granado espada best characters

By allowing players to combine up to three personalized classes at once, Sword delivers a previously unseen level of depth in character development and gameplay strategy. Equipment: You can get new equipment for your characters in several ways. Though Greatswords hit a tad bit harder than polearms, they have no area effect and are almost just as slow, which makes this stance hard to get along with.

The main advantage of this skill is the quick and clean knockdown with 10 seconds recovery, other than that, you might have this maxed already from Middle Guard (which is highly recommended). – Vincent Rio + 1 Encore ring and 1 other stance ring Heal: The probably most casted skill in Granado Espada, allows the scout to recover the HP of a team or squad member.

Required Stance Level: 4 Shared Stance: Straight Shot Required Skill Points: 1 Range: 1m Area Type: None Knockback: 6m Number of Targets: 1 Effects: Knockdown SP Consumption: 150 Cast Time: 1.5 Seconds Duration: None Recovery Time: 10 Seconds, 1: 70% 2: 76% 3: 82% 4: 89% 5: 95% 6: 101% 7: 108% 8: 114% 9: 120% 10: 127% 11: 133% 12: 139%. This is a great skill for PvP, as you can knock a group of people over and it can be used for nuking in PvE too. The skills are gained at later levels similiar to dagger stances when using a scout. It just has to be an area where you can survive without using AOE's. Current To Do List: -Table of Contents -Fonts -Warlock Section -RNPC Section -Pictures -Confirmation and correction of all present information, Required Level: What Base Level the character needs to be in order to learn this stance Required Weapon: What equipment is required for this stance Required Stance: Which other stance is prerequisite of ths stance and what level must it be Stance Traits: Attributes of the stance Combinable Stance: Stances that require the same equipment and can be easily changed to Stance Bonusses: Additional advantages provided by the stance. A close-up shooting stance utilizing the bayonet. . HP, 15 Attack Rating, 161 Attack, 15 Defense Rating, 40 Defense Level 40: ? The fighter’s Escrima is similiar to that of Soho and Lisa Linway, but scouts have a different version of this stance. This Stance is also capable of cancelling opponent skills and Counter Attacking them with an own move. Heaven and Hell (Adelina): Adelina’s version of this stance is highly superior to that of the Stock characters, as she attacks much faster due to her high agility and uses sabres instead of swords, making it a much deadlier DPS stance.

View an image titled 'Female Fighter Concept Art' in our Granado Espada art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Required Stance Level: 8 Shared Stance: Defending Guard Required Skill Points: 2 Range: Adjacent Area Type: None Knockback: 4.5m Number of Targets: 1 Effects: Damage varies by Target size SP Consumption: 200 Cast Time: 1.33 + 1.7 Seconds Duration: None Recovery Time: 10 Seconds, 1: 236% (Small Target), 471% (Medium Target), 707% (Large Target) 2: 257% (Small Target), 514% (Medium Target), 771% (Large Target) 3: 278% (Small Target), 557% (Medium Target), 835% (Large Target) 4: 300% (Small Target), 600% (Medium Target), 899% (Large Target) 5: 321% (Small Target), 642% (Medium Target), 964% (Large Target) 6: 343% (Small Target), 685% (Medium Target), 1028% (Large Target) 7: 364% (Small Target), 728% (Medium Target), 1092% (Large Target) 8: 385% (Small Target), 771% (Medium Target), 1156% (Large Target) 9: 407% (Small Target), 814% (Medium Target), 1221% (Large Target) 10: 428% (Small Target), 857% (Medium Target), 1285% (Large Target) 11: 450% (Small Target), 899% (Medium Target), 1349% (Large Target) 12: 471% (Small Target), 942% (Medium Target), 1413% (Large Target). Double Gun Shot. They have access to several AOE skills as well as many protective buffs for their allies and deadly debuffs for their enemies. Dull Attack: Short and Simple move with low damage, but the chance to stun, spammable and without any unecessary animations. Nevertheless, it completes the skill set of this stance and offers your defender a chance to actually deal some damage when needed. Dagger Venenosa: Enchants the dagger with the chance to poison the enemy, causing damage over time.

Though more difficult to learn than other stances, its deadly power makes it worth mastering. Concentration is the only advantage a Musketeer would have over Grace Bernelli (aside of that 1 Constitution, which gets evened out by the fact that Bernelli can wear fighter armor). All spells are at remarkably low SP expense, but require certain potions. Having this on can really save you in PvP, while you might not find yourself in the need of it all too often otherwise. In PvP, fighters are unmatched, as most of their skills has no cast bar and can knock things over because they are melee. though there is absolutely no point in doing so, as this stance will neither ever give you bonusses nor skills, though the NPC Gracielo has a differed version of this stance. Recovery Time: 4 Seconds, Level 1: ? SP Consumption: 250 Cast Time: 3.03 Seconds Duration: None Recovery Time: 15 Seconds, Required Stance Level: 16 Shared Stance: Epee Guard Required Skill Points: 3 Range: Adjacent Area Type: None Knockback: 4.5m Number of Targets: 1 Effects: Character moves forward notably during the skill animation.


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