hivites meaning in hebrew

A possible origin of the name may come from the Hebrew word chava ( חוה ) which means tent dweller. Hermon (Joshua 11:3) in the north to the central Benjamin plateau in the Hill country just north of Jerusalem.

Other than Israel's nemesis – the Philistines – the Hivites appear to be an exception to the rule of circumcision which does lend them quite a distinction among the tribes of Canaan during this time period. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame ! It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see full disclaimer). It appears that the Hivite cultural distinctiveness ceased before the Assyrian conquest of the northern Kingdom of Israel in the 8th century BCE, and the Babylonian conquest of the southern Kingdom of Judah in the 6th century BCE, each with consequential population deportations.

Others claim that this is as a result of a scribal error, as both Hivites (Hebrew: חוי ) and Horites (Hebrew: חרי) differ in spelling by one letter of roughly similar shape. By the time of the judges, the Hivites still lived on and near Mounts Lebanon and Baal-hermon (Judges 3:3), and so did the other Canaanite nations. The form Ḥatti is used in Akkadian.

10:17). In Genesis 36:2 a Hivite named Zibeon is also described in Genesis 36:20-30 as a Horite. 17).

Noun חוה (hawwa) describes a tent village, or the most rudimentary collective that operates as a living, symbiotic whole.

Find out more, The group is not listed in the Hebrew text but appears in the, an offensive content(racist, pornographic, injurious, etc.

When the Israelites escaped Egypt and made it to Canaan, the Hivites were firmly established as one of the seven Canaanite nations (Deuteronomy 1:7), whose complete destruction YHWH promised (by hornets: Exodus 23:23-28; by an angel: Exodus 33:2; by the Israelites themselves: Deuteronomy 20:17, by the power of the Ark of the Covenant: Joshua 3:10-11).

3), "in Mount Lebanon," from Baal-hermon to Hamath (Judges iii. The name is interpreted as "midlanders" or "villagers" ( Genesis 10:17; 1 Chronicles 1:15). The reference to "the daughters of Canaan" is considered to relate to their descent from the ancestor Canaan and to be a reference to a cultural distinctiveness or tribal affiliation, more than a reference to the geographical area of Canaan. Further south there were the four Hivite towns – Gibeon, Kephirah, Beeroth and Kiriath Jearim (Joshua 9:17) – involved in the deception of Joshua. ScienceQuantum Mechanics and Chaos TheoryHope and the Scientific MethodThe Passion of the Christ and the Theory of EverythingWhy sheep are humanHumanitiesScience, religion and data retentionCamels and international tradeThe Social Psychology of PlanetsLinguisticsOn script and information technologyWords and nominal reasonThe Hebrew alphabetThe Hebrew calendar, BibleHow the Bible works (on the name Mary)Biblical namesInterlinear New TestamentLots and lots of topical articlesHebrew dictionaryGreek dictionaryMiscellaneousThe gospel of impurityEndosymbiotic eukaryosynthesisFaith, Evolution and FreedomThe Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and CryptocurrencyOnline e-book (free, no tricks)Weird Patterns in History and Movies, HousekeepingCookie policy and EU Cookie LawCopyright & ContactSupport usThrough PatreonVia Paypal, Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary, Ae2tdPwUPEZBhJZJ51xCziitqpVrDrxeaJE78CHGjTRmuxaAen3E4j14kwc, (c) Abarim Publications — first published here on 2006-04-19; moved to present location on 2008-05-18; last updated on 2020-10-19, Discover the meanings of thousands of Biblical names in.


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