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Name the actress who plays the role of Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. Who became the Prime Minister of Britain in November 1990? In which year did the original UK version of The Office air? How many UK number ones did Elvis Presley have in the 60s? Who starred in the defining 1958 Hammer Horror version of Dracula as the urbane but terrifying Count, and who played his nemesis, Van Helsing? What year did Dexys Midnight Runners release Come On Eileen? Answer: All were Prostitutes, Question: What was advertised as anytime anyplace anywhere?

What are the names of Frank and Alice’s triplets? What colour shirt is Walt wearing in the iconic desert scene where he is pointing a gun wearing his white underwear?

What does Bridget Jones name her baby in the film series’s third instalment?

Which Stephen King novel takes place mostly in the fictional Overlook Hotel? Which operating system does a Google Pixel phone use?

What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career?

According to ONS, what was the most popular boy’s name in the UK in 2018?

How many of Henry VIII’s wives were called Catherine? Who was the last American player to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games Men’s Singles tournament? Which European golfer sunk the iconic winning putt in the 2019 Solheim Cup? Who won 2019’s Sports Personality of the Year? What name is given to 8 May to mark the unconditional surrender of the German Army at the end of World War II? Who scored the other goal for England? What US premium cable network made Game of Thrones?

Which UK city is situated further west – Bristol or Edinburgh?

How many sides are there on a 20-pence coin? A: Laughs . At which venue is the British Grand Prix held? Who is best known for his theory of black holes? Which rock band was founded by Trent Reznor in 1988? (Recognised by the United Nations). Which London Underground line has the most stops?

Feast on these culinary questions - every good pub quiz includes food! 25 funny pub quiz questions 2020: hilarious and quirky trivia to ask in your online quiz - plus answers Brush off the pandemic blues with these fun and offbeat questions for your virtual pub quiz.

Which TV show detailed the planned invasion of earth by an alien force called the ‘Visitors’? Who was Prime Minister when Britain joined the European Union? These tricky questions will leave the whole family scratching their heads. A unique round for your trivia night - 1-Letter Answers. These two simple words are perhaps among …, There are many historical or fictional figures whose names are …, Immensely popular in the UK, India, Australia, and many other …, Chemistry is a very interesting and important subject as it …, Disney characters have been a huge part of our lives …, Volleyball, invented in America as a hybrid of tennis and …, For this special edition We Love Quizzes trivia, we’re giving …, Yes or No Quiz Questions and Answers: 50/50, Who Am I Quiz Questions and Answers – Anonymous, Cricket Quiz Questions And Answers: For Sports …, Periodic Table Quiz Questions And Answers: Chemistry, Disney Quiz Questions And Answers: Most Engaging …, Volleyball Quiz Questions and Answers: Volleyball 101, True or False Quiz Questions and Answers: ….

Whose rebel army threw the Spanish out of Venezuela in 1821? Sensitivity builds a prison in the final act.’. Smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend you never went to school.’.

Get your team together and grab a pen and paper.

How does Viserys Targaryen die in season 1? the Tiger King’s G.W. Which nut is used to flavour the chocolate spread Nutella?

Pedro Pascal stars as the lead character in which original Disney+ series?

Pub Quiz Questions by questionsgems. When was drama Ozark first released on Netflix? How many permanent teeth does a dog have? Roughly what proportion of their DNA do humans and chimpanzees share: 77%, 92% or 98.5% ?

In which year did Taylor Swift release her debut single, Love Story? Question: Ernest Hemmingway said what would protect against allergies? As well as measles and mumps, which other disease does the MMR vaccine protect against?

What’s the name of the talking snowman in Disney’s Frozen?

No peeking!

A screwdriver cocktail is orange juice, ice and which spirit? What is the measure of electrical charge? In which country did the first Football World Cup finals take place in 1930? What number is found in reference to their varieties on Heinz products? Who was the first black player to play in baseball’s major leagues in 1947 and for which side? What was Alex Haley’s slave drama, screened in the 1970s and still one of the most watched dramas in the US TV history? Answer: Number 13, Question: Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Ranier Maria Rilke – Common? ‘All men must die’ translates as what term in High Valyrian? This quiz will test your knowledge of TV, history, geography, music and more.

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6 – Plain…(ish), Passion Fruit and Mango, Lemon and Herb, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot.

Who gave his name to a unit of radioactivity?

Natasha Romanova is the real name of which superhero?

Which US state was Joe Exotic a.k.a. In which year did Geri Halliwell leave the Spice Girls? Accra is the capital of which African country?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has to be a sitting Member of Parliament. Name the five ingredients demanded by one of Basil Fawlty’s guests to make the infamous Waldorf Salad. You can share this quiz question with your friend at pub, home ..etc. Which character is nicknamed Cap’n Cook in the pilot episode?

‘God Bless America’ was a 2012 movie made by which comic film-maker and actor?

Who is the president of the United States? Insulin is commonly used to treat which condition?

Answer: Having lots of sex, Question: What is the correct name for The Laughing Jackass? So why not just check who knows better about that particular habit. According to McDonalds’ official website, how many calories does a regular Big Mac contain? Looking for some good Pub Quiz Questions? Lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain took his own life in which year? Video quizzes are the new normal (Credits: Getty Images) Pub quiz organising is no longer the job of people who are paid to stand in front of a crowd and ask the questions.

Which Catastrophe star makes a cameo in Deadpool 2 as Peter? Windmill, windmill for the land.

30 food and drink questions for your home pub quiz. That’s Elton John. What is the tallest mountain in the world? What is the name of the two Ukrainian brothers who have held boxing World Heavyweight titles in the twenty-first century? Who authored The Hunger Games book series? In what decade was pop icon Madonna born? What is the home planet of the Slitheen, and how – exactly – do you spell it? Which legendary actor played Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese’s 2019 film The Irishman? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. False. Four (Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes). Answer: Perfuming Farts, Question: Why did the USA govt open Lincolns coffin in 18and 1901? And there is no doubt in it when two people have same habits, they really find attraction or each other and become friends in no time. Which English Football League team holds the nickname The Cobblers? Rio de Janeiro is a city in which South American country? 53 tough questions. Just grab the ones you like and have fun! What day of the year is known by fans as Star Wars Day? What is someone who believes in antidisestablishmentarianism opposed to the disestablishment of? Which blonde bombshell became the face of country music in the 60s?

Who is the current manager of Manchester United? Answer: A Whale, Question: Ringo Star narrates which children’s TV series? Why stay bored when you have a chance to say hello t new people and there is no doubt in it that trivia questions are the best method to know some one’s like’s dislike’s or even other things in general.

How many zeros are there in one thousand? What is the full postcode of the Houses of Parliament?

What is the best-selling novel of all time? Where is the smallest bone in the human body located? Then you are at the right place, here we provide best collection of Pub Quiz Questions And Answers.

This category is a great mix of easy, medium and difficult questions so your quiz will be fun and entertaining for all skills. Includes culture, history, music, picture and some unusual trivia ideas. What’s the main character, played by Ryan Gosling, in Drive called? Who plays comedy character Alan Partridge? What do the French call the English Channel? Where is the US Masters golf tournament held? Complete this Spice Girls lyric: “If you wanna be my [BLANK], you gotta get with my friends”. Four (PGA Championship x2, US Open, The Open). Who is next in line to the British throne after Queen Elizabeth II. How many horses are on each team in a polo match? Which soft drink is commonly associated with Scotland? Which European city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics? Richard O’Brien, Ed Tudor-Pole, Stephen Merchant and Richard Ayoade have all presented which British TV show?

Venus Williams won her first Wimbledon title in which year.

Which club won the FA cup final in 2014, 2015 and 2017? In which country would you find the original Legoland?

Golf: Which country will host the 2018 Ryder Cup, the first time the competition has been held there? What is the highest-grossing Marvel movie without the word ‘Avengers’ in the title? Members of which medical profession have the letters MRCVS after their name? Answer: C. British Broadcasting Corporation, Answer: A. If you have cryophobia, what are you afraid of? Smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend you never went to school.’, ‘You must understand though, the touch of your hand makes my pulse react.’, ‘When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me.’, ‘Mutual misunderstanding after the fact. 1 August 1990 saw 100,000 Iraqi troops invade which neighbouring state, sparking off the first Gulf War? On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what? teacher? The Average American does what 22 times a day? Carl Froch defeated which opponent at Wembley in 2014? What iconic weapon does the Bride use in Kill Bill? Dave Lamb is the narrator of which cooking reality TV show?

Funny quizzes with fun quiz questions for your pub quiz. Be warned, this is a tricky set of questions that will push even the brainiest egg heads to their limits. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, what song does the rogue computer system HAL 9000 sing to himself as he’s shut down? Which area of Birmingham is the show set?

In 1995, Jack Russell took how many catches in a Test to create a new world record? How many permanent members are there on the UN security council? You can find the correct answers at the end of each round. How many actresses played the part of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown so far (season 1, 2, 3)? Which side of the brain would be mostly used to evaluate whether a new wardrobe fits into the space available in a bedroom? If questions are all too hard, it becomes frustrating for most players. In which children’s game do you draw part of a gallows with every wrong answer? With a wide range of topics, we hope they can provide you with many interesting facts and trivia knowledge. Here we present you some pub trivia questions and answers: Mediating an end to an Arab Israeli conflict. In which year was the Microsoft XP operating system released? The two girls who won the women’s doubles for the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games had the same surname.

Is there anybody getting similar RSS issues? Which country was invaded during Operation Barbarossa? True or false? How much does Old Kent Road cost on the standard London monopoly board?


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