fruit loaf recipe jamie oliver
So easy and such a delicious result. Can’t go wrong with this fruit cake It’s ,perfect! He doesnt like alcohol, so it’s a definite no to any. Made this cake for the first time can’t believe how moist it was. I had to laugh too So pleased you like the recipe.

For a special cake you can soak it in rum or brandy! I’ve just made this cake, super easy and turned out beautifully. It’s so great to hear that , looks good so i am going to give it a go today what with the virus its good to find things to do and baking is always good GOOD THERAPY so here goes im 84 and active thanks, Hi Sandra. Was this right, or should I have used the lot? You can use any machine to mix the batter (as the professionals call the cake mix without the fruit). I have baked some fruit cakes in the past, but it is always a ‘fruit overload’. I also put whole walnut halves on the top before baking, and came out really nice, going to try it with pecans next.

For fruit I used a mixture of dried chopped apricots, chopped dates, mixed peel and raisins. When I have time will try as small cakes. Frozen fruit – like fresh -has a high moisture content so it affects the consistency of the cake. So it is worth trying, and a longer, slightly lower bake won’t hurt.

Hi Susie, Hi Susie For an 8-inch square/ 9-inch (23cm) round tin, increase the quantities by 2/3 and increase cooking time by 45-60 minutes. Perfect with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.

Oh my goodness this cake is gorgeous! Thank you for such an amazing, relatively low sugar, cake recipe. Always good with a cuppa!

Content Copyright © MyDish 2018 - ver I’m an inexperienced baker so I don’t know if that is normal. Good point about covering the top if you’re extending the cooking time – I’ll add that in.

I made this cake for my dad’s birthday and it was lovely, thank you for your recipe, I loved the simplicity of it. As you say the jam makes the difference here and good that you figured out what you had done. Thanks for your comments. My family absolutely love this cake and it is so easy to make. So glad the liked it. Marmalade is good Cheers – Susie. So I soaked the fruit in a drop of brandy and water . Glad you liked the cake.

I replaced the jam with marmalade, and the cake was delicious. Hi Louise, Ovens vary.

If you don’t use a liner, just wrap in foil. Followed the recipe exactly and left it in the oven for 1hr 25. Thank you, Hi Sunil, I haven’t tried making this cake without eggs, but a general recommendation |I found is to use 125ml mashed banana (about 1/2 banana) per egg. Please checkout the channels new recipe Book in the website shop, Patreon, Written recipe here, Website, Recipes, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Mine didn’t crumble as others have but the colour wasn’t golden as shown in the picture but more darker not sure why. Great idea! Hi, I am looking to bake this fruit cake since I have 200g of mixed peel to use up. Cheers – Susie, I used 1 1/2 tablespns of ginger jam in this recipe, the ginger really gives an umph to it. what was wrong please, Hi Valerie. Hi Stephanie, So pleased you like the cake. Hi Jacqui.

Whisk the egg, and add to the cooled fruit mixture. Keep checking every 15 mins until the stick is dry.

I haven’t tried chocolate drops, but now you mention it… Cheers – Susie. For an 8-inch square cake, increase the quantities by 2/3 (e.g. Home » Lifestyle » Food & Drink » Recipes » Spiced Fruit Loaf Recipe, How to make a delicious spiced fruit loaf, delicious & simple step by step instructions from start to finish. A tip I read recently suggested leaving the cake mix for 10-20 minutes after making to allow the bran part of the flour to fully hydrate. Hi Amanda, Marmalade is fine – go for it . These are level measures, so the ingredient is level with the top of the spoon.

You want the total weight to be 400g. Cheers – Susie. This was my first attempt to make a fruit cake and I found your idea really easy and interesting. I make half the quantity again and end up with 2 x 800g cakes in loaf tins. Drain the fruit and make up the leftover brandy to 60ml with milk. Yes, reduce the rest of the fruit. Halving the ingredients in a 1lb tin is fine. And I do take your point about more cakes without eggs Cheers, Susie. Thanks, Hi Lynne, I used olive oil spread instead of butter, and fine sponge flour that I sieved. What a great recipe for a tasty fruit cake, I used mixed fruit and cherries in mine and I didn’t have a load tin, so I just used a normal cake tin and it came out perfect.

Did you let the cake stand in the tin at all? My only query is: Why is my loaf tin so oily after I turn the cake out?

Yea I would say so just make sure it’s not to runny, Hi Maureen, Butter is 80% fat, so use 100g oil, which is about 110ml in volume. Thanks, Anthony, Hi Anthony, The quantities in the recipe will work for a 7-inch round deep cake tin. Learn More{{/message}}. Made this cake today for first time and like some of the previous reviews, mine seems quite dry especially on the outside. Thanks for your comments.

Not sure where Imhave gone wrong. I will be making it again as the flavours are really good. Working at a cafe going back 20years ago we used to make a toasted tea bread but I can’t remember the recipe exactly – it definitely wasn’t a bread but more like a fruit cake and reading these ingredients it sounds very similar so wondered if this would be okay toasted, Hi Gemma, I haven’t tried toasting this but I’m making one to give it a go and will report back! Thanks, Hi Nicola, I use my Quick Christmas Cake recipe for a celebration cake, which is better for icing I think. Used raisins, dates, dried cranberries, dried pineapple and a hint of candied ginger – basically all the dried fruit I could find in the kitchen, including from a pack of trail mix .

Cheers – Susie. I mixed everything by hand. I was so pleased the fruit didn’t sink like my normal fruitcakes lol. The flavour for each will be slightly different, so it’s a matter of preference. Add a bit more milk if not. I also add a bit of black treacle instead of jam. Glad you like the cake. Thank you. Thanks to Vanessa, one of my readers: I’ve made this several times using gluten-free flour, I just add a teaspoon of baking powder and twice as much milk, as I find gluten-free flour tends to absorb more moisture. The cake is delicious in any event. It also freezes well.” This is by far the easiest and tastiest cake I have ever made, thank you for the recipe. Hi Helen, I haven’t made this with GF flour, but I regularly make other cakes using a non-wheat GF flour such as Dove’s Farm, and they’ve always been fine. This recipe is very versatile so use your favourites It’s so nice to hear of all you lovely people making cakes for your dads and grandads and fathers in law. Also added 25g of mixed citrus peel. I will try again and cook for less time and reduce the temperature a bit. Also I think I’ll try cooking it on the bottom shelf next time as apossed to the middle one.

Turn out and allow to cool on a wire rack. Hope that helps – let me know how it goes. I’ve baked this cake a couple of times now and it’s lovely. Cheers – Susie, Lovely and easy I used sultanas and cherries and substituted jam for cranberry sauce , Hi Kate, Sounds yummy I love hearing how you all substitute your favourites (or what you have in the cupboard!). Make it in a 1 lb loaf tin.

Loved this cake but just a shame al, the fruit sunk I’ve never had that happen before with a Fruit cake but it tastes lovely next time I make it I will roll my fruit in flour and wash the cherries as I’ve always done, Hi Mariha, Interesting about the fruit – I do wash my cherries, but I don’t do anything with the rest and they’re okay. “This fruit cake will keep in the fridge for at least a week. I have to make one every week now for my husband ???? I am somewhere floating in heaven right now. I followed the recipe, added cinnamon, extra brown sugar (As he wanted it sweet), used flame and traditional sultanas plus chopped almonds, strawberry jam, baked for 1 hour – everyone including my grandad absolutely loved it – went down a treat with some custard on the side.

Cheers – Susie, Made your fruit cake yesterday and It’s the best recipe ive tried so far and so easy . Thanks for the recipe- definitely one to keep! Thanks for a great recipe. I just added two tablespoons of a good brandy. We use machine learning and human editors to ensure news is relevant to a specific news tag, and will provide supporting context where necessary.

This recipe is a brilliant find and one I’ll be using for many years.

It also freezes well. I have made this cake a few times now. Glad you like the cake. Hi Sandra, I have found that I have to leave my butter out of the fridge for longer these days before I bake with it. Simply delicious. I particularly like that it is adaptable with the type of fruit/nut mix you prefer. Hi I would really like to make this cake but I don’t have a loaf tin. Have made this today, done in my Pressure cooker on cake mode, it came out beautiful thank you. Hi can I use granulated sugar as i have a full bag to use up thankyou Lynda, Hi Lynda, Granulated sugar may not dissolve completely, and leave a slightly crystalline texture. Pre heat oven to 180'C. I also soak the fruit in some brandy for 6 hours, stiring occasionally making the fruit more plump and juicy. I intend to keep trying as it is such a tasty cake so will tackle each problem until I sort it. So pleased you like the cake. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). , Hi Larry, Glad you like the cake, Cheers – Susie. Oily liner? beautiful and moist. Cheers – Susie. Also the viewer must take responsibility for his or her own safety and hygiene when replicating any of my recipes on this channel.


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