frigidaire gallery refrigerator error codes d1 sp
The meter should measure 28,300 ohms if the sensor temperature is 37 degrees, 32,566 ohms at 32 degrees and 11,304 ohms at 72 degrees (room temperature). If the meter measures correct resistance through the sensor, plug the temperature sensor back in and measure resistance through the refrigerator temperature sensor wires that connect to the electronic control board (the gray/black wires on the J4A connector).

Doors are opened too frequently or too long.

It’s easy to replace a worn or torn gasket. Unplug the refrigerator and check the evaporator fan wire harness connection in the freezer. Watch for temp increase with the heater on.

Reconnect any loose wires.

“OP” if open; “SH” if short, UI shows temperature sensed at UI; Pass if within +20˚F/-10˚F of temperature measure with gauge at UI location. Cause: As warmer tap water goes through the filter and enters the water tank, chilled water is pushed through to the dispenser.

DC Heater System: “HI” - heater should be on. If the error appears when the refrigerator is cooled down, try resetting it: unplug it for about 5 minutes, then plug it back in. Heater is turned on automatically. Set freezer control to colder setting to improve performance of the ice maker (freezer ice maker). The water filter may be clogged with foreign material. Ice maker is producing less ice than you expect. Freezer control is set too warm (freezer ice maker). Frigidaire refrigerator h1 code The “H1” fault code indicates that the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer is higher than it should be. Problem: Freezer ice maker will not stop making ice. Reverse osmosis system is in regenerative phase.

Frigidaire refrigerator replacement boards control boards display boards.

Ice should be used at least twice weekly to keep the cubes separated.

Solution: Move any item or frozen ice cubes that may block the signal arm from being in the off or upward position. Check house lights.

Freezer defrost heater on when “on”; off when “off”.

Problem: Ice cubes are freezing together.

Problem: Moisture collects on outside of refrigerator or between doors. Call local electric company. Keep food and contains from blocking door. The meter should measure 84,925 ohms if the sensor temperature is 0 degrees, 32,566 ohms at 32 degrees and 11,304 ohms at 72 degrees (room temperature). Solution: This is normal. The defrost cycle occurs periodically, lasting about 30 minutes. If the wiring connections are okay, replace the evaporator fan.

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The meter should read the same resistance as for the temperature sensor. The code may appear when the device has just been turned on and has not cooled down yet.

Problem: Water collects on bottom side of drawer cover. Door is slightly open, causing cold air from inside refrigerator to meet warm air from outside.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Find out about the new refrigerator sounds you might not be aware of. Problem: Digital temperature displays are flashing. Ice cubes are hollow (shells of ice with water inside). This is normal for a fully automatic defrost refrigerator.

Unplug the refrigerator and disconnect the refrigerator temperature sensor from its wire harness. Reconnect any loose wires.

The meter should read the same resistance as for the temperature sensor. Remove and re-install the water filter.

Problem: Ice maker is not making any ice. Then check for air flow when open “OP”; and no air leaks when closed “CL”, “OP” on UI when manually opened; “CL” when closed . If water dispenses slower than normal, or if the filter is six months old or older, it should be replaced.


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