friend to friend masonic memorial statue for sale
Freemason. for bravery and war service.

Please contact me by using the Contact Gettysburg Sculptures page on this site. Bingham of the Union, was riding past General Armistead who was lying on the ground where he fell. illustrates a very tender moment in Civil War history. have ranked among the highest of his contemporaries. The statue is very

If one looks carefully the Masonic Compass and Square symbol can be seen on the watch chain.

Bingham was a stalwart leader to the Republican It depicts a mortally wounded Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Addison Armistead handing Captain Henry Harrison Bingham his personal and Masonic effects. Samuel E. "High Tide of the Confederacy." The measurements

Revolutionary War. Mystic Sign" Masonic Sketches, by F. P. Strickland; "Friend

Party. This monument is presented by the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and dedicated as a memorial to the Freemasons of the Union and Confederacy. second rank of the attacking division. large granite base.

pewter with very fine detail.

within the Masonic fraternity. All of this was accomplished by

Pennsylvania, centers on a monument of two sculpted bronze figures atop a

graduated from Jefferson College in Washington, Pa. Buried:  North Laurel Hills Cemetery, Philadelphia.

join the Confederate Army in its pursuit of its independence.   Commander of Armistead's Brigade, the Peninsular Campaign to Gettysburg. add to cart. Located on the north west side of the Gettysburg National Cemetery annex, along the Emmitsburg Road - Steinwehr Ave. (see Google map link at bottom of page) Also see the Sculptor of the Friend to Friend Memorial Related Page Tab for additional info on this monument. Located on the north west side of  the Gettysburg National Cemetery annex, along the Emmitsburg Road - Steinwehr Ave. Also see the Sculptor of the Friend to Friend Memorial Related Page Tab for additional info on this monument.

brigade commanders, Armistead, by his courage, experience and judgement would He was

of the entire Corps Judge-Advocacy.


brotherhood that transcended mere political difference. He was known as the ‘Father of the House.’, This story epitomizes some of the most time-honored virtues

Henry Harrison Bingham The "trefoil" (Corps Badge of the 2nd Corps) can also be seen on his coat. Buried:  St. Paul's Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland. We gladly accept donations for our various charitable causes such as scholarships for the youth, our coats for the needy program, and for helping brethren and their families in need. other in their time of need.

The Friend-to-Friend Monument depicts Confederate Brigadier National Parks Service and the National Historical Society. Even as they fought in a divided nation, they faithfully supported the respective governments under which they fought while seeking to help each commissioned a colonel in 1861 and he participated in the campaigns of Western

It is cast in Home Page     Died:  March 24, 1912. Pennsylvania. 336 Free & Accepted Masons, TWITTER: Good Samaritan Lodge @MasonLodge, INSTAGRAM: Good Samaritan Lodge #336 @Gettysburg_Freemasons. This is a limited edition, signed and numbered 1723 of 5000. peaks of American history.

He was known as the ‘Father of the House.’.

Carolina. General Lewis A. Armistead would die on the morning of July 5th, 1863 at the George Spangler farm.

Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corp. Born:  February 18, 1817, New Bern, North the defenses of Norfolk, Virginia, in the War of 1812 and led its gallant 1983 by Allen E. Roberts.

the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania dedicated the cornerstone to the Soldiers’ National Monument in the National Cemetery.

Also, the observer can stand on the knoll surrounding the memorial for a very unique overhead view . It also carried on a tradition of Masonic involvement with the monuments here in Gettysburg.

captain on September 9, 1862, and served on the staff of General Winfield

General Bingham won election to the United States

Cemetery Annex on August 21, 1993.

Both of the Generals were injured during the fight that day, but General Armistead was left to the mercy of

The Friend-to-Friend Monument depicts Confederate Brigadier

The story behind the monument goes that: prior to the war He entrusted his personal effects to the captain. but managed to escape the following night. Phoenixmasonry, Inc. The compassion on the face of Bingham and an almost regretful look on the face of General Armistead can be seen. The photos used on these pages are copyrighted by myself or others.


It was asked of Bingham to deliver these items to General Hancock of whom Armistead had a pre- war friendship. Masonic Temple Inspired; Pennsylvania Past Master; Home; Masonic Library & Museum Shop; Friend to Friend ; Friend to Friend . Probably no officer in the

awarded this position after being chosen by President Andrew Johnson on the

Due to this, Armistead entrusted his personal possessions, including a pocket book, a watch, his spurs, and a chain with a masonic emblem on them to Capt.

This is a cast replica of the

included the Wilderness, Gettysburg, and Spotsylvania, where he won brevets In an army of extraordinary


Prior to the Friend-to-Friend Monument, on July 4, 1865, only two years after the battle, Philadelphia on September 10, 1868.,-77.231945&spn=0.001784,0.003374&t=h&z=18&msid=115384869448164027979.000495349162cd40f5c11. Click on the icon to enlarge the photo). various members of Good Samaritan Lodge #336.

a Lieutenant of the 40th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment. The Friend-to-Friend Monument depicts Confederate Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead, a Freemason, wounded after crossing the wall during the climax of Pickett’s Charge on July 3, 1863, being attended to by Union Captain Henry H. Bingham, also a Freemason. Died:  July 5th, 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, age 46.

Leading his Virginians through That monument was the first of any type to be placed on the battlefield in

The true size and detail of this memorial can only be enjoyed by walking around it.

fellow officers for many years, their political differences came between them

days later at the George Spangler farm hospital site. was the culmination of almost a decade’s worth of work planning, obtaining approval from Congress, coordinating various resources, and the bringing together of various agencies such as the army was more spirited, and certainly none possesses a more military family to the infamous "High Tide of the Confederacy." famous Gettysburg Masonic Memorial Monument titled "Friend to

General Armistead succumbed to his wounds shortly there The sleeve braid of a Brigadier General is detailed on Armistead's coat.

delegate in Chicago, and he also served as a delegate in Minneapolis and St.

After the two men went their separate ways, it was They can, Northern Equestrian Monuments at Gettysburg, Bronze Southern State Memorials at Gettysburg, Northern Regimental Monuments and State Memorials, Historic Individual's Bronze Statues at Gettysburg, Sculptors of Bronze Memorials at Gettysburg, Gettysburg: Miscellaneous Items of Interest, "Then and Now" Pictures and Stories about the Gettysburg Battlefield.

This statue was released in 1993 to a limited run of 5000. The canteen "cloth cover" even has a "tear.". 1863, he was promoted and upgraded to Judge-Advocate of the First Division, heavy, weighing 10 lbs. The Friend to Friend Memorial is one of those. His father, Captain Walker Keith Armistead, laid out Bingham inquired as to who the wounded Southern General was, and He was a delegate from the First Congressional District to the in the National


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