former wlex anchors
About ten o'clock that evening after the package was edited for air, on a whim he dialed the paging number and held a toy ray gun to the receiver. Character generator, Vidifont Graphics V, 1984 ($120,000) Don McLean's memorable song about that plane crash was titled “American Pie” for the name of the plane. "Portable" Uplink (PUP), 1987 (NBC) When it blew over January 21, 1959 at 2:50pm in the high wind, the smaller tower ripped two guy wires from the TV tower, which buckled and dropped within a few seconds. Phil Miller (now public relations with the National Guard) had been a WLEX reporter only about six months when he covered a very disturbing and bloody accident. ITS Exciter (transmitter), 1/85 ($21,350) The station can be viewed within the Lexington metropolitan area on Charter Spectrum channel 8 (channel numbers will vary throughout the market). In 1979 a radio shop owner who rented space on our tower came to me with a problem. WLEX-TV, virtual channel 18 (UHF digital channel 28), is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Lexington, Kentucky, United States, serving the east-central region of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. ENG Cameras, (5) Sony Beta, 1986 ($8000 -- $25,000 each) Film Chain, RCA TK-27, 2/68 ($92,255) (During construction, a bolt was dropped that went through the roof of director Ron Boyles's car as he was returning from lunch.) Gay-Bell Corporation, 8.59% When I told him how proud I was of that, Mr. by Dave Powell, Chief Engineer. In Tennessee, Lexington television stations WLEX and WKYT are carried in Jellico. The antenna cost $34,724.70, the transmission line $11,948, and erection totaled $12,000. Suzy Grasley yelled "Alex, the tower's falling" and started toward his door. Effective Radiated Power: 1,000 KW. In seasons when some areas require cooling and others heating, the heat is effectively moved as needed. Intercity Microwave, Lenkurt, 1972 When I started at WLEX in 1971, I remembered reading about the collapse, having grown up in Danville, 35 miles away. Scripps Company buys more television stations, bringing total to 51", "Scripps Closes On Cordillera Stations Purchase", "E.W. Wayne returned part time in the early seventies, required by Harry Barfield to wear his old reddish brown toupee despite his gray hair. Tom Hammond started at WLEX in December 1969, and did play-by-play on the last UK basketball games WLEX aired until WKYT bought the rights in 1970. When the FCC refused, he abandoned his television plans. Michael Frogge, Wally Pagan, James Reed, John Ryan, When the plane disintegrated on landing in Sioux City, Iowa, 112 people died and 186 survived, including Joe and Paul. Garvice Kincaid, a well-known Lexington financier and owner of WVLK radio since 1952, fought White for the channel. Engineers there put together experimental television station W1XAY using the Nipkow Spinning Disk mechanical scanning system.) Stereo: with the Harris and ITS Exciters, 1985


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