friday beers characters list
A pet polar bear owned by the personification of Canada. A flamboyant impresario and traveling circus operator named after. Before Kristen can inject Neil with Jason's tissue, Jason breaks free from his restraints and, destroying Michelle, goes after Kristen.

Order today and save on these unique gift baskets! Unlike the other characters influenced by Jason, Big Red retains some level of his humanity, showing hesitation and unease about his actions several times. Troy is husband to Rose, father to Lyons, Cory, and Raynell, and brother to Gabriel.

Brown bear companion of the beastmaster Rexxar. (800) 394-0394, This website uses cookies. Brown and his friends. Jim Miller is a character in Jason Takes Manhattan, played by Todd Caldecott.

Driving the screwdriver deeper into his skull, Jason hangs Chewie's body from the ceiling after killing him. When a Jason-possessed Robert attacked the diner, Vicki attempted to kill Jason with a double-barreled shotgun. Stephanie Kimble appears in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. They get their friends to eat the "evidence", but are annoyed when the police pass them. Lincoln admits she does not know how genuine the psychics she met were, but claims it was an interesting experience. Troy's best friend of over thirty years. After waking all the power plant workers from their comatose state, Lynne and a fellow intern named Fredo try to escape the facility after Dr. Stein, who is killed by Jason and a clone of him she had created, hits the panic button in her lab, signaling the military to come and cleanse the facility.

She also visited Tommy during his six-year stay, but the visits were lessened due to lack of progress. Escaping captivity, JJ and two of the scientists, Free and Skye, begin to travel to the prison, believing they can still use the transport system there to escape Elysium. [23], Butch "The Butcher" Mahan is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain.

[72] Horror website Slasherama labels him "plucky, if rather geeky" and "one of the more quirky Friday heroes". Rick arrives at Higgins Haven to see girlfriend Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmell).

He uses Jason's persona for this.

She crawls into the front seat and sticks her head out the window, calling for Ben and telling him to quit fooling around.

They later head into the woods, but Rick's car won't start so they sit down. A Jason-possessed Phil attacked both Josh and Edna, killing Edna and capturing Josh.

His body is found moments later by Julias Gaw. A paper cutout bear and student at Elmore Junior High. (uncredited), Barman In the year 1667 on Samhain, the townsfolk living near Jebediah, believing him to be responsible for the disappearance of several local girls, burned his mansion to the ground with him inside, though after the fire no body was ever found. Rowan LaFontaine[69] is the main protagonist in Jason X, played by Lexa Doig.

Troy's years of hard-work for only meager progress depress him. As Chili runs through the house, Jason stabs her through the stomach with a hot fire poker. He wears 1970s style clothing, including a yellow leisure jacket, yellow bell-bottom pants, and orange and white dancing platform shoes. Realizing that Jason has followed her, and already terrified, the strobe lighting and pounding music only serve to disorient her further as Jason appears to somehow be in several places at once.

Sally is first seen in the comics fleeing from both Camp Crystal Lake and Jason, naked, injured and filthy. Jessica Kimble is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Kari Keegan. Roy Burns is the main antagonist in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, played by Dick Wieand.


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