hatcher pass huts

Hatcher Pass Bed & Breakfast is comprised of 5 log cabins, three smaller ones called "sourdough" cabins, and two bigger ones called "grande" cabins. Stay updated—follow the Snowbird Hut on Facebook! Huts have been built in heavy rain, wind and, earlier on, with materials thrown from fixed-wing aircraft with parachutes. That night was full of music and wind, and thankfulness for a full day of friendship and adventure. Hatcher Pass is located 60 miles north of Anchorage and it usually takes less than 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive there. The second mile is the steepest, rising above the valley floor into the mountains, and the last section crosses boulders, snow, and the glacier itself to get to the hut. So, on a rainy Thursday morning in Anchorage my friend Will and I found ourselves driving to Hatcher Pass with gear, food, fuel and supplies rattling around in the backseat and with bikes on the rack. Waking up to sunshine and not a cloud in the sky we decided to continue on and do the Snowbird-Bomber Traverse, so here in this post, … From there we set out on foot. The 10-by-24-foot wood structure has insulated panels, a kerosene stove, an outhouse and a big loft that can easily sleep between 10 and 12 people, Hinds said. As our day wound down, footsteps echoed from the porch. Once in the hut we met a fellow traveler who was there for his last night and enjoyed the camaraderie of sharing the hut with this stranger. The effort fits into longstanding mountaineering traditions in Alaska. A long weekend north of Anchorage spent hiking among fall colors up Hatcher Pass to the iconic 1971 Mint Hut, part of Alaska's backcountry shelter hut system. It's the first built by the nonprofit Mountaineering Club of Alaska in more than two decades. A true anomaly in the mountains of AK, we would seek shelter in four tiny shelters on our 40-mile route from Hatcher Pass to the village of Eska. The easiest to access mine shacks and old buildings are in the Independence Mine State Park . The extra funding allowed the club to buy materials for a more advanced insulation system. At the north end of the pullout, there is a trail that heads east. The snow outside continued to fall, and the comfort of the hut was impossible to leave behind. *. Related Article: Tips For Driving The Alcan Highway Camping in Hatcher Pass. Limited-edition internet from Field Mag friends and fam. We head up the road to explore the beautiful winter scenery in Hatcher Pass Alaska. It is about 8 miles to the hut … The GPS coordinates are: 61 degrees 51.506 North by 149 degrees 12.113 West. The Mountaineering Club of Alaska built its first hut in 1964 as an access point to Eklutna Glacier. Hatcher Pass is located 60 miles north of Anchorage and it usually takes less than 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive there. The hut was expected to be finished by the end of the weekend.

The Hatcher Pass hut network grew with the construction of the Bomber Hut, in 1990, and the Dnigi Hut, in 1995. © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. Follow the Glenn Highway north to mile 49.5. The hut allows experienced hikers or skiers to complete a 50-mile hut-hopping tour of dramatic, glacier-carved terrain in Hatcher Pass. His father, Pete Holden, a carpenter, was part of the volunteer work crew that arrived at the construction site in late June. The hut itself is often used for weekend parties and as a shelter for campers, and it is strewn with remnants of this use. It took Hinds, an experienced hiker, about 10 hours to get to the Reed Lakes trailhead through Bomber Pass. Hatcher Pass Mountaineering Huts Group. After reaching the boulder field where the hike turns into more of a climb, I realized we would probably be alone for the rest of the day and night, unless there were already other hikers at the hut. What I didn’t expect to find was almost total isolation in a popular place like Hatcher Pass. There is no fee required to use this hut. Hinds said the club had decided to build a new hut and was drawing up designs when the family of Seth Holden approached them. Light lingered in the valley as we wandered back to the hut to boil some water for tea. If you still feel energetic, follow the trail beyond the cabin across the tundra and piles of moraine to the edge of Mint Glacier. Not more than 12 hours after landing in Anchorage my wife, Allison, and I were standing in a parking lot at Hatcher Pass, our gear spread out on the pavement, making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything as we prepped to leave behind the comforts of our rented Subaru for a few days. The Alaska Life’s treasured tiny towns road trip, Alaska ghost towns that you’ve probably never heard of.

It overlooks Snowbird Glacier, surrounded by glacially sharpened peaks, the valley behind it seemingly leading all the way through to Willow. All rights reserved. Snowbird-Bomber Hike In Hatcher Pass, Alaska. The snowmachine activity on the approach to the huts and in and around the huts constitutes a clear safety issue and certainly changes the experience. Throughout the 9 miles we hiked, winding our way through the valley, we came across two mountain bikers very early on, and two backpackers on their return later in the day. Accessible from Archangel Valley near Hatcher’s Pass, the hut is a year round destination for backcountry skiers, climbers and adventurous hikers. Hiking through this valley really shows off the amazing landscape of Alaska.The trailhead starts at mile 13.7 on Hatcher Pass Rd. "The friends you meet in the huts…it's an intense experience," Hinds said. Please email the completed report to the addresses listed on the form. Turn onto Palmer-Fishhook Road and follow the signs to Hatcher Pass Road/Independence Mine State Historical Park. The American Alpine Club, 710 10th Street Suite 100, Golden, CO, 80401. The easiness of the first 7-8 miles was all made up for in the final mile of knee-to-chin steps and fingers clawing into loose dirt as we scrambled up the side of the last hill, which conveniently blocked the view of the hut until we were just a few hundred feet away. If folks are receptive, talk with them and show them on a State Parks brochure where they are. This hut is managed on an open basis and cannot be reserved in advance. A fourth hut just to the west, the Snowbird Hut, has existed in some form since 1985 and was rebuilt in 2010 by the American Alpine Club. We concluded we would prefer a tent. Photo: Naomi Stock. Two more huts, part of the Eklutna Traverse, were built in 1968. There is still a few reminiscences of the mining that took place here in the valleys and they are great photo spots in Hatcher Pass. Your email address will not be published. Hatcher Pass Huts, Buildings, and Mine Shacks. The most outstanding features of the hut are the large windows facing the glacier and the striking Nunatak peak that rises out of the glacier in the south. [Proposed cabin in Hatcher Pass backcountry would boost hiking options]. -Scott. The next morning it was hard to leave the hut behind. The Gold Mint Trailhead, near the mouth of Hatcher Pass, served as the staging area for gear. & Tm Off, Finding Solitude at Alaska's Iconic Hatcher Pass Mint Hut. The Hatcher Pass Mountaineering Huts Group (HPMHG) has been formed to reach out to all users and raise awareness of the history and purpose of the mountaineering huts operated by the Mountaineering Club of Alaska and the Alaska Section of the American Alpine Club. This hut does not support commercial operations.  Anchorage, AK 99524-3561, http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/units/hatcherpass/hpsnowmobiling.htm. Soon more mining relics began to appear and the hut could be seen at the end of the valley. I don’t have to go anywhere just yet, because there’s still so much left to experience where I am. Using Polartec's innovative new fleece fabric, this pullover layering piece is made for ultralight hiking—and daily wear too, Film photography and insightful reflections from an attempted Oregon section hike along the 2,650-mile PCT, The emerging carbon-neutral brand from Down Under uses recycled and organic fibers and plants 10 trees for every product purchased, Making strides in women's outdoor fashion by doing the little things right, and keeping the collection tight, Nonprofit founder Ron Griswell talks changing the face of the outdoors and launching #BlacktotheTrails5K fundraiser to support future BIPOC outdoorists, According to thru-hiker, photographer, author of new book "The Appalachian Trail: Backcountry Shelters, Lean-Tos, and Huts", Field Mag® is a registered trademark with U.S. Pat. A weekend mission from Anchorage to hiking to one of Alaska's great 1970s era backcountry huts, captured on 35mm film. Snowshoes are highly recommended, Hinds said. Proposed cabin in Hatcher Pass backcountry would boost hiking options, New COVID-19 outbreak reported at Goose Creek Correctional Center, Alaska’s largest prison, Strong winds rattle Anchorage, sending anchored barge and parked plane adrift, Anchorage airport among nation’s busiest as pandemic boosts cargo activity, Alaska folklore: Five mythical creatures of the Last Frontier, Anchorage schools forge ahead with plan to begin partial in-person learning amid high COVID-19 cases.


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