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So which names are in the cast of the series? It tells the story of a 6-year-old girl separated from her mother.[1]. However, Mahir meets with Melek by chance, falls in love with her, and starts abandoning his evil goal. Broadcast Period: March 15, 2019 – Her simple beauty attracts attention with her smiley face, but these smiles and beauty are just the mask of a wicked soul. Yaren Şadoğlu (44 Episodes) Series Crew 0. Even though he's a gentle person, when he senses a threat to his children, the lion is cut off. Miran is seeking revenge for his parents death so he plans to marry daughter Reyyan from the family who were responsible for that. This channel contains effective scenes, music, clips, trailers of the series …. The story is about a young man named Miran, whose parents died because of a man and Miran becomes his mortal enemy. From the very first episode, the Hercai series attracted the attention of the audience and achieved success in the ratings. Ilay Erkok as Yaren Sadoglu You can review all the news about the series “Hercai” by clicking the link below to the oldest news again. Nasuh Şadoğlu (44 Episodes) Ayda Aksel.

In order to take his revenge, Miran comes to Midyat and starts to execute his plan. The only surviving daughter-in-law of Aslanbey family is the mother of Gonul Sultan. Macide dies, Kerem is transferred to a hospital seriously injured and Mahir only suffers a light wound. Ayda Aksel as Azize Aslanbey You can also watch all the episodes of the Hercai series from this channel on Youtube. The series has been showing in the country since December 15. Reyyan is always mistreated by her grandfather and is despised by her cousin Yaren (Ilay Erkok). By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Hercai Turkish series is adapted from Sumeyye Ezel’s novel named Hercai.

Elif Aslanbey (44 Episodes) Reyyan is always mistreated by her grandfather and is despised by her cousin Yaren (Ilay Erkok). Reyyan (Ebru Sahin) is a young, beautiful, innocent, and pure girl who is the daughter of Hazar Sadoglu (Serhat Tutumluer).

Here are the cast and their character of the series... Hercai's cast continues to be the subject of research by the show's followers. However, as crimes committed by Necdet and Arzu are exposed, Melek and Kenan reunite. The reason of it is that Reyyan is not his biological granddaughter. We use cookies, if you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Finally Selim gets diagnosed with cancer and together with Zeynep and Aliye they emigrate to America for his treatment. The writers have promised the audience surprises. Your email address will not be published. Click here to read all the news about the series …, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HercaiDizi, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HercaiDizi/, Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2l92bN_FWHjZZPdOYnZveg, Official website: https://www.atv.com.tr/diziler/hercai/hakkinda. TelevizyonGazetesi.com / Special Analysis – Adapted from the book “Hercai” by Sümeyye Ezel’s Hercai, shared by Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin. Reyyan Şadoğlu (44 Episodes) Macit Sonkan. discussion. How will Reyyan react when she learns the truth about Miran? subscribe unSubscribe.

Since he thinks that Miran is a perfect groom candidate for the family, Nasuh wants to see Miran as a husband of his biological granddaughter Yaren. The series, which did not leave the summit race with its ratings, had to make the 2nd season finale mandatory in April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Elif is forced to live at the luxurious estate, away from her beloved mother, and unaware of her proximity to her biological father. Azize Aslanbey (44 Episodes) Serhat Tutumluer. Arzu would do anything to keep her position in the family safe, creating danger for Elif. ... Duygu Yetiş as Elif … Arzu survives the nearly fatal incident, and continues to threaten the safety and well-being of the family. Her mother Melek escapes, but finds out that she is very sick. They were finally acquired by the ATV channel which decided to make a series. Nasuh Şadoğlu (44 Episodes) Ayda Aksel. The reason behind is that Reyyan’s father had killed Miran’s mother and father many years ago so Miran was brought up by his grandmother to take revenge for the deaths.

The producer of the series Hercai Banu Akdeniz said that she does not know how long the coronavacations will last, however, the series will definitely come back this season. Who are Hercai players? Duygu Yetiş. Genre: Romance, Drama A man respected like a caspian, listened to wants to be his father's most trusted son, but he can't do it. Mahir, Melek, and Elif are finally together and happy.

Duygu Yetis as Elif Aslanbey

Filming Locations: Mardin, Midyat. Cast Character of Hercai Akin Akinözü as Miran Aslanbey Aslanbey is the only one who will continue his family's lineage, Miran Aslanbey. Height – Age – Series – Family, Birthday message from Özge Özpirinçci to Berrak Tüzünataç. Height – Age – Series – Family, Who is Şükran Ovalı? Hercai. According to Miran’s vengeance plan, he would get married to the girl of the Sadoglu family, destroy her and thereby, dishonor Sadoglu family. Unexpectedly he falls in love with Reyyan.

Will this change the plan?

Height – Age – Series – Family, New cast members join the series The Ambassador’s Daughter. playlists. First Episode trailer in the new 3rd season had a huge fan base since the first episode aired on the ATV series Hercai. The eldest son of the Shadoglu family is Hazar, the right-hand man of his father Nasuh. Azize is a ruthless woman who has suffered a lot, buried her husband, three sons, two brides, whose heart is hardened with hatred. Broadcast Network: Atv When Miran comes to Sadoglu mansion together with his family, he asks again for Reyyan’s hand in marriage. An innocent, pure and clean young girl. Being unaware of this fact, Reyyan, goes riding and when Miran’s car approaches, the horse gets scared so Reyyan falls down. Ayşe tries to get permission from the Emiroğlu family to raise Elif in the mansion. Meanwhile, Kenan's brother Selim and Zeynep fall in love and support each other despite many obstacles. She is an honest, hardworking, trusty, loved, respected, trusty man. She leaves Elif in the protection of her best friend, Ayşe Doğan, a maid in a wealthy family's household. You can reach all sections through the video below. Gulcin Santircioglu as Sultan Aslanbey Original Title: Hercai Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) Episode 3: Trailer And Summary, Episode 8 Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love), The new 17th episode trailer of Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My…, The cast of Şeref Sözü (Promise of Honor) has been announce…, Has the new 16th episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My…, The new 281st episode of Yemin (The Promise) has released!

Now he proceeds to the next step. Hazar Şadoğlu's wife is the mother of Reyyan and Gul.

After Azize, it is his biggest dream to take over the Aslanbey family. Even though Reyyan has beloved parents, she always feels the lack of tenderness of her grandfather. He starts to do business with Sadoglu family which is one of the wealthiest families in Midyat. Cookies help us deliver our services. as Firat Demiralp.

However, he cannot manage to change Miran’s mind. Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like! In the past, her husband abandoned her pregnant and married Macide. Just remember to subscribe/register to our site. about . Series Cast 7. Meanwhile, Melek ends up homeless with lost memory, trying to find her daughter. Miran has been raised with anger and vengeance towards Sadoglu family which was responsible for the death of his parents. Cahit Gok as Firat Demiralp/Aslanbey.

2,024. videos. When will Yemin (The Promise) Episode 281 Be Released? Başlangıç 2005’te kurulan Mia Yapım, 2007’de ilk sinema filmi Musallat’ı çekti. One of these days, she bumps into Miran. Will Miran manage to execute his vengeance plan properly? Miran turns this encounter into an advantage and takes the first step towards marriage. Elif Aslanbey / Elif Sadoglu (35 episodes, 2019-2020) Feride Çetin. He has been raised by his grandmother Azize after his parents died years ago. This news enables Yaren to take revenge on Reyyan since she takes away Yaren’s beloved one. A big lottery hit Seray Kaya after the Woman series! Dramatic generic music such as the story of ‘Hercai’ series is signed by Ender Gündüzlü and Metin Arıgül…, An official channel has been opened on YouTube for Hercai series.


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