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https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/with-the-coronavirus-pay-attention-to-the-basics, Italy’s coronavirus outbreak sparks ‘a lot of panic’, What you need to know about the 2020 census, WATCH LIVE: Election 2020 – PBS NewsHour special coverage, How the AP calls races and what to expect on election night, Where President Trump stands on the issues in 2020, Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on suburban voters, election results timing, Hurricane Eta inches closer to Nicaragua as Category 4 storm, Appeals court declines to ban drive-thru voting in Houston, Afghans mourn victims of horrific university attack by Islamic State, Poland delays implementing abortion ruling amid protests, Gunman who killed 4 in Vienna attack had sought to join Islamic State. So I was urging reporters to be asking the question and asking the question in the units of patients a day, to be saying, you know, how many labs are there in my area, for example. And then the other part of this equation, which I think is just as important here, is the health care workers. Joining me now is Caroline Chen, a reporter for ProPublica who is covering the COVID-19 response and what we need to know about the spread of the virus.

Nov 02 And this is where I really urge people to listen to their public health officials. So if you're a healthcare worker who's working on the front lines of the Coronavirus, please reach out to us and you can reach us at www.propublica.org/coronavirus. Hari Sreenivasan: Federal, state and local governments are in the midst of a complicated public health crisis, as the Coronavirus outbreak continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world. All right. The good news is that we do actually have positive examples from a past that we can draw on to think about how we can do different things differently going forward. So, nursing facilities, I hope that all of them really have a preparedness plan right now and are really stepping up their infection control in particular. That sounds great. That advice was essentially ignored. As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S., the National Institute of Health on Sunday advised vulnerable people, particularly the elderly with underlying health conditions, to avoid large crowds and trips.

Naomi Oreskes, professor of the history of science at Harvard University and author of “Why Trust Science?” joins Hari Sreenivasan for more. Thank you. This will be Hari’s fourth semester as student instructor for a semester-long course on autism at UC Berkeley. Stay safe. I mean, in a way, China had the sort of advantage, disadvantage of not being such a free society.

They're all kind of working out their cases. And that's really important to understand that that's laboratory confirmed, which means that somebody had to be tested. And the World Health Organization said, oh, might be 3 percent. So and I think that, you know, a lot of people I've heard saying, you know, should I go to a concert? They decide, OK, this whole section. Yeah. You know, whether, you know those two numbers, what's the difference? The result is a rather late and scrambled response. Oct 27 And that is also the case for hospitals or any type of health care facility that are in states or in cities or in counties that have geriatric populations. So childhood diseases are something that we don't really have a personal memory of.

So that denominator is it's something that scientists are still trying to figure out at this point in time. There are still people even today who automatically say, you know what, this is nothing more than a bad case of the flu. Testing capacity really needs to ramp up in the US because if we don't know where the cases are and how many cases there are, that's going to put health care workers at risk. Again, I say, and I hope that reporters in particular will, will listen more to the public health officials and to the scientists here over in terms of what they are recommending that we do for citizens. You know, if you're feeling really sick, you know, call 9-1-1 if you need to. It's a reminder of the role of political leadership and the importance of scientific expertise. You know, those? Well, we've already seen different cases around the country pop up where nurses who are getting sick were doctors who are getting sick are saying, 'Hey, I still don't get these tests. So what we want to know is, you know, at the bottom is, how many people were infected.

This is a reminder that infectious diseases are still with us. So at the public health labs, what I've been told by the Association of Public Health Labs is that most of the labs on average can only run about 100 samples a day. Please check your inbox to confirm. And the populations I'm most concerned about are the vulnerable. And also asking, you know, officials when they say we ran, you know, X number of tests, you know, to say, 'how does that translate to patients? And we should probably talk about this, which is, you know, what are the symptoms of COVID-19? We can quarantine X millions of people, right? You lived through SARS when you were a kid in Hong Kong. But how prepared we are now and how we respond right now over these weeks are going to matter a lot. It's a pleasure to be with you. Right? Right. Oct 30 It wouldn't spread. Because if you stay home, because you have the flu, you're also helping to decrease the burden on the health system as a whole. And I think what a lot of people don't realize is that there are limitations, because when you send out these kits, it actually takes a little while to setup. That is a big problem. You stay in your car until we're ready to come get you.

And the first presenting symptoms in most cases are fever and a cough, not a runny nose. ProPublica reporter Caroline Chen, who has been reporting on the virus, joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss what people need to understand about testing, infection rates and more.

But of course, that's why we have leadership. Deaths that could have been prevented had we listened back in January to what the scientific and medical experts were telling us. I just want to know if I can help people or if I would actually be a greater harm to people if I go out and touch them.'. So when do you send out a kit to a lab, it takes them a little while to set them up. But does the world's lack of preparation for the outbreak have a silver lining? Hari Sreenivasan: Earlier this week, a few dozen volunteers gathered to clean up the area around the site of the future Gem City Market.

I don't think we have any actionable steps we can take between that sort of percentage change. “It’s not rocket science,” said “PBS Newshour Weekend” anchor Hari Sreenivasan. They're the ones who are actually going to be dealing with the patients. © 1996 - 2020 NewsHour Productions LLC. It's worked. So regardless, regardless of whether it's 2 or 3 percent, that doesn't mean stop washing your hands now, everything's fine because it's two, right? On the one hand, speed up and be urgent if you're government, on the other hand, don't panic if you're a citizen. She's the author of several books including "Why Trust Science?" So a lot of my reporting actually so far has been around testing. And I was just on the phone this morning with the, with a emergency physician and asking him, hey, what are you doing in your area? You've been focusing a lot on the reporting around hospitals and health care workers and how they're dealing with this. Nov 02

And the result was an international treaty. He is also the President of the Spectrum at Cal student organization. Scientists, scholars and medical professionals say false and misleading information and a lack of preparedness for the coronavirus has made a bad situation worse. But also, you know, even if you're not living in a nursing home, if someone is elderly, they might start thinking, you know, at some point in time, I might not want to be going out, you know, taking public transit and start stocking up a little bit. And I don't think it really makes a difference to the public. Have there been instances in the past where policymakers have been convinced to do things differently as a collective? Yeah. Should parents lower the bar while working from home? And like normally I think when we think of mortality rate, you're really thinking like, if I got infected, would I die, right? And part of my reporting is looking at that and whether there's gonna be enough. Thank you. How many patients did you test?'. Because, for example, preparedness, we are in sort of a just in time perfect deficiency economy and society where we don't necessarily value that excess capacity.


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