hash smuggling techniques

H(x, i) = (H(x) + i^2)%N, In general, H(x, i) = (H(x) + ((c1\*i^2 + c2\*i + c3)))%N, for some choice of constants c1, c2, and c3. Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in High Times, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. Despite being easy to compute, implement and deliver best cache performance, this suffers from the problem of clustering (many consecutive elements get grouped together, which eventually reduces the efficiency of finding elements or empty buckets). 6. Another common technique drug smugglers use is to hide drugs in balloons, condoms, or other small rubber packages. In this technique, a linked list is created from the slot in which collision has occurred, after which the new key is inserted into the linked list. By making fine hash you have become part of a tradition that dates back into pre-history. If you can find a reason to search my car, there is a pretty good goddamn chance you are going to find some weed. Who invented the Hashing technique /algorithm?

In linear probing, the worst time to search for an element is O(table size). However, these animals are preditorial by nature, so any aromatic signs of another animal, in or around the vehicle, will deter a drug dog from finding your weed. Tokenization technology can, in theory, be used with sensitive data of all kinds including bank transactions, medical records, criminal records, vehicle driver information, loan applications, stock trading and voter registration. Regardless of it being unlawful and unconstitutional as shit, there is simply no denying that cops get glass-cutting chubbies every time they get behind a car decorated in hippy stickers and other incriminating decals that say – hey, pig.

So, do not stash your marijuana in the car an hour before you leave the house. These structures are illegal and may attract unwanted attention from nearby factions which outlaw it. Based on the hash key value, data items are inserted into the hash table. It happens in real life too, the increasing security importance has something to do with the fact that smuggling world is getting smarter every day, smugglers are using new tricks to smuggle their valuable things across border on a daily basis.

It may sound a bit paranoid to get all CSI about transporting a couple of joints over to friends house for an afternoon toke and choke ritual, but you know what they say: a little stoner science keeps the pothead out of the poky. He opens up about the bogus ‘Midnight Express,’ Oliver Stone on blow, and his one-man show. That’s exactly what trying evade law enforcement while smuggling dope is: a spontaneous fling between the asshole of reality and a program that can be learned and ultimately, beaten like a borrowed mule. 28 Funny 2020 Memes That Sum Up Our Lives 43,614. Organisations or applications hash passwords because in the event an attacker gets read access to the database, we do not want him to retrieve the passwords plain text. Now, assume that we have a hash function H, such that H(x) = x%5, So, if we were to map the given data with the given hash function we'll get the corresponding values. Obviously in practice the table size can be significantly large and the hash function can be even more complex, also the data being hashed would be more complex and non-primitive, but the idea remains the same.

Most of the time, even if an officer removes the cat from the vehicle, the dog is too preoccupied with the odor of your little shotgun pussy to give two flying squirts about finding a reason to take you to jail. Luhn’s idea was to assign each entry to a numbered bucket, as follows: The phone number’s digits were grouped into pairs (in this case, 31, 41, 59, 26, 52). Hash tables are particularly efficient when the maximum number of entries can be predicted in advance, so that the bucket array can be allocated once with the optimum size and never resized. Its worst-case complexity for deletion is o(n). It’s simple, you are trying to make your way across town to get stoned with your buddies, and the meathead police are trying to stop you from having a good time. Not that all of you twenty-year-olds out there don’t have the right to profess your devote fanaticism for bands like Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and any number of other musical groups from the flower power generation that burned out long before your last diaper change. Clean it up and make it look somewhat respectable. There are various methods to find these empty buckets: The idea of linear probing is simple, we take a fixed sized hash table and every time we face a hash collision we linearly traverse the table in a cyclic manner to find the next empty slot. Initially, there was an item named Narcotics which performed the same funcion as Hashish. The following techniques are used in open addressing: In this, when the collision occurs, we perform a linear probe for the next slot, and this probing is performed until an empty slot is found. If not, you are doomed and no one can help you.

You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73. When a member of stoned society makes the decision to travel with a small stash of weed, he or she has made a risky decision to tug at the short-and-curlies of law enforcement and challenge them to a drug war duel. It is used more when we do not know how many keys to insert or delete. Also Hashing does not do a good job of sorting data, since it work by randomizing not ordering data. 3. The paired digits were then added together (4, 5, 14, 8, 7), from which a new number was generated, consisting of each single-digit result or, in the case of a double-digit result, just the last digit (yielding 45487).


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