homozygous beige chinchilla
With a basic understanding of genetics, you can navigate the world of chinchilla colors to better understand your pet. The parents, although carriers, are not violet colored. They are light brownish beige with a white underbelly and lighter pink ears. (Sapphire carrier), Heterozygous

Recessive Inheritance – If both parents carry a recessive, gene (i.e., Violet).

If your chinchilla is Heterozygous for the Beige trait its eye color will be solid around the pupil. it is not completely dominant over the natural allele "standard"

Some of these colors are rare, while others, like Standard Gray, are quite common.

These Chinchillas are also beige, but they are usually lighter than the heterozygous beige.

Some will be all white, while others will be mostly white, frosted tan or mostly tan. and White Hybrid, Heterozygous

Violet Influence, Heterozygous Beige, white, and ebony are also dominant color patterns, while sapphire, violet, charcoal, and velvet are recessive.

Violet: Violet chinchillas have a slight purple hue and white underbellies.

They love human company and will bond with you just like dogs or cats.

it is not completely dominant over the natural allele "standard"

If the white chinchilla (Aa) is bred with a homozygous sapphire chinchilla (aa), then the odds are good that some of the offspring of the white chinchilla will be sapphire, despite white being the dominant color.

If they are Heterozygous Beige, they will have darker red eyes, and if they are Homozygous Beige, they will have light red to pink eyes.

Tower Beige gene, whether Hetero Beige, Homo Beige, Tan, TOV Beige, Such an animal is called carrier for a mutation. Luxuriously thick, warm, and soft, chinchilla fur comes in several different colors besides the commonly seen Standard Gray. Wild Chinchillas come in just one coloring which is a mottled yellow-gray. They are also known as beige mosaics. of "pink white" color." they just have variances in coat pattern. Firstly, they have teeth that are continually growing so you will need to keep an eye on them. to the fact that it is an "incomplete dominant," (meaning

mosaic, or predominantly white depending on how the white gene expresses

Tower Beige + Homozygous Sapphire, Homo Beige Their fur doesn’t have the black tipping which standard grays have, and this makes them look soft and cuddly. Their underbellies are a mixture of gray and black and their eyes are black.

White is actually the absence of pigment, which is why chinchillas with white coloring often have red or pink eyes.

They like to take dust baths, not water baths. They have gray backs, a white underbelly, and gray sides.

no known Homozygous White or Homozygous Black Velvet.

There are in fact just two pigments they can have which are black and yellow. White, Mosaic, and Silver colors are all heterozygous Wilson White, The Wilson White gene, due This helps them blend in with their natural habitat in the Andes mountains, where they live in burrows or rock crevices in the relatively barren landscape. Sapphire Hybrid, Heterozygous

Violet Chinchilla – Fun Facts And Interesting Information, Sapphire Chinchilla – Fascinating Facts About A Beautiful Shade.


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