frisian vs flemish
(elves, giants, creation, elements, trees/animals, sky, day and night, summer/winter, time/world, souls/death Flemish (Vlaams) is a Low Franconian dialect cluster of the Dutch language.It is sometimes referred to as Flemish Dutch (Vlaams-Nederlands), Belgian Dutch (Belgisch-Nederlands [ˈbɛlɣis ˈneːdərlɑnts] ()), or Southern Dutch (Zuid-Nederlands).Flemish is native to Flanders, a historical region in northern Belgium; it is spoken by Flemings, the dominant ethnic group of the region. Back to top York (Eboratum). here When Harald died, Erik succeeded him.

Note that Saxons, Jutes, Franks, Allemanni (Alamani), Teutons, and Burgundians are not found in Tacitus decription of Germania (98AD). Search Vol 1: 'Frisian' Thereafter, the heaviest Northmen attacks took place in Holland, Zeeland and Flanders, that is to say, to the West of the river Flie, as Friesland by then was 'under ransom', having bought off the violence. The name Vlaanderen was formed from a stem flâm-, with a suffix -ðr- attached. It is a relatively new phenomenon that has been gaining popularity during the past decades.

Perhaps ironically, but while the barbarian Vikings raided the coasts of Europe, many coastal tribes were represented at the Vatican in Rome as scholars and soldiers. (worship, temples, priest, gods (weekdays), heroes) Teutonic Mythology, by Jacob Grimm, (1883) Volume 3 Frisian becomes distinct by an abundance of diphthongs (a sound formed by a combination of two vowels lacking in other Germanic languages). as it appears to corroborate mass migration to Britain around and even before 500AD, correlating with an expected depopulation of the continent. [19] Despite its name, Brabantian is the dominant contributor to the Flemish Dutch tussentaal.

Following are examples of Old Frisian pronoun conjugations.

Third is Frisian which is a complete seperate language and the closest living languages to it are English, Scots and Dutch. by Ackerman, Simon and Zimmer, 'West Frisian is the only Frisian tongue (of several) that developed a standard language and a full-grown literature.

There is, however, no link of English DNA to Welsh DNA (Celtic) as the Harvard article 'Who killed the Men of England' proves, and the English language only ever reportedly borrowed Dover (Dubris)

There is, however, no link of English DNA to Welsh DNA (Celtic) as the Harvard article 'Who killed the Men of England' proves, and the English language only ever reportedly borrowed

Map showing Viking invasions of Europe and England between 800-1000AD ('Anglo-Saxon Chronicles', Anne Savage, publ.

Often, middle-class characters in a television series will be speaking tussentaal, lower-class characters use the dialect of the location where the show is set(West Flemish,...), and upper-class characters will speak Flemish.

Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 1 A – L, John Burke 1847 (Burke’s Peerage 1)

You will find these at Wikipedia site, 'Grammatica der Friese Talen' (Frisian Grammar)

Search Vol 3: 'Frisian' Then Regnerus, king of the Nordic nations, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, having been granted abode by the emperor Ludovicus, made use of some disagreement between the emperor and his sons, and took it upon himself to punish the Frisian and surroundings lands.

Having been baptized, together with his brother Erik, the emperor Ludovicus (Charlemagne's son) made him ruler of part of Friesland, to keep out the Northmen. The Avars, themselves seeking refuge from the rapacious nomads by the name of Gokturks, submitted to serve the Romans in lieu of payment, and with the Lombards sought to limit the influence of the Gephids in Pannonia, an obscure Germanic tribe on the eastern fringe of the empire. Gloucester (Glevum) Shame on you.

There are also many varieties of Dutch spoken north of the border, and those are only distinguished from Flemish by convention. Interestingly, the Gothic word for Father, "Atta' closely resembles the Frisian 'Heit' for father, as in "æt", the old Danish word for 'family' or 'lineage'.

Toen Fries nog op het Engels leek Het Nederlands in Vlaanderen: gedrag, beleid, attitudes", "Actie tegen onverstaanbare Vlaamse 'tussentaal' op televisie",, "Entry VLAENDREN; ONW, entry FLĀMINK; Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (WNT), entry VLAMING",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, An indication of Dutch written and spoken in, A synonym for the so-called intermediate language in, An indication of the non-standardized dialects of only the former, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 21:12.

Carlisle (Luguvallium) Nowadays, though breed definition is retained, … It is a recent standard (1637 AD). If the father-to-son y-DNA is in series, then the mother's mt-DNA shows the genetic composition in parallel (a good example from 'Who killed the men of England' below is the Columbian example where 95% of a region's men had a Spanish forefather, but at the same time that region's population was 95% American-Indian in genetic (maternal) make-up, not Spanish). After Danish excursions around 600AD (covering an area in Northern England, called Danelaw and European coastal regions, see dotted lines), Viking invasions brought more Scandinavian elements to England and northern coastal Europe between 800 and 1100AD, as shown on this map (see solid lines).

Brabantian is classified as a dialect of Dutch.

Frisians among the three nations Angiloi, Phrissones, and Britones, 'Ecclesiastical History of the English People', Still today West Flanders shows Saxon and Frisian place names (Fressain (Fresinghem), Freton), Ref.

Brancaster (Branodumun) Note also the African Massai's untouched rendition of the story of Gilgamesh (a worldwide flood), which clearly originated in Mesopotamia, or the wanderings of Bantu tribes in Africa, always from the far north to southern and western Africa in the last 500 years or so, displacing the brown peoples like bushmen, hottentots and pygmies).


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