haitham bin tariq al said net worth

“The new leader faces three economic challenges: controlling the increase in public debt, preserving the currency peg and diversifying the economy away from oil,” said Bloomberg’s chief Middle East economist, Ziad Daoud. His elevation to the sultanate defied the prediction of one US diplomat, who speculated that one failed project may have “tarnished” Haitham’s prospects of taking the throne. He is also thought to have strong ties to traditional ally Britain and neighboring Gulf Arab states. The economic situation was at the root of protests in 2011 “and it has only worsened since the fall of oil prices in 2014,” said Mar Valeri, an Oman expert at the University of Exeter. [5] He previously served as Minister of Heritage and Culture in the Sultanate of Oman. Haitham bin Tariq Al Said (Arabic: هيثم بن طارق آل سعيد‎, transliteration: Haitham bin Ṭāriq Āl Saʿīd; born 13 October 1954)[4] is the Sultan of Oman, having succeeded his cousin Qaboos bin Said on 11 January 2020. “Courting their economic engagement while deflecting any infringements on Oman’s sovereignty,” she said. Not much. He also led the Oman Vision 2040 committee, the country’s economic and social development strategy. And while the country Haitham bin Tariq now leads is nothing like the impoverished backwater his cousin Qaboos took over back in 1970, he, too, is grabbing the reins in complicated times. The sultanate has historically enjoyed a close relationship with the UK, but London’s own Brexit-fueled economic needs have seen it shift priorities to Oman’s wealthier neighbors. Unlike some of his brothers and his predecessor, who died on Friday at 79, he doesn’t have a military background, and was assigned economic, sports, cultural and foreign policy portfolios before ascending the throne. He previously served as Minister of Heritage and Culture in the Sultanate of Oman.. A foreign policy maverick, he also cemented his country’s reputation as an oasis of calm in a turbulent region. Succession. A ls Qabus bin Said 1970 seinen Vater stürzte und damit eine der wenigen arabischen Erfolgsgeschichten begann, war sein Vetter Haitham bin Tariq Al Said noch keine 16 Jahre alt. Haitham bin Tariq Al-Said.

Le nouveau sultan promet de rester dans les lignes dessinées par son prédécesseur, un ton apprécié par la communauté internationale. Haïtham ben Tariq est diplômé en 1979 du Foreign Service Programme de l'université d'Oxford. Marié à sa cousine, Ahad bint Abdallah ben Hamad Al Saïd, il est père de deux fils et de deux filles, portant la qualification d'altesse[6] : Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

This situation may determine Haitham’s relations with its richer neighbors, Valeri said. Le 11 janvier 2020, au lendemain de la mort de son cousin Qabus ibn Saïd, il devient, à l'âge de 65 ans, sultan d'Oman. More affluent Gulf states have stepped in to support struggling Arab states economically in the past, but Oman has been unwilling to pay the political cost of lost independence. To maintain its independence, Oman has to balance the UAE and Saudi Arabia, said Kristin Smith Diwan, a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington.


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