flotsam inference questions

My favorite picture book is Flotsam by David Wiesner. I finally had the perfect opportunity presented to me to use this stunning book and I began to get excited. When I think of the time spent “doing my turn” interpreting Question Period, vague memories also rise to the surface, probably bearing as little resemblance to the real atmosphere of Question Period as do those sundry objects floating on the water to the vessel that once carried them. The questioner is allowed only his principal question and perhaps one or two supplementaries.

37, 2): Here’s to Your Health! Again they are different from those demanded in, for example, a court of law. We are delighted to host a guest post from @teacherglitter, whose Year 5 pupils have been hugely inspired by a creative literacy sequence using the wordless picture book 'Flotsam'. I set out to search for one and immediately discovered you can pick them up relatively cheaply from selling sites such as ebay. True, but the way in which an MP may put a question is quite different from that of a television interviewer or a lawyer in court. With every re-reading, I saw something new and I had to prise it away from my own two children at home who were equally enamoured with the colourful, imaginative images dancing off the very pages. I knew this activity would fit perfectly with the book and here are some examples of the work produced: The activity was beautifully simple and inclusive for all the children. The second day we looked at the book properly. Indeed, the lively confrontation between the government and its political rivals suggests that the interpreters do not cope too badly in rendering the arguments, the tone and also the wit of Question Period. Make a glossary of sea-themed words, including vocabulary from the book's title and blurb (e.g. I loved ‘you’ll never want to pick up an iPhone again once you own this camera’ and ‘you will be holding history in your hands!’. Seeking to appear relaxed, imperturbable and in control, I rendered “II est fort probable que… by “There is a strong danger that….” It was neither an inspired nor a greatly appreciated burst of creativity, as I quickly learned. I stopped the book after the last surreal photograph (before the page with the photo of the child) and modelled the task for the day. However, there lies the rub. The points listed by Ms. Altman constitute excellent general advice in preparing for normal assignments. 2. An explorer- I made a tea-stained map of South America and added a compass, diary and some binoculars. 4. The fact is that, generally, an interpreter working smoothly and efficiently goes unnoticed; it is only when something goes wrong that a dyspeptic rumbling is heard, that heads turn irately toward the booth, earpieces are snatched from ears and tapped impatiently, and the ominous words that all interpreters dread are uttered “There’s something wrong with my translator, it’s not working properly!.”. Written primarily for Year 5-6, Flotsam is a wordless picture book created by David Wiesner. They were mesmerised by the images and I took a long time asking open-ended questions and allowing child-led discussion and questioning. Flotsam by David Wiesner is a fun wordless picture book with clever illustrations. A slightly hesitant interpretation may be tolerated for a short time at other assignments where we may presume the delegates have other purposes than knocking one another out but it is quite inappropriate when political foes meet at Question Period. Remember to use clues from the text, plus your own background knowledge (schema) to make a reasonable inference. Written primarily for Year 5-6, Flotsam is a wordless picture book created by David Wiesner. The rules of the House require that the question be brief, with a preamble not exceeding one sentence. Interpreters are again faced with the problem of unpredictability, of adapting to the unknown or unexpected. Click on the link to watch the wordless book, "Flotsam" 2. There are handouts where students practice inference and identifyi The Speaker rose and with a smile said: “The Honourable gentleman is taking almost as long as I used to take and that’s very unreasonable, so he must come to the point.”5 Members who constantly repeat themselves are, of course, a problem for the Speaker but they are the interpreter’s delight for they give him time—a rare and valuable commodity in Question Period.

These are some of the reasons which help explain why Question Period is imbued with an atmosphere of tension and excitement that has attracted the interest not only of political scientists but also of writers of fiction. 3. They then shared some of their powerful phrases to scaffold other children in the class and we wrote a few on the board. Check out my other resources. Students will use the Flotsam activities in this low prep resource to infer what is not written. Flotsam and Jetsam of Question Period David Roberts (Terminology Update, Volume 21, Number 2, 1988, page 1) After a shipwreck, various objects may be found floating on the water and eventually washed ashore. I love using props as hooks within literacy as they really spark the imagination and draw the attention of the children straight in. When things become tense, I try to comfort myself with the thought that life could be worse for my colleagues and myself if we were working in some other assemblies. London WC1R 4HQ. I will be uploading planning and resources for my entire Flotsam unit shortly. In fact, most questions are straightforward requests for information or clarification, but there are tricks of suggestion such as choosing only examples favourable to one’s case, simply repeating an affirmation, forcing analogies or attributing motives to one’s opponents. No one is completely sure how we do it and some educators question whether it can effectively be taught at all! We have updated our writing tools. How simple. You will record all of this on the attached packet. This resource is designed for UK teachers. Feb 11, 2015 - If you want an easy book to read, Flotsam, by David Wiesner, is the perfect book for you!

2. It really showed the children the power that words have to persuade and make us change our mind. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, BooksForTopics earns from qualifying purchases. I mention these points not to question the value of Ms. Altman’s article which, as stated, contains some very useful advice, but rather to indicate some of the special considerations and difficulties affecting the interpreter’s task in Question Period. The last possibility is the interpreter’s bane, for generally he can hear clearly only one voice at a time as just one microphone is switched on at a time.

They were fascinated by the fact it did not have words and loved the idea that everyone who reads it would do so in a different way. I remember on one occasion having difficulty making coherent sentences during Question Period, and deciding that I would seek to express myself in more “natural” English.

Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions). His victims “even when they knew they were being coaxed closer to some awful admission… could not deny or deceive for very long.


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