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When Kiryu and Haruka go to Ares to meet Yumi, Jingu and his men are waiting for them.

For losing the Empty Lot race to Masaru Sera, Sohei Dojima was disgraced and lost almost all his influence and power. Nishitani tells Majima everything he knows about the situation and reveals that Makoto has been taken by the Nikkyo Consortium, run by Sera, to a brothel called Camellia Grove. Games He personally assumes this mantle after 6, feeling his actions has caused the Tojo clan to suffer through so much turmoil that he uses it as the reason for Daigo to not go to war with the Yomei. Because of this, Kiryu believed Joji to be the late Shintaro Kazama himself due to the striking resemblance. She inquires further in how the kids of the orphanage all responded to her "are you happy?" Reliable and effective, but very straight-forward. Jet Grind Radio, makes an appearance in Yakuza 2. Mizuki Sawamura (澤村 美月, Sawamura Mizuki) In exchange, Saejima had to become a member of the Sasai Family.

He can disorient opponents leaving them open to nasty follow ups.

Date's boss at the newspaper during Yakuza 3. Collaborating with Black Monday, he wanted to become the Seventh Chairman of the Tojo Clan to give him a new reason to live to render his grief non-existent. However, they were highly critical of his different personality in Kiwami, calling it "jarring", and added that Yakuza 0 failed to close this character arc. She is a withdrawn girl who has difficulties getting along with the other children. He may look like a rough thug and acts like a complete psycho, but Majima is also a skilled businessman. The furthest scene into Majima's past has him talking with Saejima about an upcoming hit on behalf the Tojo Clan. He ends up losing the fight after hanging from a cliff while Duroc tries to help him up. Tsumura was later seen with Kurahashi and attempted to shoot Kiryu when he grabbed Kurahashi, but he was shot in the arm and fled.

Mirei Park朴 美麗 (Paku Mirei?) Kiryu gives him a lesson in controlling his temper.

He is the younger brother of Shintaro Kazama, founder of the Kazama Family and father figure to Kazuma Kiryu. To get through to Mine, Kiryu challenges him to a duel to prove him wrong, which Mine accepts gladly and mentions how he won't be easily beaten. In the Arcade, Goro only has two interactions with every character, but with the release of. He smiles, acknowledging Kiryu's immense strength before falling unconscious. Occupation Kazuya Amon became blonde and now focuses on relatively swift, skillful, relatively mundane, unarmed combat. When Kiryu realises that he is going to stab his father he stops him, and the two make up. Park, knowing that she could bet it all on Haruka, agreed on the terms, thus earning the 300 million. One of the minigames introduced in the fifth game involves him cooking noodles for customers, where he even dresses the part. The true leader of the Ashura Gang in Kurohyou 2. Mortified at the realization that he has been manipulated from the start, Majima goes off on his own - taking matters into his own hands, he fights both Osamu Kashiwagi and Akira Nishikiyama for information on Makoto's whereabouts. Manpuku Chaser (満腹チェイサー)

He is shown to have a soft spot for his family members - even if he is prone to physically punishing them for their disobedience. Infuriated with his failure to participate in the raid he orders him to be tortured in his private chambers where he endured a year of pain and suffering by Shimano's personal hands. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/6ywfum/we_work_for_sega_on_yakuza_kiwami_ask_us_anything/dmquj83/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x, https://yakuza.fandom.com/wiki/Goro_Majima?oldid=80301, Goro "Ton 80" Majima (Self-proclaimed in Darts), Goro "White Horse" Majima (Self-proclaimed in Darts), Chief advisor to the sixth chairman of the, Majima is one of two characters in the series who has been shown to be a standard boss, a final boss, an AI partner in fights (.

In Yakuza 4, Tamashiro's vacant office is used as a meeting place by Kiryu, Hamazaki and Yasuko. The construction of Kamurocho Hills is still ongoing throughout the events of the game, with Majima Construction actively working towards its completion. During the second game, he works as a builder at the Kamurocho Hills construction site. Seijūrō Yoshioka is the elder son of Kempō Yoshioka, founder of the famous Yoshioka Dojo (or Yoshioka School). Like Kintaro, he could either project fireballs either from his mouth or his hands. He realized that while he saw him as a son and trusted him with everything, he never spent any time together as a family would, which lead to a lot of problems, has a child with Jingu, and is forced into a life of secrecy to protect Haruka from him, Kazama's chance at trying to stop the Jingweon massacre, believing he was in danger when he was negotiating with its leader at gunpoint. [26] However, Game Informer had similar comments as to how through his longer screen time despite not being playable, Majima manages to aid the player to make Kiryu a stronger fighter. She also mentions that the reason she had continued to work at the massage parlor where they first met was in the hopes of seeing Majima again in order to thank him. His captor picks up a knife and gouges out Majima's left eye, before leaving him at the mercy of Shimano. Calling him Ichiban, the young boy was raised with various prostitutes and the manager and gave him a loving home in the red light districts of Kamurocho until his death. He appears in the fourth game as an 11-year-old. Goro also appears on many statues in the Krypt under Shang Tsung's Island. After their fight, a group of Omi Alliance members barges in, demanding a Makoto Makimura. The Korean-Japanese barber who owns the Kamurocho barbershop that is used as an undercover hideout by the criminal police during the bank robbery case. 25 years before, he had been investigating the shooting of Yoshiharu Ueno, submitting a false report to Munakata, then the director of the criminal investigations department, implicating Saejima as the perpetrator. Kiryu convinces Goh that it's not too late to mend his ways as long as he is alive, stretching his hand out as a sign of trust. In the fourth and fifth games, his apprentices join him to take Kiryu and the other protagonists down.

Goro is also mentioned by some characters during interactions in the Arcade. The incident was covered up with help from Sugiuchi and Munakata, who helped to frame Saejima. His story in, The man himself acknowledges it proudly (and hilariously) in one of the Majima Everywhere events in. After the credits, Haruka is praying in front of someone's grave thanking them for everything, but it's Kim's. In Mortal Kombat

Majima then explains that he is only swayed by strength, and implies that he will only accept this favor by force. He even has his own personal group of assassins to eliminate targets he deems a threat. He gathered up a large amount of money, but it was stolen by a group of thugs.

Park says that the pen will prove that Haruka is with her and thus serve as a bridge to find her ex, promising to tell the details when they meet since he promised to watch Haruka's performance in Tokyo. Realising his life is in danger, Mishima goes into hiding.

He is from Osaka and serves as the main source of headaches for Tatsuya throughout the series as he has connections in both Osaka and Tokyo, in the first series he was nothing more than a petty loan shark who owns one fighter who Tatsuya must beat. After Hiroshi Hayashi and his men invade the transformer room, Tsumura attempts to stop Kage finding out Daigo Dojima's location by hacking the computers, but Kaoru Sayama beats him. Goro has the shortest Bio Kard video out of all the characters. A character appearing in the second episode. After a year of peace, the Fifth Chairman is murdered by his former colleagues, the Omi Alliance, and Kiryu finds himself pulled into another conflict that's part of a larger scheme involving the Korean Jingweon mafia. Brown This is later revealed to be his younger brother, Joji Kazama. Majima quickly abates her fear by telling her that he's one of Makimura's patients.

The Captain of the Majima family, formerly the "Mad Dog of the Shimano Family" and all round crazy dude.

However, on December 31, 2000, the Arakawa Family became implicated in a murder of a member of the Tojo Clan. Kaiji Tang shares his experiences voicing Ichiban in Yakuza: Like a Dragon", "Say Hello To Kazuga Ichiban, The Next Hero Of The Yakuza Series", "Yakuza: Like A Dragon - Everything We Know About Sega's Newest Yakuza Game", "Yakuza: Like a Dragon preview: What turn-based combat means for a Yakuza lover and JRPG hater", "Here Are The Top-20 Favourite Yakuza Characters, As Voted By Fans", "Judgment Quickly Establishes Masaharu Kaito's Role", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Yakuza_characters&oldid=984645200#Goh_Hamazaki, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from October 2020, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from October 2020, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 07:46.


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