reliable insider threat detection also requires tools that allow you to gather full data on user activities.

This group of insiders is worth considering when dealing with subcontractors and remote workers.


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