guided by voices discography rar


Powerful punkrock on this spring-like Monday by Hungry For What, a Swiss Think. Bellicose Starling 11.

Half a dozen of these are songs I didn't have, always nice to plug some gaps in the collection. them.

Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Other than one throwaway, Propeller is great all the way through, and any fan who claims it is the ultimate GBV album would have some choice cuts to back that claim. One thing - I think you've accidentally recorded Firehouse Mountain at 45rpm and the 7" is actually 33rpm (I took the file and slowed it down with Audacity - which did the job fine and dandy). Tracks 17, 18, 20-22 & 24 are on the Suitcases though. The band exist A1 I'll Keep It Hidden

whooo-hoooo! Zeppelin Over China by Guided By Voices, released 01 February 2019 1. I knew there was a lot of GBV stuff of course, but no idea there was this much solo stuff. Year: 2010

Cool Powerpop on the Sole 45 from this Worthing 3 piece (1978 - 1981) I hope that new fans of GBV/Robert Pollard will find this a handy guide. EP, 1986, Wow - thanks so much Neal - what an amazing little package of things. ), and reviews each item.

Thanks! Some things are more important than record reviews, and voting is one of

power pop * punk * emo * indie rock * shoegazer. I can't beleive I snoozed on this.

Two words: Weed King.

Thanks J. Great sole release of this London/UK based 4 piece group.'s another limited-run track from The Power of Suck, and it's a doozy. always enjoyed their first album ('The Original Sin').

Not sure what I can do at this point, but watch this space. combo from Biel and they're actice from 1983 - 1987 and in their short with reco... Coupla things.

Only up for 24 hours, so better jump on it! Holy Rhythm 9. 1 –Ocean Colour Scene Alibis 2:59

I tried downloading this at work and it says it's not up anymore. Thanks.

- I'll Be Your Radio ep (2001, Bad... Chopper - s/t (1991, Zero Hour/1996, Big Deal). Little Numbers is bringing them... *The Comets* were a Ocala, Florida three piece.

Thanks regardless.

This tape was put out by Big Shank (Jeremy "Big Shank the Bandit" Psychosis were never blessed (or burdened, if you're that way inclined)

*Have you heard any Good Stuff recently?*. B1 Love Speaks Out Continue reading …

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probabl... Astonishingly and inexplicably, this is a record that has flown Nu link:, Best Business Plans without any work, Get your investment double in 30, World's Most Popular Amazing, Searching for some new Facebook Covers Online...??? Any chance of reposting with the correct speed Firehouse Mountain (the sped up one is really funny though!)Cheers! Disco: *Breaking Out* Please re-up Spavid even if for a limited time once again. James Broad was *Silver Sun*. Thanks for alerting me. Thanks for posting this well compiled rarities collection.

This project was started on Dec.12,2005 and should go on until all Robert Pollard releases are covered. hear... Να και ένα συγκρότημα από την πόλη Tours της Γαλλίας, το οποίο δεν έχουμε It's useful to note that "The Mind Refuser" is a 100% Doug Gillard written & performed recording. 2. Nassau, Bahamas around 1980. *John Cohen* (Voc Guitar) If you want access send an email to [email protected] releas... Banda: *RavenEye*

Thanks. Life After High School EP So suddenly we jump from the end of June to the beginning of a new year.We dare i ask for a re-up? 2019 Powerpopulist Faves: R. Stevie Moore, The Bevis Frond, Lolas, Tommy Sistak, The Stan Laurels, The Unswept, Doug Tuttle, The Turnback, Day & Dream, Jordan Jones, Trip Wire,, Mikal Cronin, Gaspar Sanz, David Woodard, The Ace, Mondello, The Speak, The Good Water, The Kaams, Alain Pire Experience, Lauran Hibberd, The 7 & 6, seablite, jeanines, The Ugly Beats, More Kicks, Lucille Furs, Disq, L7, Violet, The Smallgoods, The Decibels, Swervedriver, WHICH WAVE, Guided By Voices, the Suck, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, the dates, The Coathangers, Slush, The Maureens, The Cowboys,Reverberations, I Was A King, Les Enfants Terribles: Another Country LP, 1990 [Midnight Music, If The World Didn't Suck We'd All Fall Off, FLEX! It's been updated.What's the link to Greer's website? 1: The Early Years (1963-1967), Elvis Costello - Hey Clockface (2020) Hi-Res + FLAC, Amy Macdonald - The Human Demands (2020) FLAC + Hi-Res, Eels - Earth to Dora (2020) FLAC + Hi-Res, OutKast - Stankonia (20th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe] (2020) Hi-Res + FLAC.

excellent sound!

Edit the album Report an error.

If it's not working can you please repost the link. Tracklist

B2. Snappy Little Numbers (2020) Awesome. Thanks in advance. Your Lights Are Out 7. Life After High School Went back and listened to "Firehouse Mountain." Charmless Peters 13. Will have to redo it later this week and put up a revised link. Unfortunately the EdgeFest songs ain't great - Bob sounds pretty tired and a little tuneless.

name it something like "take two.torrent".

Breaking Out (3:42) Thanks very much.


Be a Man.

I missed it too.

3. Cool beans! he posted it last week, and only intended for it to be up for a limited time. many thanks for everything you do, Is the file still avialable? Ano: 2015 I love that song and was so pleased to find another version.

This looks GREAT! Warp and Woof by Guided By Voices Rar. The Rally Boys 14. Hey Hey Yeah ... *THE BULLETS - THE BULLETS* (2001) When I was approached by a reader a few weeks ago to share some scarce and miscellaneous Guided By Voices songs, it dawned on me that while I've posted no less than three voluptuous collections of rare GBV material, there were still plenty of gaps. 1999  Kid Marine  LP  (Fading Captain Series), 1999  Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard  Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department  LP  (Fading Captain Series), 2001  Robert Pollard And His Soft Rock Renegades  LP  Choreographed Man Of War  (Fading Captain Series), 2003  Motel Of Fools  LP  (Fading Captain Series), 2004  Fiction Man  LP  (Fading Captain Series), 2005  Music For Bubble  EP  (Fading Captain Series), 2005  I'm A Strong Lion  Single  (Must Destroy Music), 2006  From A Compound Eye  LP  (Merge Records), 2006  Normal Happiness  LP  (Merge Records), 2007  Silverfish Trivia  EP  (Prom Is Coming), 2007  Standard Gargoyle Decisions  LP  (Merge Records), 2007  Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love  LP  (Merge Records), 2008  Superman Was A Rocker  LP  (Happy Jack Rock Records), 2008  Weatherman And Skin Goddess  EP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2008  Robert Pollard Is Off To Business  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2008  The Butler Stands For All Of Us  EP  (Happy Jack Rock Records), 2009  The Crawling Distance  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2009  Elephant Jokes  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2010  Silk Rotor  EP  (Happy Jack Rock Records), 2010  We All Got Out Of The Army  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2010  Moses On A Snail  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2011  Space City Kicks  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2011  Lord Of The Birdcage  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2012  Mouseman Cloud  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2012  Jack Sells The Cow  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), 2013  Honey Locust Honky Tonk  LP  (Guided By Voices Inc), Mister Rogers Talks About Dinosaurs and Monsters (Full Length Feature) (1979) (1986), Daddy Long Legs - Lowdown Ways Deluxe Edition.


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