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That used the 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle, the first in human history. Were the limestone blocks used at Giza made and not quarried? (21) His successor the pharaoh Djedefre then built a small, crumbly pyramid, which sloped at the lower and safer angle of 48°, far to the North of Giza. The Spiritual being who was the Chief, Khenet, of the Westerners (Imenetiu) was Osiris, Us-Ir. Faint marks were repainted, some were new…’ One could not expect anything much clearer. They have restored and preserved much of the original Hieroglyphic texts. there is no need to be discouraged by the educated nay opinions of Egyptologists.

", 56a. On what basis did he do this, as he was not allowed to bring back any photographs with him? He lost the sarcophagus of the 3rd pyramid, which sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean. It was covered not only with red quarry-marks but with cartouches bearing the pharaoh’s name, Khufu. 30 Fingerprints, 2001 2nd Edition, Appendix with TV interview of 1999 text, p.627. The ancient Egyptians surely derived their notion of ‘sekheds’ from these prior-existing pyramids: that of 4/5 for the ‘3rd’ pyramid, of ¾ for the 2nd pyramid, then of 11/14 for the Great Pyramid. According to Mark Lehner on page 126 of "The Complete Pyramids" in the Kh’afr’a Valley Temple "There are 23 statue bases, though the one at the center of the leg of the T-shaped hall is wider and perhaps was counted twice, making 24 in all." 530b. (22). 1008c. 1454b. One of the strangest unrecognized facts in Egyptology is the really quite obvious connection between the Saqqara Pyramid Texts and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The only statue of Khufu (‘Cheops’) is located in the Cairo Museum, in an obscure glass cabinet. had occasionally "fiery jets" issuing "from the cherubim" … which "burned and destroyed nearby objects" ( … it is because a Candidate has come near you, O fiery serpent, PT 194b), "was able to counteract gravity" ( … Which. Said [in the King’s Chamber facing north] were the words: You (O Eye) wake in calm, so that wake in calm will the Veil, so that wake in calm will that Eye which is veiled, …. 19. Utterances 303-305 and 308 belonged exclusively to the North wall of the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, Utterances 273-274, 277, 280-293, 295-296, 299, 384, 408 and 419-421 belonged exclusively to the East wall of the Queen’s Chamber and. On what basis did he do this, as he was not allowed to bring back any photographs with him? (5) The distance from the top of the pyramid to the base of the King’s Chamber, in relation to pyramid height, exactly expresses the root-two value. It is not too surprising that Nine might have such a weird connection with miraculous forces because in 1926, Erwin Schroedinger discovered a strange Quantum Mechanical Equation which turned out to have just such a set of Nine prototype solutions for the electron energy structures of the hydrogen atom. (12) How did that affect his central thesis?

That involved the square root of two – and the square root of three! And therefore it may be dead wrong to translate it as a strictly physical, astronomical object in an equally physical sky. Consistency really demands "sweeping" over "perishing" in these texts. If you wonder what kind of person would deliberately blast-damage the Sphinx, here is your answer! Such a family record, composed in 1954 was then reproduced in the 2007 Sitchin book (p.31). Perhaps it has… after the Old Kingdom. See one of the roughly-daubed cartouches at. Earth’s polar radius scaled in proportion to GP height, to 99.8% (Fingerprints, p.460): base 60 maths was Sumerian-Babylonian, not Egyptian. Its slope angle had a 5:4 gradient. That bisection surely has to be intentional. Egyptologists no longer even try to translate the ancient word Us-Ir, because they think that it has undergone too many changes in the course of time. This was equivalent to having pi as 3.16, no doubt impressive for ancient times, and books compare that to the more exact 3.14 pi value expressed in the Great Pyramid’s slope angle – however, these are very different kinds of problem; only from our modern viewpoint can we move easily between the two. Sitchin, Journeys, p.21; Stairway, p.277. Mark Lehner, The Complete Pyramids, 1997, p.60, 20. Throughout these texts, Egyptologists have never understood that the astronomical Stars were always being used as precise metaphors for fundamental Spiritual Stars in consciousness which are clearly defined in the known meanings of their names. The most promising approach to completing the decipherment of words is the exploration of defining puns for them, using the 24 alphabetical meanings and pictographs combined with the artificially programmed grammar. … un Whenever opened her is the Sight en Heru of Heru in Aker by the Great Sphinx unand whenever opened her is the Sight en Aker of the Great Sphinx in Heru by Heru, 555b. are [also] Polestars. Ralph Ellis, Thoth, Architect of the Universe, 1997, p.21-2. The so-called "Imperishable Star" is in fact an idealized, perfect Polestar or Tunnel Opening in the inner sky of visual consciousness in The Great Pyramid Texts as well as in the "Book of the Dead.". The 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle turns up for the first time ever, in the slope of the 2nd pyramid, then inside the King’s Chamber in the diagonal plane. (13). Our knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, History and the Hieroglyphs has progressed far enough to reveal unmistakable evidence for the existence of highly advanced lost civilizations. it is because the two sets of Nine Spinal gods have purified for him. If four Prototype Arks of the Covenant can now be in the Cairo museum, there is no reason why the Biblical Ark can’t be in Axum, Ethiopia.

If that base of the 2nd pyramid had been constructed millennia earlier, would builders eons later have chosen to carve out a chamber and passage deep within its base? Utterances 253-259, 467-468, 471-483 and 487 belonged exclusively to the West wall of the Queen’s Chamber, where another Aker-Sphinx text is found in 483 and two more Atlantis references in 468 and 482. 23 Petrie, ref (2): ‘The whole of the pyramid, inside and outside, is so far less accurate than the two larger…’ p. 204; ‘granite just covered one quarter of the height of the pyramid,’ p.113. Indeed we rather gain the impression it was the same red paint! Dua means "dawning" and when the t ending is added, Duat should mean "the dawning Eye." AoM Archive, Nick Kollerstrom is historian of science, a former honorary research fellow in Science and Technology Studies at University College, London (UCL), and a former lunar gardening correspondent for the BBC. But Egyptologists still believe that these North wall writings of the Saqqara King’s Chambers are just "offering rituals.". On 26th April 1837, Colonel Howard Vyse’s documentary record Operations recorded, ‘All hopes of an important discovery were not yet given up.’ He had bored a sixteen-foot hole into the Sphinx’s shoulder but found nothing much (likewise for a huge hole he made right down the middle of the 3rd Giza pyramid). But Faulkner has "O Eye of Horus, be high and great on the King," where he thought the Eye of Horus was nothing but some incense. The Saqqara Pyramid Texts are filled with advanced knowledge about the Tunnel of Near Death Experiences, which only just began to be rediscovered scientifically in the 20th century from the black-out experiences of healthy young Air Force pilots subjected to high g-forces in a giant centrifuge. Utterances 207-208, 210-212, 338-347, 355, 357, 459, 593-597, 599-602 and 604 belonged to the East wall of the King’s Chamber, where with some help from the ‘pun decipherment’ of untranslated artificial words and using for the Egyptian letter ‘a our English letter “short o” which came originally through Latin, Greek and Phoenician from the alphabetical ‘ayin or “forearm” Hieroglyphic letter, Utterance 341 contains wonderful information about the Great Sphinx. For the same reason, they know that any functional noun with an otherwise anonymous feminine t ending also refers to the Eye. Quoting Robin Cook, who wrote two books about the Legon ground-plan: ‘Why else build up the eastern side of Khafre’s pyramid on a giant megalithic platform when, a short distance West, it could have been founded upon natural rock?’ (6) Ralph Ellis has also commented upon how this second pyramid had been ‘countersunk into the bedrock:’ ‘The Bronze Age solution to this defect on the topography of the chosen site was ‘simple’: just form a thick raft of megalithic blocks, each weighing in at hundreds of tonnes, and then build the pyramid on top of that.’ (7) These vast blocks were finely-jointed to fit meticulously together.


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