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Freddy does not look too robotic as the only mechanical parts that are exposed are his wristbands in each arm which connect his hands to the rest of the body. Nightmare Fredbear | Freddy's jumpscare sound as of Special Delivery.

Foxy the Pirate | Nedd Bear | Dreadbear is a green bear who's design appears to be a mixture of Nightmare Freddy and Phantom Freddy.

Gabriel (Life Name)Incredible Freddy Fazbear Origin Gabriel, Fritz, Susie, Jeremy, and Cassidy (Jokingly named Grass): Unlike Withered Foxy who has a mouldy endoskeleton and Withered Bonnie who has a scratched endoskeleton, Withered Freddy and Withered Chica's are almost brand-new other than bloodstains on Chica's jaws. However, he doesn't know how his killer looks like, all he knows is that he was a night guard (heavily implied by the SAVE THEM minigame), explaining why he's so hostile to them. Freddy Fazbear (with his human name being Gabriel) is the titular antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Twisted Foxy She has black eyes, wear a aqua shirt. Freddy also seems to have a few handprints on his head. On stage, he wears a black top hat, black bow tie with a neck strap, and wields a microphone with his right hand.

Bidybabs | Scraptrap | During the course of The Fourth Closet, other children were kidnapped by Afton. Origin MutilationPsychological abuseStalkingMurder (implied)Property damage (implied). When Carlton Burke is injected with the molten remnant of the Amalgamation, he enters a sort of ethereal overlay of the area where he meets and interacts with the five children. Freddy Fazbear Shamrock Freddy is a skin in Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery. He has yellow eyes in addition to having two sets of long, razor-sharp teeth.

She looked wild and mischievous and looked eager. However, he and Freddy are two different characters, as shown in. Gender On the final night, and with Chica hunting her down, Samantha is able to find the doll, allowing Susie's soul to be set free, and appear before Samantha one last time.

Withered Freddy looks almost identical to his first game, he also wears his black hat and bowtie. Origin Occupation Kai Skrotzki (Ultimate Custom Night) Afterwards, John confesses to Charlie that he remembers seeing a strange person in a yellow Freddy costume at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on the day of Michael's death, and he now suspects this person was Michael's killer.

Singer On his face he has Red and blue facepaint, alongside a blue stripe on his jaw, and a blue lightning bolt on his chest. Gabriel He is left unnamed in the novel series, but his name along with the other children’s name was revealed in Freddy’s Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator’ Lorekeeper ending. Event-Based Animatronics Trash and the Gang | How this was achieved is currently unknown. Unlike the other animatronics, Freddy appears to be a sadist, toying with the night guard in order to break him, and laughing at his misery, which make him far more villainous than the other animatronics, although still not purely evil for many reasons. He also helps make some rooms more important and also helps balance our numbers and Custom Night levels. Freddy Frostbear He will become active on Night 3. Friendly, Courageous, Leader, Intelligent, Affectionate, Trustworthy, Irritated (Sometimes), Rude (Sometimes), Rigid (Sometimes), A beautiful brown bear with a black hat and blue eyes, Your friends, Singing, Bonnie (Possible love interest), Pizza, Your family (when you were alive), The killer who killed him, spoiled pizza, Terrible Golden Freddy, gets trapped in the body of a bear. He is sometimes a little angry and explosive and it makes him a little boring! You are tasked with getting Dreadbear operational and ready to send out to the children. William attacks in the yellow Bonnie costume, but Charlie activates its spring locks, killing him. He has three black freckles on each cheek on his face and has blue eyes and black eyebrows. Happy Frog | Incredible Freddy whose real name is Gabriel is the main character of 5 Nights With Freddy's, he is the bear singer and is the leader of the band Freddy Fazbear and B.F.F's! Huge rips and tears can be seen on his upper torso and lower legs, exposing his endoskeleton.

Good Freddy is a brown animatronic bear with a light shade of brown on both his stomach and puffy muzzle. Special event Animatronic Robotic EntertainerSecurity robot Nightmare Mangle | Jeremy (Friendly Bonnie)Susie (Beautiful Chica)Fritz (Hyper Foxy)CupPuppet However, he does not carry it while attacking the night guard.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes (Book) Male Blue Species Since the reveal of the final image of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Simulator, it has been speculated, but not confirmed, that the name of the child possessing Freddy Fazbear is Gabriel. This is also possible because Mike worked after both this incident and The Bite of '87 took place, and due to the fact that Jeremy Fitzgerald is the only protagonist to not be fired from his job as a night guard. Type of Villain This would indicate that the murderer has struck multiple times and that there is a total of six known children killed.

Incredible Freddy whose real name is Gabriel is the main character of 5 Nights With Freddy's, he is the bear singer and is the leader of the band Freddy Fazbear and B.F.F's! Nightmarionne

He's a big bear, and he's cute and his skin is brown! Susie mentioned that Spring Bonnie knew where her puppy was and the he wasn't really dead. In FNaF 1, he is very intelligent and strategic, and also presumably the leader of the gang. He's a bright blue, with darker blue inside his ears. At the party, the five children were lured away from the others by Spring Bonnie, one of the two disused spring lock animatronics at the restaurant (actually the recurring villain William Afton wearing the Spring Bonnie suit).H… 869 Views. Firework Freddy is a skin in Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery. In Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted during the end of the Pizza Party level, Glitchtrap lures the player to the backstage with a cake. Gabriel (human name)

Fazbear Entertainment | Funtime Foxy |

Freddy likes to move from the Parts & Service to the Main Hall, then to the Hallway or the Party Room 3, and then goes to your Office. Rockstar Chica | Every night guard that worked in a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. In the Take Cake to the Children Death Minigame in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the murder of a single child is witnessed. This mirrors the events seen in Fruity Maze where a girl matching Susie's book description is playing the aforementioned arcade game when she is lead off by William in the Spring Bonnie suit with the promise of showing her where her dog is. Electrobab | Origin Furthermore, the fact that Fritz worked after Jeremy possibly disproves this accusation. Shamrock Freddy can be seen holding both a Golden Microphone as well as a pot of Faz-coins. He wears a blue T-shirt. Male

He also has white sunglasses on his head. Bonnet | levels of the animatronics. Male Withered Freddy now no longer tries to hide on the map like the first game. The Missing Children Incident was an event that occurred at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and is mentioned in the first, second, and third games. Other Names Circus Baby | Rockstar Freddy shares his model with Lefty. This implies that these two were the most recently retired, probably after Chica bit someone's head. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Molten Freddy He's Ennard minus Baby. Freddy FazbearIncredible Freddy

As the robots drag William's corpse away, Chief Burke escorts everyone out of the mall. Design-wise, Freddy Frostbear uses the same model as Freddy Fazbear, however he has some differences. The next morning, haunted by recent events, Charlie tells John that before moving to Hurricane her father owned another restaurant called Fredbear's Family Diner, which featured two performing robots, yellow versions of Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie the Bunny. Occupation † means that the character is deceased/destroyed (in case of animatronics) at the time of completion of any Five Nights at Freddy's games/novels. The Puppet Fetch | Alignment Occupation Instead of a Microphone, he's seen holding a giant Firework.

The group tries to hide in a party room, but all four robots corner them. Blue He has freckles on his cheeks, the freckles are black and he has a black hat with a white stripe and his eyes are blue. It is revealed that she controls Funtime Foxy, after having part of Amalgamation embedded into it, when William commands the animatronic and Susie, in a sort of spirit world, leaves Carlton to do his command. However, from the four original animatronics, he still appears as the least damaged.

This makes him a much bigger threat than Jack-o-Bonnie or Jack-o-Chica. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mangle | The Golden Freddy allows them to leave, and Chief Burke arrives to search for the missing Officer Dunn. The original missing children possess the Amalgamation of the five animatronics.

Devon | FNaF

The community calls them "Freddles". Freddy's jumpscare sound, prior to Special Delivery.

Spring Bonnie Toy Freddy | A variation of two certain theories speculates that the murderer may have been a previous night guard, which would explain why the animatronics are so determined to reach Mike Schmidt (and supposedly Phone Guy before him, as heard during Night 4's phone call).


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