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[18], Giorno a tendance à assumer la responsabilité de ses actions seuls, ce qui peut se retourner contre lui s'il échoue. Joining them? Appearance Edit. When I have to repeat something that only needs to be said once, it means that the listener is unintelligent. Au fait, à propos du bonheur dont tu parlais tout à l'heure, même en te voyant ainsi, je ne ressens aucune satisfaction, parce que je savais que j'allais gagner depuis le début. Whoever is killed by Requiem will also "have their death turned to zero", forcing them into a death loop for all eternity. Charisme: Giorno est un garçon très charismatique et est capable de tourner l'opinion des gens à son avantage grâce à ses mots et ses actions inspirants.

Gender: Male Age: 15 … Il a des cheveux blonds qui tombent jusqu'aux épaules à l'arrière attaché en une natte mais le reste de sa coiffure est plutôt courte.

Unknown. Giorno est un adolescent de 15 ans avec une taille médium et une constitution fine mais musclée. De plus, Giorno est frustré lorsqu'il est entouré de fille bruyantes qui essaient de le charmer et va franchement leur dire de partir.[24]. En observant et en cherchant les faiblesses de l'ennemi, il peut prédire leurs actions et retourner leurs actions contre eux. He is introduced as Haruno Shiobana (汐華 初流乃), a half-Japanese teenager living in Italy.

S'il semble de grands risques (par exemple en s'infectant avec le virus de Purple Haze), Giorno est en fait très prudent et prévient souvent ses partenaires de leur impatience. Massively FTL with Gold Experience (Ranked A in Speed) | Infinite with Gold Experience Requiem (Its speed is stated to be infinite by guidebooks. Avec le temps, les choses prirent une bonne tournure pour Giorno ; son beau-père cessa de le battre, et il devint populaire parmi les enfants de son âge. Giorno wears a glossy two piece suit with a checkered coat tail.

Turquoise (In our reality, In his it is a colour not found here). Born in Japan as Haruno Shiobana, he moves with his mother to Italy when she marries his new stepfather. Ironiquement, son cri de combat consiste à répéter "Muda!".

Gold Experience est un stand dit de courte portée, à savoir entre 1 et 5 mètres. Giovanna: (feminine form of the Italian name "Giovanni"), Jonathan Joestar (biological father)Unnamed motherUnnamed stepfatherGeorge Joestar II (Half-brother)Donatello Versus (Half-brother)Rikiel (Half-brother)Ungalo (Half-brother)Joseph Joestar (Half-nephew). Il a aussi guidé un serpent venimeux vers Melone, créé à partir de son propre Stand[13]; ou encore il a empalé le cou de Ghiaccio sur une pique en métal en donnant de multiples coups de pieds violents[14]. [16] Seul, Giorno montre un peu plus son côté humoristique et c'est dans l'intimité que Giorno peu laisser de côté son caractère sérieux. Lorsqu'il était enfant, Giorno était quelqu'un qui n'avait pas confiance en lui et avait une faible estime de soi, à cause des actions de son beau-père envers lui et de la négligence de sa mère. Mudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamuda!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Physical description. When he turned four, his mother married an Italian man and they moved to Italy, upon which "Haruno Shiobana" became "Giorno Giovanna". Know your place. Was it fate or some force that attracts similar Stands to each other...?

Giorno est très sérieux et ne laisse pas facilement distraire de sa mission. Il se donnera les moyens d'accomplir son rêve et ne reculera devant aucun obstacle pour rejoindre le gang "Passione". Vol à la tire: Giorno est un voleur à la tire douée. Moved within Diavolo's Time Skip), Lifting Ability: At least Peak Human. Tier: 9-B, 8-B with Gold Experience | 9-B, At least 8-B with Gold Experience Requiem, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Stand users can see invisible beings such as ghosts), Non-Physical Interaction (Gold Experience can harm Stands), Gold Experience has Intangibility and Invisibility, Size Manipulation (Stands can shrink themselves so much that they fit inside a human's ear), Life Manipulation (Can turn inorganic objects into living organisms, be it an animal or a plant, Can give even more life to beings that are already alive, making their consciousness accelerate to such a point that they'll perceived everything else to move slowly, however, their body will not follow the surge of speed, so they'll be hardly able to even move; this will also make the target feel the pain of Giorno's attacks coming slowly, This can also be used to make living targets age quickly until they die), Attack Reflection (Any attack thrown towards the living organisms he created will be reflected back to the attacker), Limited Duplication and Power Mimicry (If he uses Gold Experience to create a copy of something that already exists, the copy will have those same powers as the original, as shown when his copy of Coco Jumbo had access to his Stand, Mr.Presisdent), Limited Healing (Can turn objects into organs and body parts, and use them to replace a damaged part of his body), Limited Resurrection (Can bring a dead body back to life as an undead, but they will die again after a few days), Enhanced Senses (Can sense objects he imbues with life, and use them as trackers, as well as sensing life energy to detect opponents or to find out if an ally has been possessed), Can draw back body parts that have been removed, Limited Homing Attack (If he creates an animal out of a piece of the opponent's body, that animal will follow them and sometimes attack them), Can use his animals to create antidotes and heal him from poisons and viruses, All base form abilities, Causality Manipulation and Power Nullification (Any action taken against Gold Experience Requiem will be negated, and brought back to zero, this was shown to be capable of negating universal abilities), Willpower Manipulation (The action taken doesn't have to be a physical one, it can also be mental or apply to something else within its reach), Death Manipulation (Those killed by Gold Experience Requiem will have their deaths negated and brought back to zero, so they will keep on dying and coming back to life endlessly, in different ways each time, without any chance of ever escaping), Energy Projection, Attack Potency: Wall level (Should not be much weaker than Bruno Buccellati), City Block level with Gold Experience (Matched Sticky Fingers, Drew blood from Black Sabbath) | Wall level, At least City Block level with Gold Experience Requiem (Massively more powerful than before), Speed: Normal Human with Massively FTL reactions (Can control Gold Experience), Massively FTL with Gold Experience (Matched Sticky Fingers, Could land hits on Black Sabbath) | Normal Human with Massively FTL reactions, Infinite with Gold Experience Requiem (Can move in erased time), Lifting Strength: Regular Human, Unknown with Gold Experience | Regular Human, Unknown with Gold Experience Requiem, Striking Strength: Class KJ, Class GJ with Gold Experience | Class KJ, At least Class GJ with Gold Experience Requiem.


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