gold skulltula 4
Clear the enemies in the room and you'll clearly see it hanging on the wall.

Enter the room on the west side of the maze, and you'll find it behind the three skull head statues. (Requires Din's Fire, Lens of Truth) Drop down one of the holes in the room with all the holes and membranes near the entrance. [NIGHT].

Climb the blue blocks to the Skulltula and melt it with Blue Fire. Climb the vines to reach it. In the first section, push the block to the cracked wall to the north and blow it up with a Bomb to find a hidden cavity. It's on the crystal platform; use Din's Fire to exterminate it, then L-target the token with the Boomerang. You'll find the spider behind one of the pillars. As for the Overworld, their locations remain the same -- just keep in mind Hyrule is reversed, so the locations will be the opposite. Climb to reach the token.

Find the soft soil next to the entrance of the Spirit Temple and plant a bug in it. In the fire maze, use the Song of Time to create blocks, which will enable you to hop over the fire walls. In the next room, dispose of the Like Like and you'll find it behind where the enemy once stood, on the wall. Best to worry about these later in the game when you have all four Bottles.

Enter the north path and reach the room with the large pool. Continue to the next room to get the Skulltula. 36 (Adult, Nighttime) Farther up the river you’ll walk across a wooden bridge. It's on the ceiling inside the cell. © Copyright 2013. Drop some bugs in, collect the spider. 31 (Either) A small opening above those same bombable stairs where you found #29.

Inside the room with the tower, bomb the south cracked wall to find a hidden room. Find the spider behind it.

One contains this Skulltula…. It's on the last target post at the Horseback Archery Range. 21 (Either) – Notice the odd-looking wall near the beginning of the trail.

From the wood's entrance, go left twice.

On the northern platform; ride the Magic Bean stalk to reach it. As you climb the brick walls to 2F, you will see it on the on the wall on the opposite side.

Unlock the northeast door from the center room. Behind the ruins of the old guard gate.

Sink down and then surface to the next cavity. 24 (Young Link) – There’s a spot of dirt near the entrance to the Fire Temple. On the west side of the bridge; it's behind the carpenters' tent on the wall. Return to that spot as an adult and use the Longshot to obtain the next token.

(You'll need to hit the eye switch behind the boulder in the main hall, then activate the switch on the floor in the center chamber.).

In the NE corner of the maze. Gold Skulltula 4 Need: Boomerang, Deku Stick Location: B1, NE corner room. All of these Skulltulas can be found as Adult Link. Listen for their telltale scurrying noise! Head northeast from the central torch/elevator room. You'll need the hookshot to grab the Token. Gold Skulltulas are special spiders -- not the regular foes, mind you -- that drop a token after being disposed of. 84 (Child) A dirt patch near the Spirit Temple, eh? [NIGHT]. Remove it and blow up the boulder below it. The Gold Skulltulas hidden in the dungeons for the Master Quest are revamped.

In the very first hall of the temple; it hangs on the wall in the NE corner. Inside the small building where you find the phantom guide.


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