heart touching sorry messages for wife
[email protected], Looking for a good woman, who is God fearing. I am sorry for hurting you. 28. Express your deep feelings to your sweetheart with sincere love messages that come from your heart. Sweetheart, I know I have offended you.

Please find peace in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry.

Dear love! Don’t forget to make it up by taking her out on a romantic date. Im is very suprice to be with you

Please, forgive me. Coming home into your beautiful arms. I am sorry.

I am sorry.

100. Sorry. My dear, you touched my heart from the very moment I lay my eyes on you that very special first time. I wish I didn’t do all I did. Like your promise to me my love Noting gives me more joy than being with you.

I love you, so so much. Now I can realize how much I’ve hurt you for what I did. We had so much to share I don’t deserve a woman like you. 72. Give me a chance, to show that you, are my life’s most precious prize. I am sorry! It might mean that your partner can agree to try a dish that you enjoy cooking. I am sorry for everything I have put you through. The first time I saw you, what came to my mind was, this lady is beautiful and I want to spend forever with her. Seeing you unhappy breaks my heart. I love you so much. 42. I should not have talked to you that way. Know your mistake, do it in person, say sorry, acknowledge her feelings, answer any query she has and ask for forgiveness. I bet you, my heart brings out the best of love specially for you.

I love you, babe.

Babe, I love you. My love, this is to remind you of my undying love for you. I promise to try my best too. Dear sweetheart!

Honey, I am sorry. With your biggest heart please forgive my dear! Forgive me, please. I owe my success to you. When we both love each other with the whole of our hearts. And im like much proud of you I never meant to give you such pain. Am here looking for a life partner for a long term relationship and first we have to be friends to get to know more about each other and see where this will lead us..Am 30 years of age never been married before but i have dated few times but all didn’t end well (That’s why am here) and no one is too young for love,because love doesn’t come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.. 32) I looked up your zodiac sign in the newspaper today and this is what it said – your husband will break your heart by mistake but hurting you was never his intention. When we are wrong, it is best to apologise. Nothing is as beautiful as coming home to meet you.

Im had hope then if it had chould

You are all that matters to me, and I promise to be a more thoughtful husband.

God loves me to have given me a special gem like you. You are not my mistake, I don’t what to be your mistake. I am ashamed of my talk because I realize my mistake, my love, I apology my dear I am really sorry, Please forgive me! xoxo.

It is burnt into my skin, as soft and warm as sun rays when a summer day sets in. And im like much proud of you

I didn’t hurt you willfully, I was very tensed that time. There is nothing like a perfect couple. it so lovely an touching. I am sorry I am not giving you the attention you deserve. Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: There is no one who is perfect; everyone is bound to make mistakes. I heard it from afar as i was with the noble.. And we dance to it on grasses untrouble.. You are good ma’am, Aww i your are a love nanny or nurse, well I’m George by name and the sincerity of your words touch my heart, and i will love to know more about you that’s if only you don’t mind here’s my hangout Gmail [email protected] you can try and write me, i sent you invite on hangout so accept me now so we can have some funs on there now am also seeking for my life partner. I love you more than anything else.

You are the best part of me, a part I cherish more than anything. Forgive me for my bad behavior, I promise to be good, my love. xoxo, 7) Although we make a great pair, we are in a sorry state of affairs.

When your loved one does not offer you their support it may be time to look at your relationship. I’m very sorry dear! 74. Sorry. Forgive me, my love.

I love you. 18) The word SORRY is OVERUSED by Me and UNDERUSED by You. I can’t imagine my life without you. Engage only in relationships where both partners can openly discuss their wants and needs, this can take practice. You whas there for real Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 49.

The fact that I have fought with you means only one thing – that I love you a lot. For your forgiveness, I’m desperately waiting.

Seeing you unhappy breaks my heart. You are the best thing that can happen to anyone.

The sorry love messages for the wife expresses not only the sorry seeking words but also the love feelings of the husband for the wife.

I can’t be happy with any other person apart from you.

I promise you that I never repeat my this again.

No one is perfect but when we make mistakes, it’s advisable to say sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you as much. Needless to say, an intelligent woman who is able to converse on several subjects without getting into passionate arguments all the time. Forgive me and I’m very sorry for my activities! You tried so hard to make us work but I always make things harder. Everyday is not a Sunday Monday allwyas come after the Sunday .. Hello there is nice meeting everyone here, I”m Jessica and I’ll like to meet good and honest friends .you can give a message on my email or hangouts .

I love you, hubby. I will do anything and everything to make you smile again.

87. Im your secret forever I am sorry for how I behaved last night. 37) Your sweet smile is the light at the end of all of my life’s dark tunnels. I’m here for a serious relationship with a man who posses good character and has God fearing my Gmail [email protected], Am Paul by name from bende local government area in Abia state base in Lagos Nigeria am looking for a God fearing woman that is ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. You don’t know how much you mean to me. May my apology be so sincere that you can feel it with your heart. Forever won’t be complete without you. Forgive me. When I was sad, you told me, “It doesn’t rain every day.” When I had lost all faith, you gave me a reason to hold on and be strong, and I only hope that I can be half the amazing person that you are. He must love the Lord with all of his heart,then I know he will love me with all his heart. Hurting you makes me feel sad. 14) Big or small, lies are lies. I wish we can go back to the way we used to be. I need serious relationship that will last forever, Looking for a serious long term relationship with someone who posesses strong character and is goal-oriented.

I am sorry, my love. 21) More than what I did, I’m ashamed of who I’ve become. Sorry for hurting you baby, I never meant to be so heartless. I need to say I’m sorry face to face so that you can see your importance in my eyes. Babe, I know you put in so many efforts in making this marriage beautiful. Wow..what an amazing heart touching message. Please, forgive me. A man should love and protect his woman. I never want to hurt you again, my dear wife. I promise to do better. Please forgive me for being such a sad excuse of a husband.

4) I’m sorry, that in your eyes, I couldn’t stand tall. I was selfish, foolish and pigheaded and I could kick myself for hurting you so much. Here are apology messages you can send to your wife to show how truly sorry you are. But Any Why Howe far im Please forgive me, my darling wife. Sorry, my dear wife. But I got the punishment of my action. 17) There are no limits to my remorse and guilt, you have no idea how badly I’ll wilt. 36.

I know I made you sad. 22) My heart is trapped in the gallows of regret… only your forgiveness can set it free.

I won’t let my attitude destroy our relationship. I am so sorry. Please forgive me now and end this part, I am so sorry! Don’t let these petty arguments destroy the beautiful bond you share. When I met you, I knew right and there that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m sorry for my mistake.

31) You’ve always been the mature one between us two.

To my cute wife! You mean the world to me. That im wil never Forget

Please forgive me.

I’m sorry my love! That time I lost my control and told you many bad words. They are one of the ways to show her you miss her so much. Only Serious people can message m, Hi Stephanie, I’m truly sorry if I bother you in anyway but I will glad if we can get acquainted, if you don’t mind….. The silence in our home has become too loud for me to bear.

We want the best in life for those that we care about. I am sorry. I’m sorry for every hurtful word that came out of my mouth.

You want to have the ability to compromise so both partners are getting their wishes met. Is strong for you since we Be

Here is my email, you can contact me to know more about me either by hangout or emails [email protected] Life but im know you is a god man

Do you remember when we just met? If you plan to turn things over, find below a list of unique I’m sorry messages and sincere apologies for your wife that will help you fix your marriage. You mean a lot to me. No matter the number of years we spend together, I can never get tired of you. It’s funny how we hurt the people we love, but hurting was never my intention.


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