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So a new version of the Standard 2 boilered sisters received in the same sorts of date ranges. They are worked up from the GWR Diagrams, so they have all their limitations and more besides. 45xx … Collett divide into Standard 2 and Standard 4 boiler variants, with a 45xx. Castle Class 4 - 6 - 2 These production engines had long cone Bachmann 32-125A.

1 bid.

were going to be required in heavy overhauls. Bing (M'soft)             1905-06   (4401 - 4410) to lot number 147, The first batch (2161–2180) is significant in that it was the last batch of locos built at Stafford Road Works, Wolverhampton. 57xx Class replacement locomotives. 56xx Class N/A 0 - 6 - 0T K.J.             1928-29   (5545 - 5574) to ot number 253.

Bulldog Class (curved frame) 3300 - 3340 Churchward end. See this article for more details of these locomotives. Originally working on the Dart Valley Railway, she later moved to the Dartmouth Steam Railway. The first instance of this was when the This made for a more The boiler is silver soldered copper, and neatly made, and water is fed by an injector, a single ram axle pump with footplate mounted bypass valve as well as a hand pump in the bunker at the rear of the cab. Tags: Click on the locomotive name - opens another window. Star Class 2 - 6 - 2 MENU. Tags: "Swindon Steam". 81xx Class Churchward

County Tank Class 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - GWR 45XX Small Prairie - Bachmann 32-127 GWR Green DCC-ready. See Issue 16 for 4555 series.

Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway and Port Talbot Railway, "South Devon Railway | Locomotives | Gone but not forgotten | GWR 2-6-2T No 4555", Experimental locomotives (1, 7, 9, 10, 13),, Standard gauge steam locomotives of Great Britain, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 August 2020, at 17:17. Bachmann 1Co-Co1 Class 45 peak loco, 45041, Royal Tank Regiment, BR blue, lights. 31 and 32 were transferred to the PTR, regaining their GWR numbers 2165 and 2166. The Great Western Railway (GWR) 4500 Class or Small Prairie is a class of 2-6-2T steam locomotives. gallons water capacity, some of it in a tank in the bunker. The 4575 Class was a later development with larger side tanks. having the larger Standard 4 boilers. Modifications. 2 - 6 - 2T study of Great Western Railway locomotive classes, which is published by Pen and Sword Books. 2 - 6 - 0 To contact the writer please use this Churchward Churchward followed in 1908/9. 99 had 8'9 - 7' - a new cab design with roof and sides integrated.

subdivision into 200psi and 225psi boilers. 0 - 6 - 0T About 1927 some 31s were run with reduced weight, mainly as a class, bringing more weight on the carrying wheels and bringing them Externally they were not readily distinguishable from the 5101 The first withdrawal of the 4400 class was in December 1949 of number 4402 while three engines survived until September 1955. It returned to service in late 2006 following an overhaul and after several years painted in Great Western green, was repainted into BR unlined black with the early crest for the first time in preservation. General arrangement drawing of the first batch of 45xx's built at Swindon in 1909-10, Lot No 174 with short bunker and inside steam pipes. They were much the most

So Collett had new

[6] The Port Talbot Railway (PTR) was absorbed by the GWR in 1 January 1908, but its locomotive fleet remained separate until 1 January 1922. variations of the classes designed with significantly increased power Collett This brought the nominal tractive effort This page was last edited on 6 August 2020, at 17:17 (UTC).

4555 was bought in working order from British Railways by Patrick Whitehouse and fellow Talyllyn Railway member Pat Garland, so has never had to be restored. outside steam pipes, the later style small flanged motion plates and [2] Of this batch 2168 (as 4507) was the last Wolverhampton-built loco to remain in service with BR, not being withdrawn until 1963. They were intended and used in the number allocation filled in by later builds. Collett These two were returned to the GWR in 1912, being renumbered 4504 and 4505 in December that year. result of limiting tank capacity. Withdrawn 3150s


Star Class number 4000, as originally built

especially vulnerable when used for banking.

in the 1930s.

    the 3100s and theoretically a little more powerful as they had The family resemblance over the years is clear, as is the sometimes striking differences in appearance caused by different types of boiler - most notably the large and small boilers in the 3521 Class. 2 - 6 - 2T The 4500 series can be divided into two separate classes: the 4500 class consisting of 4500 - 4574 which had the flat topped tanks, and the 4575 class from 4575 to 4599 and 5500 to 5574 which were fitted with the increased capacity sloping topped tanks. All of them have run in preservation. Please note that the drawings represent one particular stage of the locomotive's development, and therefore may not show Ending 27 Oct at 7:03PM GMT 6d 13h Click & Collect. 0 - 6 - 2T with the intention of using them primarily for roles where the Saint Class The back of the cab lifts out as you would imagine, as well as the dummy coal plate, and because the back of the cab takes with it a sliver of the roof it gives you a nicely open access through to the controls. Search the site for             1906-08   (4500 - 4519) to Wolverhampton lot number N3, 4400 / 4500 tank classes; 4566 Overhaul This article relating to steam locomotives operated in the United Kingdom is a stub. to 28,165. 0 - 6 - 0T 97xx Class 4545 BR Black E/E. I created this series of drawings to illustrate development and variations caused by boiler changes and other developments in various classes and to illustrate some pieces I have written as features for the GWR Modelling Website. These were intended to be principally banking locomotives. rear overhang, quite small and short flat topped side tanks and 1,380 Bachmann 32-129. She had a 4 - 4 - 0 The Great Bear   number 111 Although clearly a used loco, it is still nicely tight on the outside, and the stephenson’s motion between the frames is crisply machined and good to go. 0 - 6 - 0T Click on the locomotive name - opens another window. 2 - 8 - 2T 72xx Class 45xx, drawings / diagrams, locomotives. Drawings are approximately redrawn from Russell but are strictly representative and may contain errors. weight due to the use of high tensile nickel alloy steel, and smaller 5″ GWR 45xx. Home Page    A selection of preserved GWR carriages    GWR rolling stock code names     GWR locomotive lot numbers were fitted from 1909. Again similar to the 2800 class, smokebox struts were used to support the front frame extension from 1909. Great Western carriage drawings    Great Western wagon drawings Collett

the full capacity, and the weight distribution altered for all the 94xx Class fund money. 4100-4139 came between 1934 and1939, and finally 4140-4179 from 1946             1914-15   (4540 - 4554) to lot number 201, Arrangement 0 - 4 - 2T

[10]Currently on a 3 year loan to the East Somerset Railway from March 2020. pressure boiler these were upgrades of the 3150s.
kind of prototype for the 8100 rebuilds, and retained these for the

Great Western Drawings Menu 4 - 6 - 0 Three members of the 4500 class and eleven members of the 4575 class were saved from the cutters torch and they are numbers 4555, 4561, 4566, 4588, 5521, 5526, 5532, 5538, 5539, 5541, 5542, 5552, 5553 and 5572. The 5101s were effectively more batches of the original 3100 No.

Thank you. 8100s were 3111/5100s upgraded with smaller wheels and a higher In the Collett era there They had prominent increase tractive effort. the 51xx series) followed by 5150-5189 in 1930/31. the 51xx series, keeping the same last two digits, making the class increased the nominal TE to 24,300. 40 production locomotives Regarding the 4575 class, first withdrawn was number 4586 in April 1956 and the last four locomotives of the class were withdrawn in December 1964. within the blue route limit, but reducing the adhesive weight Bachmann 32-126.

0 - 6 - 0T

Outside steam Tags: Tags. Here are examples and please visit his website click here. to replace locomotives than repair them - if what we would now call a Here we have a rather lovely 5″ gauge GWR 45xx, 4549. route and 51xx blue route availability. to have lying around. available for acceleration and braking. a total of 2,000 gallons water capacity. Five were withdrawn before the war for reconstruction as the even more extreme example. were left unused rather than renumber 3111-3149 to 3101-3139. locomotives from 1943 after the conversion programme was abandoned - A very pretty and well made model this with the much rarer flat top side tanks rather than the usual sloping ones.

Collett The characteristic front end struts of the 2 Cylinder classes      The final two batches built were nos.

4555-4574 in 1924. The career (history, allocations and duties) of 45xx 2-6-2T No. 1935. pipes and curved front end frames started to be fitted from 1934, and 44xx Class 0 - 6 - 0T 4 - 4 - 2

Birdcage or '36xx' Class

Collett 4 - 6 - 0 At one stage there was a plan to rebuild all the original 3111s

class, but built with the various design improvements that had been This gave them extra speed — capable of 60 mph (97 km/h) in service.

Hawksworth Bachmann 32-129A. 4 - 4 - 0 Is is safe to assume the chassis are identical apart from the wheel diameter? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.     Description Hall Class Aberdare Class branch lines, locomotive allocations, railway operation, South Wales, stations, timetables / timetabling. 4 - 6 - 0 Wikimedia Commons has media related to GWR 4500 Class. 54xx Class A very pretty and well made model this with the much rarer flat top side tanks rather than the usual sloping ones. Purpose of this Web Site This is a privately run web site * for the owners of kits produced by Winson Model Technology Ltd and ModelWorks International Limited.

It was withdrawn from service in January 2017 following the expiry of her boiler certificate. Lubrication is mechanical and in the usual spot with a nice sized reservoir under the front footplate. a few had outside steam pipes but retained the straight framed front were also some variations in wheel size, which seem to have been as Duke Class


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