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When and where did you meet the first time? Marriage Based Green Card Interview Questions. Does your spouse have any nieces or nephews?

Which side of the bed do each of you sleep on? Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state. At a marriage fraud interview (also known as a stokes interview) an officer will place both spouses in their own interview room and you will each be interviewed separately. They have been married for about 18 months and Emily filed for Adjustment of Status following the marriage. Before beginning the process of filing a petition, it’s best that you know all of your options. Where do you keep your clothes? Do you buy gifts for your in-laws on important holidays?

Top Tips for Sponsoring a Family Member Green Card, Getting a Marriage-Based Green Card With a Criminal History, How to Prove Your Marriage is Bona Fide for a Green Card.

Do you write checks for paying the bills or do you pay bills online? Additional green card benefits include being able to: This marriage-based green card, which should be carried on the immigrant spouse at all times, is valid for ten years. toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Having met with two attorneys before our consultation with Miss Shilpa she really stood out so to speak. Have you and your spouse gone to see a movie (or any other form of entertainment) lately? Where did some of your first dates take place?

If you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served? Did you get married to get into the U.S.? If your spouse has a college degree, when and where did he/she acquire it? Where?

Contact an immigration attorney to learn what’s best for you and your spouse. Can I Work While Waiting for a Marriage-Based Green Card? Looks like you were working on a application just now. If you are unsure what to expect during your Green Card marriage interview, or have a complex Green Card scenario, Schedule A Consultation With Immigration Lawyer Today >>. i have just received our passports from the US Consulate, with the approved visa stamped.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for being there since the very beginning and helping me through out this whole process. Marriage-based green card interviews are held at a USCIS office and will be conducted by a trained immigration official. What types of entertainment do you both enjoy? If a USCIS officer suspects any fraud they may investigate your place of residence and look closely at photographs you provided to determine if they have been altered.

All told, your marriage-based green card timeline can take as little as seven months or as long as two years depending on your route and situation. Have you ever been to a game with your spouse? Did you eat dinner together last night?

What hours do you work? If so, what are their names and ages? The interview is a part of the Adjustment of Status stage for applicants who are already in the U.S. at the time of application. How long was it before you decided to get married?

Who walks it or cleans its cage, kitty litter box, etc.? If you about get a green card for U.S. then you must know that it isn’t just about filling forms, after you have done some formalities, an officer will come an interview you.

What are the visitation arrangements with the non-custodial parent? What cell phone provider does your spouse use? In which rooms? Do you think that your relationship will work? An immigrant visa is usually valid for up to six months from the date of issuance unless your medical examination expires sooner, which may make your visa valid for less than six months.

Does he/she pay child support?

What do you like best about the other? What is the city and country of your spouse’s birth?

dsq.src = '//' + disqus_shortname + ''; Speak your mind. If your spouse has children from a previous marriage, what are their names and ages, where do they live, and where do they go to school? If so, describe the circumstances who you met. This step can be significantly delayed if the USCIS issues a Request for Evidence (RFE).

Are you worried that she married you for a green card? Think of the interview as an opportunity to give the officer a window into your life as a couple, not as an obligation to portray the ideal marriage. Did they get married before you got married to your husband/wife? Interview appointment letter from the National Visa Center (NVC). Citizenship; Reviews. What type of refrigerator do you have (Top- or Bottom-Freezer, Side-by-Side or French doors)?

The Officer may even ask you to sketch a particular room or portion of the residence or you both may be asked to show your house keys and tell what keys go to each door. Their preparation helped them answer all the USCIS marriage interview questions confidently and convincingly. What is your nightly routine before going to bed? A spouse is eligible to obtain a green card for an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen. Wedding – Questions about the day you tied the knot are common. Questions can focus on, for example, the history of your relationship, your daily activities as a married couple, and your future plans together.

The questions asked in this portion of the green card application are too numerous to list in this guide. Just remember to remain calm and honest throughout the interview.

Family Green Card Interview Sample Questions.

The purpose of the Green Card marriage interview is to identify sham and/or fraudulent marriage arrangements that are entered into solely for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits.

The U.S. embassy or consulate will also provide a sealed packet containing documents that you must present to U.S. Customs and Border Protection at a port-of-entry (like an airport or border crossing) upon your arrival in the United States. Start the application with Boundless within the next 14 days, and you'll save $50.

As proof, do you have a bank letter or cancelled checks? In this situation, it’s almost always better to be overprepared than under. Petition for Alien Relative (USCIS Form I-130), Application to Register Permanent Residence (USCIS Form I-485), Biographic Information (USCIS Form G-325A), Permission for Work Authorization (Optional) (USCIS Form I-765), Medical Examination Results (USCIS Form I-693), Request for Travel Documents (Optional) (USCIS Form I-131), File Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, To remove the conditions on a green card based on marriage, you must file, Proof of citizenship for sponsoring spouse. If so, where? The officer will expect to see both spouses to have the same number of corresponding keys for the primary residence.

From the moment my wife and I met with Miss Shilpa she set our expectations and helped us submit our visa applications. See the updates fess if. What is the name of your child’s teacher? When was the last time you saw them? Before and while answering marriage-based green card interview questions, it is best that you utilize the tips for marriage-based green card interview questions listed above to be a few steps ahead. Expect many more, such as, "How many people attended your wedding," "What did you do for the most recent Valentine's Day?," and "What did you eat for dinner and dessert last night?".

For example, do you spend Thanksgiving with one family and Christmas with another? Green card interview questions for spouses tend to dig a little deeper than typical interviews. It is our opinion that the USCIS interview is the most crucial stage of the process.

Dress appropriately.

If so, what kind? Does your spouse have any siblings? Provide the names, if possible phone numbers. Is it gas or charcoal? How long did you date before deciding to get married?

If you are currently under a U.S. visa status, then you can choose to adjust your status through the I-485 form, which takes an additional six months to process. That’s because marriage is one of the primary ways that fraudulent visas are requested. What days of the week do you work?

The officer will also review the attached documents and your I-140 petition to determine if all the information provided by you is genuine. Reflect on the history of your relationship. How much time have you and your spouse spent together in person? Why or why not? If, for example, you have a new address, have married or divorced, have changed your legal name, have lost or switched jobs, and so on, you will need to make sure that your immigration file reflects the latest information. Practice, practice, practice. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your case will be denied if each spouse has different answers to the same questions. Does your child attend day care? In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service.

If you live in an apartment or condominium: TIP Briefly, this section asks about your involvement in any organizations or groups that the U.S. government may or may not deem threats to national security.

For marriage-based applications the interview is especially crucial. What is it? If yes, how much is it? This green card grants the immigrant spouse permanent residency in the U.S. which allows them to live, work, and study in the U.S. legally. What is your spouse’s most (or least) favorite food? If you just need to know your visa eligibility or have a few short questions. Do you know your spouse’s salary? It’s normal for you to forget things about your marriage but you can work together to jog each other’s memory prior to the interview.

Do you use bottled or a water filtration system? When did you leave? Once you send in your I-130 petition, you can expect to receive a notice of receipt from the USCIS within two weeks. You may need to get an updated police certificate. Our experienced immigration lawyers will be happy to assist you. Do you use a garage door opener? Which ones? Where do you typically celebrate it? The interview may also be video-taped.


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