gloomhaven miniatures painting guide
For example, I painted the lilac skin of the Spellweaver, then switched over to the Cragheart and painted all his clay toned skin. So off I set to watch some tutorials. I picked up a gold, bronze, silver, and a pearly white that have been great for mixing in with other paint colors and using straight as well. You can always paint over your dry paint layers, so it’s easiest to paint the spots that are the most hidden first. Next I added his hand cuffs, belt, little mouse companion, and finished off the sword. I then took a bronze color and painted in the belt, knee caps, wrist bands, and shoulder pads. I used grey and black to finish off the knife hilt and sheath. This doesn’t mean you need to plan for the same colors, but it just builds in the time you’ll need for layers to dry. Finally – although it’s not mentioned in the guide, here’s a link to the bases I’m using, which I bought on ebay. It gave me the courage to try something new. I finished with the pops of blue on his belt and his pale pink tail.

I’d like to share with you the next PDF guide in the Gloomhaven series which is for the Spelleweaver, and which you can download here!

Then, I added a darker muddy brown shadow to the cracks and used a dry brush technique to add some copper bronze color highlights. There are 916 gloomhaven miniatures for sale on Etsy, and they cost $33.91 on average. I’m the owner and lead blogger here at A Mom’s Take. The most popular color? If you get it too wet, you can use a paper towel to help remove some of the water.

You’ll probably want to wait 30-60 minutes before moving on to painting. In addition to those, I did add some metallic paints which I really enjoyed using. Start by spray painting a flat paint primer to your miniatures. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); […] colors I chose and the techniques I used to apply them immediately outs me as having researched Sorastro’s techniques for this particular piece, though my skill level obviously falls fairly short and my finished piece […], Painting Gloomhaven’s Starting Six – cogthecat's crafts. I hope you find the guide useful, and have a great weekend! The rest could easily layer over wherever the paint may have gone off the line. You don’t want the paint to run off the area you are painting, here. I have a few others from the unlocked classes to paint ahead of the Brute since we are going to be playing with them soon. Then, I finished off the details with a dark black shadow throughout and highlights with bronze and a light brown. Gallery of Gloomhaven Commissions Gloomhaven Miniature Painting Miniature Painting Service.

I added a deep black with sliver highlights around her feet to represent the darkness element. He then got added lots of deep colored arm and skirts with hues of deep grey and dark browns and bronze. If you’ve played Gloomhaven, you know why!

From there, I moved onto the magenta skirt, top, and robe. I started the Scoundrel with a rich green color for her clothes. Was this post helpful to get you started painting your own board game minis? You can do this by using your dry paper towel to remove most of the water from your paint brush. The game literally overtook all my gaming time and it was the game of choice 9 times out of 10 games that hit the table. I finished off the Spellweaver with her facial details and adding shadows and highlights throughout. Use a little drop of water to dilute your paint down just a bit. I was able to get a replacement, but since we’d already retired the Brute by the time the character arrived, my brute has yet to be painted. Save this post or share it on Pinterest to help others! Gather Your Supplies – Get Ready to Paint. Custom Miniature Painting DevPaintsMinis. My husband surprised me with Gloomhaven as a gift for Christmas in 2018. You’ll also want these additional supplies to help make painting easier: Literally pick two board game miniatures and paint them at the same time! However, in another tutorial, for KD:M’s White Lion, you used the primer only as a guide; after priming, you painted the lion with a … You don’t want this to be a super heavy coating, though, so that you don’t lose any of the characters details.

I will therefor often restrict the number of colours used, and sometimes apply a single-coloured shade or tint to an entire miniature, to try to give each character its distinct “aura”. Sorastro. Here are some examples.

Then, likewise, from white to ice blue to a medium blue to a deep blue-grey color. You’ll also want a wet (though not dripping) paint brush. However, in another tutorial, for KD:M’s White Lion, you used the primer only as a guide; after priming, you painted the lion with a color gradient and covered the primer entirely. Sign In My Account. Next, I filled in his chest cavity and eyes with a red and an orange with a shimmer white mixed in with the paints. Is one better than the other?

From there, I went in with the lightest peach skin tone. Although I’m still working my way through the “unlockable” classes, I’ve chosen to begin releasing the earlier guides here for the wider community to enjoy! Start by spray painting a flat paint primer to your miniatures. .. Meet the Team .. How to: Painting Gloomhaven Miniatures Using $1 Paints! He also got a bright neon-hued orange loot bag. Then, a clothing that would resemble leaves with hues of medium to light green. I added a silver-toned grey for her armor on her knees, shoulders, and wrists.

You don’t want this to be a super heavy coating, though, so that you don’t lose any of the characters details. Affiliate links are included in this post. I just lined up all my starting characters and quickly spray painted them all in a line. Posted on January 27, 2020January 27, 2020 By: Author Janel. I stay busy raising four boys age 11 and under. To that end I’d like to share with you the first PDF guide which is for the Brute, and which you can download for free here. Finally, I added a light blue and brighter blue to his cuffs, shoulder pads, belt, and groin cloth. Finally, to really add depth and a professional finish to your characters, add an extra watery black or other dark color to your minifigure. How to Paint Board Game Miniatures. The tinker got a coppery-orange skin as I wanted him to look a little mechanical but also earthy to combine what the tinker is really all about. I’ll add the Brute to this post when I finally get a chance to paint him. Home » DIY & Crafts » How to: Painting Gloomhaven Miniatures Using $1 Paints! Your brute looks great! For Cragheart, I started with a clay base skin tone. I added an orange pop on her necklace and made the sword look more like a posion sword with lighter swirls of green.

1. I feel that the Spellweaver is deceptively simple to paint, provided you make full use of some zenithal highlights, keep the paints well thinned, and restrict the colour palette. Likewise, you can use the dry brush (directions above) to add lighter shades like a tint of white or a brush of silver or gold to add some light, shimmer, or shine to your characters. I achieved all this variation in his clothing by adding a couple different layers and shadows and highlights.


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