gbgw aegis gundam
Progress is indicated after Missions’ result screens as [xx left] under AI Proficiency Lvl.

The only exception for collecting more than five is with the ‘For…’ Word Tags where it provides 1% boost to every Parameters on all the Parts with the same Word Tag. Cost remains proportional to Rarity regardless of its base Rarity: Cost of ☆4 Z’gok [80] = ☆4 Nu Gundam ver.ka [80]. Shots, retreats back to mid-range after normal melee combo. 9. - All ranged weapon attacks become effective from mid-range, Sp.

Determines how quickly the Part improves as indicated with the ‘weight’ symbols. The game currently has a special, unlabeled Category of EX Skills that is identifiable for its brief freeze-frames and stylistic camera movements (Last Shooting, Iron Impact, Palma Flocina, Max Output Buster Rifle etc). A numerical indicators of the base performance of Gunpla Parts and AI Pilots. Equipping additional Parts with the same Attribute beyond five Parts will not grant additional bonuses, hence the remaining four slots of Parts can be more freely chosen by the player. Buff EX Skills are known to stack with other Buff EX Skills to achieve an outstanding increase in Parameters. There are three tiers of Growth where fewer weights leads to faster leveling. Shot Power boost only affecting Sp.Shot attacks. Hovers towards enemies and holds onto mid-range, engages into melee when the enemy actively approaches, rarely uses Steps, occasionally uses Sp. The continuing theory on the exact operations of Pierce & Power is how they operate on a percentile-based increases in their effects, initially hinted by [EX Skill Pierce/Power boosted XX%] Part Traits’ numerical indications of said boosts. It may be effective against raid-type bosses in Multi-Mission. EX Skills are not affected by this Part Trait as they have no damage falloff, with their maximum range as long as the displayed textures/projectiles.

The Aegis, GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam and GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam successfully intercepted the Archangel in mid-ocean and forced the heavily damaged assault ship to lay over at Orb for repairs. Increases the Buff / Debuff EX Skills' effects by increasing their capabilities in direct addition. 4☆ Astray Red Frame.

The Collection progress is permanently recorded after obtaining a Part, so don't worry about loss in its progress. - [Aegis Gundam Shield]’s ‘Shield Throw’ being labelled as Physical-Melee EX Skill that throws the shield at the targeted enemy - [Gundam Beam Rifle]’s ‘Last Shooting’ labelled as Beam-Shot EX Skill which requires to connect its initial melee hit to trigger its full attack The descriptions of Pierce and EX Skill further discounts the effectiveness of Pierce-based EX Skills as DEF values are even less involved in the calculation of EX Skills' DPS, leading the current in-game meta to favor the overwhelming damage output of Power-based EX Skills. Each symbol is indicating a full collection of Parts of that specific Gunpla which in turn unlocks its Paint set, Emblems and Glows when available. The Gunpla may not consume boost gauge from using Steps by certain chance. Its power is affected by your Gunpla's Shot Attack and the enemy's Beam/Physical Resist Specific EX Skills applies a unique exterior texture on the Gunpla while also activating certain Gunpla Part’s alternative models (Nu Gundam ver.ka’s visible psychoframes, Gundam Age Titus Arms’ shoulder spikes etc). Increases the recovery speed of Gunplas boost gauge. - Charge replaces Guard. Part Trait and EX Skill Lvl thresholds do not depend on Rarity. Shot Power boost (refer to this GBGW Guide's Combat -> Weapons -> LR Weapon on the explanation for Close/Mid/Long Range). - Beam-Melee It is particularly effective against powerful single-hit EX Skills.

Pay attention to Solo/Balanced/Support roles as it determines how the AI pattern decides on which enemy to target with its allies: Solo prefers attacking other unengaged enemies, Support prefers targeting the same enemies as teammates while Balanced is the middle ground between Solo and Support that seems to prefer targeting the closest enemy.

Gundam 00/Gundam Age.

- Increases Melee ATK by 10%. Every Weapons and EX Skills have a category indicating between Physical/Beam and it must correspond to this trait's demands to activate its effects. Please refer to the GBGW Guide article dedicated in clarifying between different effects of Job Licenses. Join our GNL Discord Server for latest information and to chat, discuss, and answer each others' questions, refer to this GBGW Guide's Combat -> Weapons -> LR Weapon. Short/Mid/Long-Range determines the AI pattern only when the AI Pilot is set to All-Rounder Job License. Increases the range weapon's magazine in % of its maximum capacity. Requires the player to activate the Gunpla's Attribute by equipping at least five Gunpla Parts with the same Attribute.

Hovers towards enemies and alternates between mid-range and melee, frequently uses Steps at any range followed by Strong Melees, always uses range attacks whenever the enemy is within range but running out of ammunition will cause a high-speed movement into the enemy.

4☆ Duel Gundam (Assault Shroud) 4☆ Aile Strike Gundam. When Parts do not have an EX Skill they are equipped with Part Traits, providing varieties of unique passive bonuses that are activated during combat. Increases the damage values by flat amount when the corresponding attack types are used.

The inverse of 'Piercing boosted' Part Trait where it decreases the enemy's EX Skills' Pierce values when attacking the player's Gunpla. The damage reduction has been estimated to cut off direct % as indicated, making this Part Trait incredibly powerful in nullifying the enemies' high-damage attacks. - No additional abilities These special EX Skills, where the community dubbed them as "cinematic", "hissatsu", "cutscene" EX Skills, are responsible for having the strongest and flashiest attacks in the game. Rank, Rarity, Parameters, EX Skills, Traits and Word Tags. This particular Part Trait increases both Normal and Sp. Part Traits are passive bonuses that are activated during combat when their conditions are fulfilled. In MA mode, it has two different sub modes, 'cruise' and 'attack'. Requires the player's Gunpla to match the trait's Armor percentile condition to activate the trait's effects.

USE: Player1 (EX Skill Effect up 20% & Combat Stance y) + Player2 (Archer Stance y), EFFECT: Player1 ( [Combat Stance y+20%] & [Archer Stance y] )  ,  Player2 (Combat Stance +20%y & Archer Stance y).

According to these descriptions, attacking with EX Skills does not calculate the enemies' DEF Parameter values. Hovers towards enemies and holds onto long-range, runs away from enemies when approached and actively avoids melee unless auto-triggered, rarely uses Steps, occasionally uses Sp. This direct Power boost behaves like a passive Buff that's immediately activated when entering combat, making this Part Trait particularly powerful and highly sought after (especially with Melee/Shooting Power).


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